Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks to allow them to meet Maharaj Jatayu. Jatayu comes there right then. Everyone cheers for him and greets him.

Vali looks at himself in the mirror. His mother says I am proud of you. you completed your tapasya successfully. This palace, Kishkindha seemed empty without you. we have hopes from you. he thinks who else will they keep hopes from if not from there would be Maharaj. She blesses him. you should soon start helping your father in stately affairs. She leaves. He smirks. I will indeed help. I will not just help but free father from all work. He imagines himself wearing Maharaj’s crown. It is time to call a Sabha of all King’s. Everyone will have to accept my reign. Soon all the states will be under me and their crowns will be in the feet of Great Vali. He

recalls Ravan telling him the same thing. Ravan’s words will soon come true. My state will be here soon.

Jatayu welcomes Hanuman in their state. Hanuman thanks him. your commander and soldiers have already welcomed me. Chitraketu ji made me see entire Garud area and your soldiers did the same for my friends. Jatayu is surprised to see Bhushan. Chitraketu says you will be welcomed in a similar manner if you will bring our enemy here. Jatayu tells Hanuman that Naag’s freed Meghasur. Bhushan says forgive us but we dint want to do it. Some Naag’s revolted when you kidnapped father. Jatayu is taken aback. What are you saying? You are mistaken. I dint kidnap anyone. bhushan says I saw it with my own eyes. Jatayu calls it impossible. Chitraketu gets angry. How dare you (Bhushan) come to our area and blame our Maharaj? Hanuman tells him to stop. Bhushan is my friend. Chitraketu says maybe these Naag’s are trying to steal our wings. They don’t know how to fly. They will learn it through our wings. Maybe Bhushan tried doing so earlier also or has already done it. Jatayu denies. no one can steal it. Hanuman wants to know about the magical wing. Chitraketu tells him that all the powers to fly are in that wing. It can even fly against wind or storm. Jatayu agrees. All Garud’s are affected by it. Any person or anyone who comes in contact with it can fly. Chitraketu adds that if someone steals it then they will eventually lose their power to fly. Whoever gets it can fly up in the sky. Hanuman understands the power of that special wing. But I am sure my friend dint come here with a motive to steal it.

Chitraketu suggests checking the wing. We cannot trust Naag’s. Maybe he came here with Hanuman’s help but is cooking up stories when he got caught. bhushan denies and so does Hanuman. Jitantak and I brought him here. Jatayu does not see any reason not to trust Hanuman. Chitraketu too does not doubt it. But maybe he hid it from Hanuman as well. It will be good if we see that wing with our own eyes. The soldiers second him. Chitraketu insists upon looking at that pious wing which is their pride. He asks Jatayu to go ahead. Jatayu says to protect it, it has been kept at a far away and safe location. How would anyone know about it then? Chitraketu talks about Naag’s which can enter any place from earth. We should check once. Jatayu agrees to check. Chitraketu offers to accompany him. I cannot put your life in risk. Jatayu allows him. Hanuman eyes Chitraketu curiously. Why is he insisting upon seeing those wings? If I stop Maharaj and that wing isn’t there then the Naag’s will be in problem! It will be good if I go with Maharaj. Chitraketu thanks Jatayu for allowing him to go with him. Hanuman too shows an inclination to see the wing to which Jatayu agrees. Chitraketu tries to counter him but Jatayu stops him. Hanuman is no outsider. I trust him completely. Hanuman thanks him. Hanuman and Chitraketu look at each other. Hanuman wonders what Chitraketu actually wants.

Meghasur fills the ears of Naag soldiers against Garud’s. It is the perfect time to teach them a lesson! We will seek revenge for every injustice done to us and of kidnapping our Maharaj. We will finish off Garud Rajya. The soldiers agree with him blindly.

Hanuman, Jatayu and Bhushan are on their way to see the special wing.

Vali brings Sugriv to courtroom. Sugriv wanted to take him to his room to rest. You have done tapasya for years. You need rest. Why did you come here? Vali advances towards the throne which worries Sugriv. What’s going on in his mind? Vali replies that he came here for this throne. He sits on it. Sugriv is shocked. What did you do? You should not sit on father’s throne like this. This right belongs to a King only. Vali agrees. A King only is sitting here.

Jatayu, Hanuman, Chitraketu, Bhushan, Jitantak and a few soldiers reach that secret passage. Hanuman compliments Jatayu on the security. Chitraketu observes everything carefully. Jatayu asks Hanuman to come but Chitraketu stops him. Maharaj has allowed you to go and not Bhushan. You will have to leave him here only. Hanuman says he has come with me. he is my friend. Come what may I wont leave him alone. Jatayu supports Hanuman. Chitraketu says we don’t tell secrets to enemies. Naag can attack us anytime. Anything can go wrong because of this Naag kid. He shouldn’t be allowed inside. Soldiers think Chitraketu has given them a chance to finally eat a Naag again. it will be fun.

Precap: Hanuman takes the responsibility if anything goes wrong because of Bhushan. They head inside the cave / tunnel. Vali tells his father that he deserves to sit on the throne. Riksharaj looks upset. Someone shoots an arrow towards Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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