Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman surges ahead, and finds the golden city of Lanka, and progressively goes ahead. Meanwhile, ram, who is meditating, feels a sudden sensation in one side of the body. he opens his eyes, and then tells everyone, that his side is trembling, which is a good sign. he says that he can sense hanuman’s proxmity to Lanka, and he would soon get sita’s news to him.

As mandodari goes onto give blessed water, to the sun, she finds hanuman’s shadow covering up the sun entirely, causing an eclipse. she wonders who is this who is scaring her, and wonders who came here. Meanwhile, inside, raavan is totally drowned in alcohol and leeering and gyrating dances. Meanwhile, hanuman lands on a rock outside and the whole ground

starts trembling, the dancers too tremble. as mandodari arrives, the dancers are sent away. she tells him about who he saw, and how Nang Mountain trembled because of him, and feels that there is some danger looming inside. he asks her not to doubt him and his bravery. but she expresses her concern, at the way hanuman’s shadow caused an eclipse.

Meanwhile, hanuman thinks that he shall have to supervise every corner of this lanka, to find out about sita, and give her news back to him, very carefully. Hanuman finds lanka heavily guarded and wonders how to get past it. Raavan and Mandodari stand tensedly, while Lankini watches on, keeping a close guard. hanuman meanwhile eyes the balcony from which raavan watches him, and decides to attack their royal palace first. raavan thinks that this is a mere monkey, but then suddenly his left eye starts flickering. he is boggled as to why. mandodari says that all signs indicate to a bad omen. he says that its merely a monkey, who is distracted from his path.

A giant, enraged demon, takes in the lion, meanwhile, as her food. she identifies herself as lankini, and its her job to keep it secure. as raavan beckons her, she arrives, and greets him, asking who he has to kill. he says that she was called for a very important and special task. he asks who tried to get in. she says that on ce one of them tried, but he became her food. she assures that noone can get past her and her tight secutiry and tells that she didnt allow anyone. he talks about mandodari’s reservations, and how he is on the Nang Parvat. Lankini turns around, and insoects it. he asks her to go and find out if anyone tried to infiltrate. she says that she shall find out, by deputing Ronchak, and his ruin shall be guaranteed too. he watches tensedly.

Hanuman is boggled as he eyes the security, thinking that there is more to it than meets the eye, and hence noone should get the idea, that he is stealthily trying to get in so that he can be saved from everyone’s eyes and prevent sita and meet her too.

Meanwhile, Ronchak is shown to be a brutal master, who doesnt spare even demons in giving punishment, for their laxness while drinking alcohol, and hindering the security of Lanka. he kills them all. lankini comes and asks ronchak to find out the infiltrator and kill him. he complies determinedly.

On nang parvat, hanuman bows to the sun, and hears sudden chants by a woman ans is boggled to know who is it. he finds a lady, and wonders who is this, and why is she doing worship in the night. but he refuses to be distracted and gets ahead to search for sita. she however keeps chanting to lord shiva, to allow to enter lanka through the secret passage, so that she can free her son, from jail. he is curious, and thinks that if this is true, then he should find out about it, and he should also help her, if she is in trouble. he approaches her, while narrating is dilemma, as to how he also wishes to enter lanka, and asks if she can tell him. she smiles and says that he shall help her, get her son, as its imp for him to enter Lanka. she agrees to take him there, as people should help each other. but she has to finish the puja first. he gets boggled. she says that she wants to be guaranteed success, and asks him to sit down for puja. he complies. she tells him that there isnt any place for weapons in the puja area. he complies and renounces his weapons, not realising that the lady is actually ronchak, trying to lure him. he sits down for puja. she asks him to extend his forehead for tilak, while actually he has a poisoned dote for him. she happily progresses towards applying the tilak. but he catches her hand at the last minute. The screen freezes on hanuman’s tensed face.


Precap: Lankini wakes up from her sleep to find hanuman soaring inside the lanka.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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