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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indra Dev says this garland around your neck will never wither. Your leela has taught the world a very important lesson on arrogance and ego. You helped people realise that love is the solution of anger. I couldn’t calm down Vayu Dev but you helped the world from bearing its adverse consequences. I attacked you with Vajra. From now onwards no Vajra will ever affect / hurt you! You will be immune to any Vajra from henceforth. You will be called ‘Bajrangbali’. Maruti appears in his grand avatar. Everyone folds their hands before him with respect. He returns to his human stature. Indra Dev adds that his chin (Hanu) got hurt during the Vajra attack. You are born to curb the evil ones. We will give this incident respect and give you the name ‘Hanuman’. Evil powers, diseases

and all the evil things will go away when people will chant your name. You will be known by this name in and around the world. The name Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman echoes in the galaxy. All the Gods and Goddesses too say it out loud. Hanuman seeks everyone’s blessings.

Vayu Dev, like a true father and Guru, had to go through a tough struggle to get Maruti his life back. Maruti too ended his pain like a good son. Similarly a father and son have to keep trying to end each other’s troubles. Father is not just the one who gives us birth but he provides us knowledge too. Every incident has an outcome – either negative or positive. This incident got a positive outcome. Maruti is the only one after Kartikey who had so many powers. Maruti got a new name as well – Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman!

Ma Saraswati returns knowledge to the world. Ma Lakshmi too returns Aishwarya to the world. Ma Parvati revitalises energy in the world. People on earth thank Gods for making everything normal once again.

Everyone in Sumeru is fine and rushes to Anjana’s side. Kesari screams her name.

Hanuman thanks all the Gods for the special blessings and boons that he has received from them all. Lord Shiva explains that not everyone gets them. Only those people get rewarded with it that have to accomplish some special tasks. You were born to achieve an important task. You will get to know about it in future. You have to bring about lots of changes in the future for the betterment of the entire world. Hanuman and Vayu Dev bow to him. Lord Shiva reminds Maruti to go back home now as his mother must be waiting for him. Vayu Dev it is time you fulfil your promise now. Hanuman nods. It is getting late. Ma must be worried.

Anjana opens her eyes. She takes Maruti’s name. Maruti thinks that his friends too will be very sad. I shouldn’t delay anymore. All the Gods disappear from there. Maruti turns to Vayu Dev. Let’s go asap Guru Dev. Ma must be so worried for me. Vayu Dev recalls his promise. Yes Hanuman, I too have to reach your mother asap to fulfil my mission. I will make this garland stay inside you only so it is safe. Let us go now. Your mother must be waiting for us.

Vayu Dev and Maruti fly to Sumeru. Maruti is very happy to meet a group of birds on his way. Vayu Dev points out that his speed has increased too much. Are you really excited to meet your mother? Maruti affirms. He increases his speed all the more. Vayu Dev follows him. This speed is natural after gaining so many boons and blessings. Maruti nods. I can get much faster though. He shows his speed to Vayu Dev. Vayu Dev does not mind to enjoy his this leela too.

Maruti wins the race. They race past the palace so Maruti heads back to meet his mother. Vayu Dev looks on proudly at him. It is a proud thing to see your disciple winning.

Precap: Anjana is still unconscious. Maruti sits beside her. I know you are upset with me as I was away from you for long. I wont do it ever again Ma. Just wake up. He hugs her and calls out for his mother.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It was so stupid ending of Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane. The Director thinks public will not notice. The director is asleep but public is not. They did not discuss Manav’s Affair. They got Kapoor in Jail, Ram is successful but Manav was cheating on his wife…he was never exposed….seriously what a dumb director…

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