Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Hanuman understanding the meaning of Panchfann’s name. Panchfann tries to throw
Hanuman notices the effect of the poison on the grass. He flies up and attacks Panchfann on one of his heads. You will give me death? We will see. He keeps shifting in the air in different directions so as to avoid his poison. Atibal runs to cover when Panchfann spits poison but Hanuman’s friends fall under its effect. A villager comes there. He finds Hanuman fighting with Panchfann. He goes to inform Maharaj. The poison finally falls on Hanuman.

Kesari and the commander discuss about Panchfann. Probably it has infected the river water. Kesari wonders if he is an Asur. They go to look for him.

Panchfann’s poison cannot affect Hanuman. He does not realise that his

friends are already infected by its poison. He hits Panchfann on his main head. Panchfann falls on the ground and then runs in the river.

Kesari and a few of the soldiers come there looking for Hanuman. Hanuman tells his father that Panchfann ran away. He only had poisoned the river. Kesari thinks that that Mayavi snake can do anything if he can infect the river water. We will have to catch him asap. Let us segregate. He sends the Hanuman’s friends to the palace with a soldier. Hanuman goes with the commander in one direction while Kesari heads in another direction with a few soldiers.

Panchfann is in his cave. He tells his slaves that it is time. You all are ready to spread the poison. Their lips and nails have turned blue. Go and make everyone my slave. Infect Hanuman’s relatives and family too. They all leave at once. Panchfann laughs evilly. Who all will you fight with now Hanuman? Atibal tells Panchfann that Hanuman’s friends have been sent to the palace. You can make them do your work. Panchfann gets happy.

The eyes of Hanuman’s friends have changed. They all are in the palace with Anjana and her mother. Anjana’s mother takes the kids to Hanuman’s room.

Kesari and everyone keep looking for Panchfann in every possible place. Hanuman asks everyone to be alert. Panchfann is very smart. He can attack from anywhere. Kesari’s men see a trail made by the snake. They follow it. Kesari loudly challenges Panchfann for a fight. The commander suggests making one soldier climb up a tree so they can see till far. Hanuman climbs up a tree in no time. He notices the villagers at a distance. He tells the commander that he can see some movement in that direction. Hanuman and his team meet the villagers. They make the villagers follow them so they can be at a safer place. The villagers follow them. Panchfann keeps an eye on Kesari’s group. This is the right time to attack!

Hanuman’s grandmother is taking Hanuman’s friends to his room.

The commander senses that there is something wrong with the villagers. He looks at them and notices their different appearances. They all stop at once. They attack at the commander and the soldiers with their nails. They too fall under Panchfann’s spell. Hanuman looks at them in confusion. He notices the changes in their appearance. Surely it is the effect of Panchfann’s poison. This means they did not die because of his poison and became his slaves. They are spreading his poison in other people now.

Kesari notices a man (Panchfann) standing there. He asks him not to be here as a dangerous snake is roaming around. Panchfann turns. I too had seen him. I know where he went. I will take you there. Kesari and his men start following Panchfann. Kesari looks in the river as they walk past it. He can see Panchfann’s original form in the reflection. He confronts Panchfann. Kesari picks up his gada to attack Panchfann who immediately comes to his original form.

The commander and other people start circling around Hanuman. Hanuman thinks that he cannot hurt his citizens. They are only under the spell of Panchfann’s poison. What should I do? First of all I will have to escape from his circle.

Precap: Hanuman apologizes to all the citizens whom he has tied using a rope. Forgive me but I had no option. My friends too had become the same. I sent them to the palace. He realises his folly. Hanuman’s friends look at Hanuman’s grandmother. She can see the changes in their appearance and looks worried.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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