Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Beside the Ocean
Sita finds the rosary beads fallling from the sky, and then recognises them. she is however baffled as to who could have given this. lord vayuidev comes and grets everyone, while particular sita is busy arranging the beads. he narrates everything. Sita is overwhelmed with happiness, and thanks him galore, for having given this good news. the lord vanishes. she says that hanuman has indeed proven to be a rightful devotee. as she feels it, rama instinctively feels her hand grazing on his chest, and is overwhelmed with happiness. they both are full of emotions. he says that he can feel her touch. hanuman is emotional too, as rama ensures that sita did get the message and says that he cant thank him enough, and he

asks what thankfulness, as he is fortunate that he got a chance to serve him. he awaits his next command. rama says that now they have to plan out their strategy for the war. he addresses the army, saying that soldiers need to be deputed at the right place, before war, and create boundary thats not possible to infiltrate.

Meanwhile, raavan in the court room, too decides on the war strategy, saying that they cant allow the army to infiltrate. he says that kroncha proved unsuccessful, and hence deputes another brother to take care of security at the main gate. he elaborately details out his plan. rama responds back to this move, by telling surgiva that he shall have warriors placed at the main gate. surgiva says that hanuman shall decide who gets deputed where. hanuman deputes neel, angad and others are leaders for the different directions. rama says that he shall himself progress towards the northern gate, as maximum of demonic attackes shall be from that end only and he shall have surgiva takes his place. hanuman points out that south gate is left and deputes himself to take care of it. raavan then instructs another brother to trap with some demonic magic. he complies. rama and hanuman watch boggled, as fire emenates from all sides of lanka. rama eyes it, and then says that these cliffs can prove to be dangerous, and to save it, they need to be powerful.

Rama says to everyone, after they narrate raavan’s armour and weaponry. surgiva asks him when is the date for the war to start. he denies and says that they are in the final lap before war. before waging one, they shall send a peace messenger, as a last minute attempt to avoid war. they wonder who to send. jaamvant says that hanuman is the most appropriate for this. but hanuman says that even though he would consider himself lucky to do it, he doesnt think he should be going, after what happened, in his first visit. rama ponders over, and then asks him to tell who should go. he gives angad’s name, while angad himself is happy his name is suggested, but thinks that if he fails, then he would be left disappointed from the lord. hanuman senses his hesitation, and then tells angad that he shall share his powers with him, and then he is undefeatable. he hugs him, and transfers his powers while all watch on. angad now feels confident, and seeks rama’s blessings and permission, to do the chore assigned. rama complies and asks him to return soon with good news. angad complies and hurriedly leaves. hanuman thinks that he should be there as a safeside just to prevent any kind of danger. he too seeks his blessings, and leaves, and decides to be close to angad to be able to protect him.

The demons find angad penetrating, and hanuman descends on a twig. angad faces all the demons together, fighting them off bravely. hanuman sits and watchs on, as angad defeat all the incoming demons. then raavan finds his commander thrown inside the courtroom while all are shocked. he screams enraged as to who had the audacity to do this. a voice booms in identifying as the person who did this. all eyes turn on him. angad stands in the way saying that he did this, Rama’s messenger. raavan is enraged, while others are tensed. hanuman thinks that if angad is so aggressive, then how would peace talks ensure. the screen freezes on angad’s tensed face.


Precap: Angad gives a challenge, that he shall accept defeat on rama’s part, if anyone as much as is able to lift his feet from where he firmly places them. hanuman wonders, while raavan enraged, descends down the

Precap: Angad gives a challenge, that he shall accept defeat on rama’s part, if anyone as much as is able to lift his feet from where he firmly places them. hanuman wonders, while raavan enraged, descends down the throne, that raavan upset the Kailash mountain, to meet Lord Shiva. he wonders what if angad’s foot moves, then they would be defeated even before the war starts.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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