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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman reaches Sumeru. He greets everyone. Narad ji told me that you are here. Anjana asks him how he got late. Hanuman shares that Asuras attacked on Chandra Loka. They wanted Amrit. Chandra Dev gets worried for a second but Hanuman assures him that he took care of the Asuras. Chandra Dev thanks him. Hanuman is glad thinking his mother’s fast would have been broken by now as Chandra Dev himself is here. Kesari says that unfortunately couldn’t happen. Chandra Dev tells them everything that has happened so far with him.

Anjana agrees to support him completely but the planetary positions are predestined. The effects will happen as per fate. How can Hanuman or anyone help you avoid it? Shani Dev loudly calls out for Chandra Dev. Chandra Dev panics. He followed me all the way

till Sumeru. Shani Dev says my Shani Dasha will show its effect on time. I don’t need to follow you for that but your actions have forced me to do so. Your punishment should be such that you should roam the same way forever in the galaxy. I wont let anyone shelter you. if anyone even thinks to do so then I will cast my glance at that person also.

Indra Dev is worried for ANjana and Kesari. Shani Dev is angry. He might get angry on them as well. Vayu Dev wonders why Narad ji did this. Hope Anjana and her family are safe.

Chandra Dev requests ANjana to ask Hanuman to save him. She thinks of Narad ji’s words. Chandra Dev reminds her of her promise. You will have to stop me. Nani holds Anjana as she feels weak. Anjana is in a fix. I promised him but when Mahadev couldn’t escape it then what will Hanuman do. Shani Dev asks Chandra Dev to come out. your staying inside will only call trouble for the people who will shelter you. Chandra Dev again asks Anjana to speak up. Did you agree to shelter me only for the sake of it? Do your words mean nothing? Hanuman tells Chandra Dev that he will follow his mother’s words. I will go and speak to Shanu Dev. Anjana stops Hanuman. You will have to promise me before going out. the condition can be anyways but you fight with Shani Dev without my permission. You will also not make any big decision without my permission. He promises her. Kesari offers to go with Hanuman to speak with Shani Dev.

Shani Dev is getting restless and angry with every passing minute. I will not wait anymore. This is your last chance. Come out!

Hanuman and Kesari greet Shani Devi. Shani Dev tells him to handover Chandra Dev to him or be ready to bear the brunt of this anger. This is my warning. Anjana and everyone get tensed as they hear him. Shani Dev asks Kesari if he understands the meaning of disobeying him. Kesari explains that he is only giving shelter to their guest. I am only following my dharma. Hanuman says the same. Shani Dev points out that whoever creates obstacles in the path of justice will be punished too. don’t try to come in my way. Whoever tries to come in between me and Chandra Dev will be destroyed. Hanuman tries to say something but Shani Dev warns them of worst consequences. You and Kesari will have to bear my anger if you let Chandra Dev stay there. Hanuman politely says that they have to abide by their words and take care of their guest. You don’t think of consequences while following your dharma. Shani Dev angrily shouts Hanuman!

Sheltering someone is the biggest dharma of anyone. The person who never offers shelter to people when in need will be punished.

Anjana wonders how Shani dev can punish her Swami and Hanuman. Shani Dev gives last chance to Hanuman and Kesari. No one will be able to save you otherwise. Anjana comes out and requests him to calm down. You are the God of justice. As per dharma one must give shelter to the one who needs it. he says Chandra Dev deserves to be punished. She reasons that she has kept fast. How can she do so? He explains that no one will be able to save Chandra Dev now. If you try to protect him then not just you but entire Sumeru will have to bear the brunt of my anger. You will realise then what it means to interfere in my work! Your fast will remain incomplete. Hanuman says you cannot do this. Anjana stops him. You have promised me. Shani Dev tells Anjana if she wont listen to him then he will take his boon given to Hanuman back. On one hand, there is you and Sumeru while on other hand, it is Chandra Dev. The decision is yours. Who would you like to protect? Shani Dev leaves from there. His anger hasn’t calmed even a bit. I will increase my effect on you every second if you delay to come before me!

Next morning, Chandra Dev paces outside the palace. Anyone bows down before storm. Kesari and his family will also not be able to hold back for long. They wont be able to protect me. They will hand me over to Shani Dev.

Hanuman is concerned for his mother. She is getting weak because of the fast. I will have to request Chandra Dev to appear in the sky.

Chandra Dev thinks that he shouldn’t delay anymore. Anjana, Kesari and Hanuman greet him just then. Anjana fofers him Prasad but he refuses to eat it. When Mahadev himself couldn’t save me then will his Prasad save me? I feel that you all will fail in protecting me. Kesari says we will try our best. Chandra Dev retorts that only trying will not help him. you promised me but I don’t see you all capable enough to do it. Hanuman assures him that he will abide by his mother’s promise. Hanuman requests Chandra Dev to appear in the sky tonight. My mother hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. She is getting weak. Chandra Dev refuses. I want to be saved from Shani Dev first.

All the Gods go to meet Shani Dev. Indra Dev asks him about his anger. Shani Dev says this will go away only when I will punish Chandra Dev and all those who have given him shelter. Devguru asks him if his act is justified. Shani Dev nods. whoever does the crime and whoever decides to help him deserve to be punished. The Gods tell him not to act arrogant. Think with a clear head. Indra Dev advises him to reduce the effect from Chandra Dev. Anjana and her family are innocent. Don’t punish them unnecessarily. Shani Dev reasons that they will be punished if they will continue to protect Chandra Dev. Agni Dev also tries to make him understand but in vain. Shani Dev says neither her promise nor her fast will complete now. You all should also stay out of this. I might get angry on all of you as well. They all leave. Shani Dev says I will increase my effect on Chandra Dev now.

Kesari tells Chandra Dev to calm down. Everything will be fine. Hanuman takes care of everyone’s problems. Chandra Dev reprimands Anjana and her family. I feel that you will soon hand me over to Shani Dev. You will not be able to protect me from Shani Dev’s wrath. Why did you all keep quiet when Shani Dev was getting angry? Why dint your son, the Sankat Mochan, do anything? Why was he quiet? Anjana says I only stopped him because I was scared of Shani Dev’s anger. Chandra Dev asks her why she made a promise to him then. Kesari says we will take care of you.Chandra Dev feels it was my mistake to come here to seek help from a lower vanar caste!

Precap: Ravan says it is only me from whom Shani Dev is scared. No one else can help you (INdra Dev). Hanuman seeks his mother’s permission to go but she denies. I wont be able to bear this separation anymore.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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