Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman and Vali stand facing each other. Vali tells Hanuman to see the scene around him for the last time. You are powerless. You are destined to die today. He keeps his mace down and laughs. The result is predestined today Markat. My hands are enough to defeat you. Hanuman also keeps his mace down. He walks ahead a little and comes down on his knees. Everyone worries for Hanuman. Vali says you are called Mahabali. You got so scared that you surrendered before me before the fight even began. He asks Kesari to keep his crown in his feet now. You have no other option left. Anjana says how can my son accept defeat so easily. Kesari says Vali has forgotten the rules of war in his arrogance. Hanuman is doing that only. A warrior greets the land first before fight. Hanuman touches dirt on

his head. Gods look happy. Vali says you still have the courage to fight with me. Kesari says Hanuman has already donated all the boons. He has already lost most of his powers to Vali also. Protect him please. Anjana also prays for Hanuman’s safety.

Vali comes running towards Hanuman when Hanuman holds his feet and lifts him in air. Vali falls down. He looks angrily at Hanuman as he gets up. Hanuman says I may not have my powers with me right now but I haven’t forgotten the tactics that my father has taught me for wrestling. Vali tries to hit him with a fist but Hanuman holds and twists his hand. Vali is in pain. Hanuman hits him this time while still holding his hand. He stops himself from hitting Vali again. Sugriv Bhaiya’s pain must be increasing. I will have to free him from there soon. Vali smiles seeing Hanuman thus. He makes use of this opportunity and holds him by his neck. Hanuman still manages to free himself from his grip.

Narad ji says Hanuman’s boons can go away from him but who can separate him from his willpower and the lessons taught by his father. Vayu Dev says Hanuman was born to do some great task. Defeating him is not at all possible. Hope Vali too understands it now.

Ravan looks irked. Use the weapon that I gave to you Vali. Rishi comes there breaking the cave. Ravan and Kalnemi look startled. Rishi shares that he got Hanuman’s powers as per his orders but only for a day. Ravan says it is enough. I will send a Brahmin in warzone today and that vanar kid will die! Rishi’s eyes turn red. He holds his head in pain. My head is going out of control. He hits himself by coming in contact with the cave. Ravan says that vanar kid has so many powers. It has made this Brahmin out of control. Kalnemi says his mind and body are not in sync. Rishi says I feel as if a volcano is going to burst. I am on fire. He runs out. Ravan and Kalnemi go after him.

Hanuman avoids all the attacks from Vali.

Rishi’s body is literally burning. He screams for help and jumps in river water. He is still nt at peace. He keeps shouting for help. Ravan and Kalnemi look on.

Mahadev says it is true you row what you sow. Those who do bad will face wrong only. This Brahmin supported adharma by supporting Ravan. He took Hanuman’s powers in alms but one has to be capable enough to hold them inside him. You need to be responsible and capable enough to hold the powers together or they go against you only.

Ravan tells Kalnemi to take this Rishi to warzone asap. My plans wont succeed until that vanar kid is defeated.

Hanuman has an upper hand over Vali. He keeps hurting Vali easily. Vali too manages to hit him a few times on his chest but finally Hanuman hits him back. Vali loses his balance and falls down. He thinks of Ravan who had given him a mayavi weapon. It will appear in your hand automatically when you will need it. Vali accepts it. Ravan shares that he can create dangerous Agni, Asuras and storms to kill that vanar kid. Vali looks at the weapon which begins to turn into other weapons as per his wish. Flashback ends. Vali says Laneksh was right. This Markat will save himself someway or other. It is time to use that mayavi weapon now. He summons the mayavi weapon.

Narad ji says Hanuman’s problems only increased. Vali has Devraj Indra’s boon and Asuras on his side. His next attack on Hanuman will be more deadly.

Hanuman is puzzled seeing the mayavi weapon in Vali’s hand. Vali tells Hanuman he attacked well but don’t think it to be my defeat. He holds the weapon in his hand which keeps turning into something or other. Everyone looks worried. Kesari points out that Hanuman wont be able to bear this mayavi weapon. Anjana worries for Hanuman. People call it a war of adharma. Vali took help of Asuras yesterday as well.

Precap: Vali shoots an arrow towards Hanuman. Hanuman wards it off using a stone. The stone breaks in the process.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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