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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari and Anjana are stunned to see their son standing on his feet. Vali and Sugriv watch everything from outside the room. Anjana and Kesari are surprised at their son’s growth. He started walking in just 5 days time! I am happy and concerned for him as well. Anjana feels there is nothing to worry. He is about to say that our son is literally Lord Shiva’s ansh but she stops him from saying it. parents’ eyes befall on their kids too. Kesari picks up Bal Hanuman and plays with him. She prays to Lord Shiva to bless their son always. Ma Parvati and Lord Shiva bless them. Anjana puts a kajal tika on Bal Hanuman’s forehead. Kesari says it is a day of double celebration today. Anjanaye (Bal Hanuman) started walking and plus this gada! Anjana nods. Kesari puts Bal Hanuman on bed and

picks up the gada next. He looks at his own reflection in the mirror and imagines using it against his enemies. Anjana smiles. I had heard that men never grow up. They always remain a kid at heart. I saw it with my own eyes today.

Vali figures out that this is the only safe way to reach this Markat. Bal Hanuman enjoys seeing his father playing with the Gada. Kesari too notices the happiness on his son’s face. He sits down next to Bal Hanuman who touches the Gada. Kesari agrees to bring many Gada’s for him when he grows up. Bal Hanuman touches that Gada again. Kesari says I will give it you but you will have to become stronger than me first. You will have to eat well and exercise nicely. He feels hungry. He keeps the Gada back in its place and goes out to eat something.

Bal Hanuman’s eyes are fixated on the Gada. Sugriv comes inside the room as there is no one else but just Bal Hanuman in the room. Bal Hanuman is continuously smiling at him. Sugriv picks him up in his arms and looks at him.

Hanuman and Sugriv’s first encounter was very unusual. Vali had brought Sugriv to kill Bal Hanuman but Sugriv was so mesmerised by Bal Hanuman that he forgot all about Vali. Vali had to lie and had to be cunning to include Sugriv in his plan whereas Bal Hanuman won the same Sugriv with his one innocent smile. Vali is infuriated to see Sugriv happily playing with Bal Hanuman. Bal Hanuman notices Vali but Sugriv is not able to see or hear anything beyond the baby. Vali has to shake him out of his reverie. You don’t have to hold this Markat in your arms. Our work is done, let’s go. Sugriv starts walking out with Bal Hanuman. Vali looks at the Gada kept near the mirror. He thinks of that Gada’s significance. He picks it up with a lot of difficulty but then stumbles on an apple. The Gada flies high in the air. Sugriv keeps Bal Hanuman down and goes to help his brother. Both the brothers are scared that they will be killed now but the Gada comes and stops in Bal Hanuman’s hands instead. He starts playing with it / throwing it high up in the air. Vali and Sugriv are stunned to see such a small baby playing with such a heavy Gada so easily. Bal Hanuman aims the Gada at Vali. He starts running away and ducking to protect himself. The Gada comes near Sugriv too so he too tries to save himself.

Kesari offers prayers before eating food. Anjana is sitting next to him. He is about to take the first bite when they hear Bal Hanuman giggling. They rush to their room to see what’s happening. Vali and Sugriv hide behind a curtain. Anjana and Kesari are taken aback to see little Hanuman sitting on the floor. He is touching the Gada all over. Kesari looks at the place where he had safely kept the gada before going out of the room. The parents are shocked / worried and thinking as to how this happened. Anjana sits down next to Bal Hanuman while Kesari picks up the Gada. He starts rotating the Gada when a strong wind blows. Vali and Sugriv’s curtain too moves aside because of the wind. They pull the curtain again when it is a little calm. Vali and Sugriv escape from the room stealthily when no one is looking in that direction. Kesari hugs his son.

Shri Krishna’s wives cannot stop laughing. They ask Shri Krishna as to why he selected vanar’s for the war against Ravan in his Rama Avatar. Shri Krishna tells them that Ravan himself had chosen vanar’s. The ladies are surprised. Shri Krishna says Ravan started thinking that he was undefeatable after he got his wish granted from Brahma ji. He chose Lanka as his capital. Lanka was actually under Ravan’s step brother Kuber but he threw him out and made Lanka his own land. He defeated Kuber and snatched his Pushpak viman as well. He started roaming around the earth to showcase his wealth.

Ravan is travelling around earth in his Pushpak viman. He is not even afraid of the sun. He increases the size of his Pushpak Viman to show the Sun God that he is big enough to send earth into darkness. He challenges Sun God but Sun God is not interested in having anything to do with this arrogant person. We have to spread the light in the world. Ravan feels that all the Gods are jealous of his strength. One day they will have to accept my power.

Precap: Nandi stops Ravan from going ahead to meet Mahadev. Ravan’s ego gets hurt. He decides to take Kailash with him to Lanka. He picks up the mountain with his powers but Mahadev gets angry. He does Tandav and keep his feet down which results in the mountain going back to its original place. Ravan screams out in pain.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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