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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana feels Maruti’s presence and smiles. Our son is here. Kesari is surprised. How do you know it? She calls it a mother’s telepathy. Maruti enters just then. Anjana sits in a corner and pretends to be upset. Little Maruti is confused / tensed. He asks his father what happened to mother. Kesari has no idea why she is upset with Maruti. Go and ask yourself. Maruti hugs his mother. She still has an angry face. Are you still upset with me? Kesari prods Maruti to try and make his mother smile. Maruti repeats his question. What did I do now? She had been waiting for him since so long. He replies that he had gone to play outside the garden with his friends. I have done that many times. Kesari explains to him that he is a kid. Little kids don’t go anywhere without informing their

parents. Don’t you remember how worried we were when we couldn’t find Anjana? Think about what your mother feel when you will go out to play without informing us? Maruti apologizes to his mother for his mistake. She takes a promise from him that he will never go out without informing either of them. Maruti promises her. They share a hug. She was afraid when she couldn’t find him anywhere. Maruti asks her if she heard lions roaring or if she got scared of Acharya’s stick (the logic given by his friends). His parents are surprised. Maruti shares that he found out this from his friends. Kesari is about to say something when Anjana offers to do it. You know everything. But if you don’t know anything about fear then understand that there is nothing like fear in the world. Your parents are your best friends. Remember what your mother has told you and trust her. Always remember that you are fearless. You will never have to face any fear! He nods in understanding. Dai Ma comes there with milk for him. Maruti finishes all the milk that the daasi’s bring for him. Kesari asks Anjana why she dint explain Maruti properly about fear. She reasons that no mother in the world would want her kid to be fearful of anything in life. I too want my son to have no space for fear in his life or mind. He is blessed by Lord Shiva. What connection will he have with fear?

Shri Krishna says each kid experiences fear the moment he has to get out from his mother’s womb to take birth. Only those can be free from fear who

Acharya gives no homework to the kids today. Revise today’s lesson. I will ask you questions from that lesson tomorrow. Nal smiles thinking that his prayers (written on that stone) got accepted. The class ends. Acharya leaves. Neel suggests dangal. All the kids jump with joy when they notice Maruti. They rush to his side. Vali watches them. Kids propose a dangal between Neel and Maruti. Neel asks him if he is scared. Maruti replies that he doesn’t know what fear is. Neel and Maruti start the game. Kids cheer for Neel. Neel puts his entire strength but eventually Maruti pushes him back. Kids start cheering for Maruti. Neel feels bad. He tries again but Maruti pushes him on the ground. Neel gives a side push to Maruti once. Neel tries to twist Maruti’s hand but Maruti pushes him with one hand only. Maruti tells him not to tickle him. Let’s play dangal. Neel says this is how we play. Maruti uses his trick on him. Neel loses the match. All the kids try to lift Maruti but are unable to do so. Maruti hits them all in one go. Neel leaves from there angrily. Vali thinks of taking Neel on his side.

Neel angrily sits on a stone. I don’t know what has happened to me! I cannot understand anything. Vali comes there. I have a solution for your problem. I know why you don’t like anything. You are alone. You have parted from your friends because of that Markat. They have elft your side because of Maruti. Neel calls Maruti his friends. Vali says if he was your friend then he wouldn’t have snatched your friends from you. Your friends want to play with Maruti now. They aren’t your friends anymore. Sugriv watches them from a distance.

Precap: Vali praises Maruti for his strengths. Let’s have a competition near the old school. Maruti calls Vali Bhaiya and hugs him. You are very good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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