Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman asks Ram to wait at the riverside. I will bring fruits for you. He brings lot many fruits for both of them. Two Asuras notice them. Ram asks about so many fruits. Hanuman asks him to sit first.

Dandak Van:
Ravan is in the Dandak Van when the same Asuras greet him. They update him about Ram and Hanuman’s presence near Manorama River. They are in the jungle. Ravan laughs happily. He gives them Dandak Van out of happiness. You will have to do my work for it.

Hanuman refuses to sit next to Ram but he reminds them that they are friends. Hanuman sits down next to him. He shares he gets very hungry. These fruits will fall short for me then. I thought to satiate your hunger also so you are satisfied. Hanuman says I cannot eat before you. What if any of the fruit

is not sweet or has worms? I will select each fruit for you. He peels the fruits and then tastes it. He gives only the sweet fruits to Ram. Ram suggests him to eat something as well. You were hungry too. Hanuman replies that his hunger will be satiated to see him content. I tasted so many fruits for you. Ram says I ate to my heart’s content. Hanuman is also full. They get up to go when many Asuras surround them. You both cannot go from here. Hanuman stands before Ram. I know you cannot touch weapon because of the yagya, but Hanuman wont let anyone reach you. He beats the Asuras using his hands and legs only. They get up once again though.

Guru Vashishtha advises every0ne to be on alert. Evil powers always try to hamper such events. We have to make sure the yagya happens smoothly so there is no obstacle in Ram’s path to throne. He asks the commander and Raja Dashrath’s BIL for security reasons. They assure him that the necessary precautions have been already taken. Manthra overhears their convo. She is happy that Hanuman took Ram with him. This is the perfect time to create a problem in yagya.

The Maha Pishach and his folks enter inside the body of the people who were taking the ingredients for the yagya. No one can stop us now. We have found the bodies born in Ayodhya only. No powerful person can stop us!

The Asuras remark that Hanuman cannot harm them in any way. Only Dashrath’s son can harm us, but he cannot pick up weapon as of now. Hanuman points out that it wont mean they can harm Ram in any manner. They talk about stopping their way so they don’t reach Ayodhya. Ram takes Sakha’s help in taking care of the Asuras but in vain. The Asuras are not at all affected by any of it. You will get tired of beating us but it wont have any effect on us! I will not let you go from here. Hanuman is about to attack them when Guru Vashishtha appears there along with the commander and Raja Dashrath’s BIL. The Asuras are well aware that these people also cannot pick up any weapon against them. Rja Dashrath’s BIL throws a spear towards Hanuman. Pick up the weapon to save yourself.

Hanuman thinks if Ram ji holds this weapon in his hand then his vow will become futile. He rushes to hold the spear. He stands between the Asuras and Ram. Throwing away the spear, he challenges the Asuras. I will send you so far away that you will never be able to return. Guru Vashishtha stops the Asuras. We might have sworn not to pick up any weapon but if you step forward then I, Brahma Rishi Vashishta will curse you. It will be worse than death for you! Leave right away if you want to be saved. The Asuras flee from the scene. Hanuman thanks him. Guru Vashishtha asks Ram if he is alright. Ram nods. Hanuman offers to drop Ram to Ayodhya soon. Guru Vashishtha stops him. You cannot take Ram with you now. The commander gives him a letter to Hanuman. You kidnapped Ram and disrespected Ayodhya’s norms. It has hurt him immensely. Hanuman apologizes to them. Guru Vashishtha advises him to follow Raja Dashrath’s orders. Hanuman turns to Ram. I only have one request. Allow me to drop you safely till Ayodhya. Guru Vashishtha points out that his act actually means he should be punished severely. Your favour of bringing smile on Ram’s face is your reason of freedom. It will be good for you to return to Sumeru now. Hanuman gets sad and teary eyed.

Ram tells Hanuman he can understand his feeling. We cannot go against Guru Vashishtha’s orders though. He stands next to Guru Vashishtha. He leaves with Guru Vashishtha.

Precap: Ram leaves with the men. He notices them taking him to a different direction. Guru Vashishtha scolds him for ordering him. Ravan is excited for Hanuman’s hunt.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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