Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devraj Indra accepts Urvashi and Jayant’s request. He forgives them. Jayant hugs his friend Hanuman. Everyone smiles to see them together. Urvashi and Anjana hug one another too. Urvashi cries. You are really a great woman to look up to. Jayant tells Hanuman that he has opened his eyes. I have understood that truth wins. Liars can get happy momentarily but they will lose eventually. Devi Shachi mentally thanks Hanuman for bringing her son to the right path. She hugs both the kids. Rishi appears there. He apologizes to Devraj Indra for coming there without permission. Anjana recalls him to be the same Rishi who had cursed her when she was Punjisthala. She thinks of the curse. Everyone greets him. Rishivar tells Anjana not to worry. You broke my tapasya that day but now your son

saved it actually. I came here on his request only. Hanuman requests him to free his mother from the curse. I want to take her back to Sumeru. Rishivar agrees. Rishivar chants some mantras. He removes the curse from Anjana. He tells the same to her. Everyone is relieved. Hanuman asks him if he can take his mother back to Sumeru now. Rishivar agrees. Hanuman thanks him for this favour. I will always be indebted to you. Rishivar helps him get up. You have actually helped me. my tapasya completed by seeing you only. Your name will be on the top when it will come to doing something for a mother. Devraj Indra and everyone greet Rishivar.

Hanuman happily asks his Ma to come with him. Father must be waiting for us. Devi Shachi denies. He hasn’t eaten anything since he has come here in Swarg Loka. I wont let you go empty stomach from here. Anjana is shocked to know that her son dint eat anything for 5 days. Devi Shachi tells her about Hanuman’s vow. Devi Shachi and Jayant ask Hanuman to eat something now. Hanuman hugs his mother. Anjana is touched. You love me so much. Hanuman replies that he loves her a lot more. Devi Shachi goes to make preps. Hanuman asks her to hurry up. The time to stay here is getting over. Father must be waiting for me back home. She nods.

In Sumeru, an announcement is made. Kesari is going to do a tough yagya if Hanuman does not return by evening. The citizens are worried.

A plate of food is kept before Hanuman. Anjana asks Hanuman why he dint tell her about his vow. He dint want to give her any more tension. Devi Shachi asks Hanuman to eat. He looks at his mother. She understands that he wants her to feed him. Anjana feeds him laddoo. She also makes Jayant eat with her hands. Jayant thinks of how rudely he had behaved with his mother in the past. He asks her to feed him something with her hands. Devi Shachi gets emotional. Hanuman smiles at Jayant. Urvashi thinks how Hanuman has the power to even change everyone’s nature with his powers / love.

Kesari comes near the riverside along with Rishi’s. All the citizens follow him worriedly. They also notice Marjarika there. She is the root cause of all the problems but right now we should think of our king. Nani asks Kesari what he is trying to do. How can you leave us like this? Rishi too tells him against it. Kesari says I am only going to fulfil my wish to meet my wife and son. I am only waiting for sunset. Please start the process of Lokantaran. Sugriv fears the worst. Marjarika hopes Hanuman returns soon. Kesari willingly accepts it that he is doing Lokantaran to reach Swarg Loka to meet his son and wife. If they are not back before sunset then the process will begin. Only my son can stop me from doing this.

Jayant wants Hanuman to stay back for another day. You still have time. Hanuman is worried for his father. I have to free someone else there as well. Anjana wonders who he is talking about. Hanuman takes their leave. Sapta-Rishi stops them. Hanuman cannot leave Swarg right now. He has to free Swarg Loka as well as of now. All of them greet Sapta-Rishi. Sapta-Rishi say it is Hanuman’s decision. You gave up all your powers on your own will. You defeated Yakshraj and became Yakshveer. You freed Urvashi who actually plotted against you. You became Maha Danveer. All these qualities have made you qualified for Devraj position. Devraj Indra is shocked.

Precap: Hanuman holds Vajra in his hands. A flag comes to him. Hanuman holds it in his other hand. Ram is written on the flag.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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