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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered near the dead body which is kept on the pyre. Rishidev makes Hanuman sprinkle Gangajal on his father’s dead body. Anjana breaks down. Nani and Marjarika are on her either side. Rishidev tells Anjana that Kesari’s soul will be pained to see them this way. He next gives Pinda to Hanuman to hold in his hand. He tearfully begins the ritual when Devguru Brihaspati asks them to stop. This ritual cannot happen. You will have to do the Pind with black til instead of rice. Kesari was killed before time. Everyone looks at him stunned. Those rituals should only be followed. Kesari did not die a natural death. He was killed before time by Kaal Dev. Hanuman and Anjana are shocked. Devguru Brihaspati Kaal Dev snatched the breaths given by Brahma Dev to Kesari. Anjana questions

him. Why dint you stop Kaal Dev? Devguru Brihaspati says Hanuman reversed the direction of Kaal Chakra in the opposite direction. Kaal Dev wanted to punish him so he killed Kesari. Hanuman too calls it injustice. My father dint commit any crime. I should have been punished. He cannot punish father. Devguru Brihaspati says nothing can be done now. No one can change

Hanuman is sure karma can change destiny. Kaal Dev had to change his decision for Tapasvi Markandey ji. I too will go to Kaal Loka to bring father back. Nani tells him against it. What if Kaal Dev’s anger increases? Hanuman reasons that bearing injustice is as big an adharma as doing it. I wont bear it. Kaal Dev will have to change his decision. Devguru Brihaspati is sure Kaal Dev will again misunderstand his action. You should not go there. Anjana says Hanuman will go to Kaal Dev. Hanuman asks her if she trusts him. She nods. My faith and your Pitr-bhakti will bring your father back from Kaal Dev. He says you only said that the kid who has his parents blessings never fails. Your faith will be my reason of winning. Devguru Brihaspati calls it impossible but Anjana tells Hanuman to bring Kesari with him. He agrees. He walks up to Kesari’s body. You, my relatives, friends and everyone else standing here is a witness to my vow. I, Kesarinandan, Anjanay-putra Hanuman, will bring my father back from Kaal Dev. I will set my foot on earth then only!

One must never lose hope. You must take a stand against the injustice done to you and face the situation strongly. One must be like a warrior and try to fight for truth and justice always.

Hanuman seeks his mother’s blessings and greets Devguru Brihaspati too. Devguru Brihaspati still calls it impossible yet blesses Hanuman. You only have 11 days. If it does not happen in this time then nothing can be done. Hanuman tells his mother they will complete their pilgrimage. Father will be with us.

Someone remarks that Hanuman’s father will not be with him ever again. His body will be burnt by the time you will come back on earth.

Hanuman thinks to bring his father back anyhow. I wont let this injustice happen to him. On the other hand, Anjana has full faith in Hanuman. We wont do my Swami’s last rites. Hanuman will come back with him. I will sit near him till Hanuman returns. Devguru Brihaspati reasons that we will not be able to keep the body fine this way till then. You should wait for Hanuman patiently. He asks soldiers to put herbs and oil on Kesari’s body to keep it safe.

Someone is watching it all intently. He announces that they wont be able to keep Kesari’s body safely in his land. Kesari is my enemy. I will never let it happen.

The same guy updates Vashkali about Kesari’s death. Vashkali wants revenge. I have been waiting for this moment since forever. Kesari died before I could take revenge. How do I calm this anger inside me now? The guy shares that they can still take revenge by burning Kesari’s dead body. Vashkali says what will be the fun in it. The guy explains that Hanuman has gone to Kaal Loka to bring his father’s soul back. If we burn Kesari’s body before it, then our work will be done. Vashkali likes the idea.

Hanuman prays to Bhole Baba to help him in his mission. Hanuman is almost near Kaal Loka. The soldiers notice him and hold their spears forming a cross so as to stop Hanuman from going inside. Hanuman makes use of his lightening speed and breaks the security thereby entering inside Kaal Loka. Kaal Dev is surprised to see Hanuman. You have dared to come to Kaal Loka. Your silence shows you are angry but it does not stand anywhere before Kaal. Why have you come here? Hanuman greets him. I have come here to take father back with me. Kaal Dev smiles. You are a kid who does not understand the meaning of death. You think it’s possible? Hanuman says a culprit is the one who is punished for his crimes. I am the culprit. My father did not do anything wrong. How can you punish him? Kaal Dev replies that his father’s death is his biggest punishment. Hanuman calls it injustice. Don’t do this. Return father to me. Kaal Dev says you are calling me unjust as your family has gone through a painful solution. I have only exercised my rights. You interfered in Kaal’s work. I used to my rights and killed your father before time. Hanuman wonders what this right is which allows him to punish someone else for his crime. I am here. You can punish me. This is unjust. Kaal Dev warns him not to question justice or injustice. I don’t want to learn to from you. I know what my rights are. I cannot accept your request even if I wish to. Hanuman knows he can return life too. Kaal Dev denies. I can only take someone’s life, not return it. Hanuman has promised his mother he will come back with father only. Kaal Dev calls him a kid. You should have thought before making such a promise. Hanuman vows to fulfil his promise.

Precap: Kaal Dev tells Hanuman he wont be able to come back from Preta Loka if he goes there once. Kesari has been sent there on my orders. Hanuman flies away to meet his father. Kaal Dev thinks Hanuman is making a big mistake by doing this. your life can also lessen if you go there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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