Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Hanuman asks how shall rama be assured about the genuinety of having met her. she reminds him of an incident, when in a garden, she was sitting, and rama blissfully asleep on her lap. she says that she didnt budge as she didnt want to disturb him. she says that an evil crow arrived and eyes them viciously. she gets tensed. she says that the crow gekpt assaulting her, and she was in severe pain, but she didnt budge, as she didnt want to disturb ram in his sleep. as a blood drop fell from her throat, on his forehead, he wakes up with a startle and is apalled to find her hurt like that, while she cries in pain. he asks who dared to do this and then eyes the evil crow. he curses the arro and then decides to punish the crow with the same pain

inflicted on him. hanuman says that this means rama used Brahmastra. she says that her pain was unbearable to him, and rama had known that it wasnt an ordinary crow, but indra’s son, Jayant. he tried in vain to duck the arrow. he reaches to everyone for help, but in vain. finally after not being able to land at his father’s step. Indra reprimands his son, for having the guts and daring to hurt and wound sita, and now he needs to either face his fate, or else beg for apology to RAMA. he comes to rama’s feet and profusely begs for apology, and says that he merely tried to test her patience and determination. he says that sita aced the test and passed it with flying clours, as she didnt flinch at all. he cites it as his foolishness, and accepts his mistake, and begs to be forgiven. rama eyes sita, who readily complies to forgiving him. rama tells him that he praises the fact that he accepted his mistake, but he cant stop his weapon. jayant says that his evil eye spotted them first. he asks him to point it at the eye, and punish him, but not take away his life. rama is boggled and then eyes sita for advice. jayant turns into a crow, as the arrow fastly approaches him and pinges him in the eye. he screams in pain, and then says that he deserves it, and again apologises. rama says that he feels ashamed and apologised too, hence he blesses him that he shall be able to see with one eye, what people with two arent capable of, and that he shall seek longevity, and that he shall see spirits, and in Pitri Paksha, people who worship him, shall seek salvation of unsatisfied spirits. hanuman is excited as he understands. she says that even at a crow, rama used the brahmastra, and that now she burns in the wait of her husband to come, and to punish the demon, to kidnap her, and torture her. hanuman says that rama shall come soon, and shall punish them all, along with raavan, for this heinous crime. The demons meanwhile discuss to point to trijata, and tell her about this monkey. when she comes, they decide to tell raavan or stop him from coming. they are scared and petrified too to approach him. sita asks him to give her greetings to the lord, and talk about her 2 months time, and how she cant stay for a single second longer, and asks him to tell rama, that he should come asap, and take her from here with him. he complies, and says that there wont be any delay now, and seeks permission to leave. she thinks that after such a long journey, he must be hungry and laments as to how unfortunate she is, as a mother, that she cant even feed him anything, after she finds him hungry having taken such a long journey. she says that she wishes to cook for him, the best of desserts, but is helpless. he says that he has sacrificed food and water, for a short time, but what about her, who has done this for ten months. she says that she hasnt because of her motive, but she shall be satisfied if he eats to the heartiest content. he says that if its so, then he shall readily comply, and already he finds this fruit laden garden totally irresistible to eat. she happily complies, to eat to his heart’s content, and promises that she shall make him delicacies one day. he is overwhelmed, but she warns him to be careful of demons. he says that if he has their blessings, then noone can even touch him. he leaves to eat fruits, unable to control his hunger any longer. trijata asks them to go and try their luck, as per her dream, whoever tries to confront him, shall face his/ her doom. they are scared and wonder what to do.

Meanwhile, hanuman eyes the garden, and starts eating fruits, remembering raavan’s affinity towards the garden and wonders whats so special about this garden. he doesnt leave a single tree. rama instinctively feels overwhelmed to see him quenching his hunger. he eats to his hearts’s content. the demons slowly start progressing and then they threaten hanuman not to spoil the gardens like this. Hanuman asks where were they as they got late, since he about to finish his lunch, and asks them to wait for somemore time, until he tastes all the fruits. the demons start taunting him that he doesnt know where he has landed, where his doom is ensured. but hanuman in unfazed, and continues eating. the demons scare him in the name of Raavan, but he jokes their warnings off. the demons ask him to get down, or else they shall bring him down. hanuman asks him to get on, as even raavan wont be able to. MEanwhile, raavan is enraged, as to how the lanka which was impossible to enter into, has been infiltrated and asks his commander to find out what happened, when he had excellent people guarding it, who were invincible. the commander tells him that lankini has left and kancha has been killed by a monkey. raavan fumes as to how he managed to get in. Hanuman chants lord rama’s name, and then finally jumps down. he places the Gada beside a tree. he tells the approaching demons that as per the promise given to him, by sita, he shall eat fruits till his hunger is quenched and till the time, he isnt satisfied he shall continue eating like that, and no one can stop him, not even Raavan. the demons attack him, and he fights them off one after the other. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: The hurt and wounded demons reach raavan’s court room and inform him of what happened, saying that a monkey caused it. Raavan is enraged and asks who is it. they show their ignorance. raavan fumes. he asks the commander to send his soldiers with this instruction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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