Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devraj says Hanuman did a grave crime. Now the punishment will be chalked out in the Mahasabha only. Hanuman requests Devraj to give him punishment now only. I have been searching for you since 2 days. I have been told that one can only stay in Swarg for 5 days. I have to seek your permission for the same. Devraj is bound by rules of Swarg. Your punishment will be decided tomorrow in the Sabha only. Urvashi smirks thinking Hanuman’s another day will be wasted this way. I will make your other days go waste too. I wont let you take Anjana with you.

Jayant feels bad for not fulfilling his friendship towards Hanuman. He lived by it. What did I do? Urvashi appreciates his acting. You instigated Hanuman to commit a crime. You shed crocodile tears to make him support you, and

save you. Continue your act of friendship. Keep getting him punished. Jayant thinks of his father’s anger and of Hanuman saving him. Urvashi notices Jayant’s change of heart. I can see that you have taken after your father. a good ruler has to do it at times. You have done full justice to it. Jayant still looks uncomfortable.

Hanuman thinks that he did all this to find Indra Dev. I wanted to seek his permission to take Ma with me. I had not thought everything will go wrong. An apsara asks him if he is worried for his mother. He nods. She says you must actually worry about your mother’s reaction when she gets to know what you just did. He says I will just go and tell her everything. I will also make her understand. She should not worry. The apsara gets happy. This would mean that Hanuman will break another rule of Swarg. It will be worth a watch!

Anjana feels as if Hanuman if coming to her only. Urvashi notices Hanuman coming to that side. Anjana turns to look at him. She asks him why he broke the rule of Swarg and came to meet her. He couldn’t control himself he says. I thought you must be worried about me. Urvashi points out that Hanuman is breaking one rule after another. If you want his good Punjisthala then send him back to earth as soon as the Mahasabha ends. She walks away from there along with her another apsara friend. Anjana gets worried for her son. why don’t you understand? You are doing everything wrong one by one for me. You should go back immediately after the Mahasabha. He refuses to leave without her. She tells him not to act stubborn. You will have to listen to me. You have already committed a crime by breaking Swarg’s rules. You will get punished and I will feel the hurt. You have to go back to your father after the Mahasabha. He says he will do it but only when she will come with him. I know your biggest pain would be to get separated from me. My biggest punishment will be the same. Don’t you want your son to take you from here? Do you trust me? do you not want me to do my Putr-dharma? Trust me we will both go from here together. This is my promise to you.

Anjana meets Devraj Indra. She folds her hands before him. Please forgive my son. He points out that she is thinking like a mother and breaking her aprsara dharma. An apsara has nothing to do with a motherly love. There is no place for emotion in justice. A decision for him will be made only in Mahasabha. She reasons that Hanuman is a little kid. He counters her. We all have to bind by the rules of Swarg. If we wont do it then who else will follow it? whatever will happen, forgiveness or punishment, it will happen only in Mahasabha. She looks tensed.

Hanuman greets Saptarishis. Hanuman also accepts his mistake. In the Mahasabha, everyone feels Hanuman’s action is unpardonable. Hanuman explains that there was a motive behind whatever he did. I want to free my Ma. I accept my crime. Urvashi suggests getting Hanuman out of Swarg Loka right away. The Rishi’s jointly decide that Hanuman will have to give up all his powers. He has made mockery of Indrasan and Swarg’s rules. He has misused his powers. He wouldn’t have done it otherwise. Everyone is taken aback. Hanuman accepts it. I can sacrifice even my life for my Ma. Anjana denies. You have been blessed with these powers for the welfare of the world. He calls her his world. Your freedom is of utmost importance for me. Please don’t make me weak by your tears. You have taught me how to be strong. Please let me bear my punishment. She sadly leaves. He announces that he will give up his powers from this very moment itself. Everyone looks shocked except Urvashi. Hanuman closes his eyes to renounce all the powers he has been blessed by Gods. Anjana is in tears. She hugs her son as she cries. He wipes his tears. What if I don’t have those powers, I still have your blessings with me! Nothing is bigger in this world except mother’s blessings. Please bless me. Anjana blesses him. Hanuman smiles at his mother. He next turns to Devraj Indra. I fulfilled my punishment. Now I can take my mother with me, right? Please give me permission. Epi ends on Hanuman’s face.

Precap: Hanuman holds his mother’s hands. Now we can go back to Sumeru, to father. She nods. We will go back to our home, our family and to our Sumeru, which is much more beautiful than Swarg. Urvashi looks unhappy. One of the Rishi speaks up. This cannot happen. Anjana cannot go.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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