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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari is surprised to see Hanuman in tears. Hanuman hugs his father. You have defeated so many Asuras; have helped the world yet you are crying? Hanuman says the pain of our loved ones give you bigger pain. What If I got late? Kesari wipes his tears. One who has a son like you will be always safe. See, I am perfectly fine. Why worry now. They hug again. Hanuman looks at the flag and thinks of his dream. Anjana, Marjarika and Nani come there too. They are shocked to see the fallen flag. They ask Kesari about the fallen flag. This is inauspicious. ANjana says such incidents are an indication of something bad that’s going to happen in future. Kesari calls it a coincidence. I would have been hurt if Hanuman had not come on time. He asks Hanuman to help him in picking the flag. Hanuman

assures his mother her Sankat Mochan Hanuman will turn this inauspicious incident into something auspicious. Wipe your tears please.

Kesari and Hanuman get down to work. Kesari picks the flag out, turns it rightly and gives it to Hanuman. Place it at its right place. Hanuman flies above the palace. He places the flag back in its place. Everyone cheers for him. Kesari looks at him proudly. Hanuman comes down. Anjana says you saved your father. I am proud of you. Tell me what happened in the Dev Sabha. Did you place the planets back in their original position or not? Hanuman says I did so. She asks him if he met Kaal Dev. Hanuman nods. I met Kaal Dev. His friends come there calling out his name just then. They ask him to join them. Hanuman is not in a mood but Kesari tells him to go. It is important to play too. It keeps you fit. Hanuman agrees. His friends lift him up and take him with them. Hanuman looks towards the sky tensed.

Ravan talks to the Shivlinga. Accept my head! Guru Shukracharya tells him to stop. Ravan requests him not to do so. I will keep doing so till I die. Guru Shukracharya tells him to calm down but in vain. Ravan is angry because of the insult he has just experienced. Guru Shukracharya says you have done tapasya and gained many boons. Do another Tapasya. Make Brahma Dev happy. You will definitely get Amrit then. There can be no better way than this. Ravan decides to make Brahma Dev so helpless by his tapasya that he gives him Amrit.

Hanuman is all lost. He absentmindedly throws pebbles in water. Hanuman’s friends ask Hanuman what they should play today. They see him all quiet. Is there some problem? Is something disturbing you? Neel suggests him to talk to his friends if he cannot tell it to anyone else. Hanuman has no solution of the problem. I would have done it if I could think of one. They suggest him to tell them. You have solved many problems till date. Probably we can help you now. We have Neel Baba with us. Neel too says so. Hanuman knows his parents must be worried if they find out this problem. I don’t want to trouble them. Neel assures him that it wont go out of here. It will stay between Neel Baba and his disciples only. His friends smile. Hanuman folds his hands. I see bad dreams. He tells them his dream in mute. Neel calls the situation complicated. I will have to think. Neel sits on a stone to pretend to think. The solution is Rishi Matang. He is Trikaldarshi. He can certainly tell you something which might be of help to you. Hanuman decides to meet Rishi Matang right away.

Hanuman and his friends come to Rishi Matang’s ashram. They see him meditating. Hanuman wonders what punishment Kaal Dev will give to him. What’s the meaning of my dream? Does it have something to do with my loved ones? It will be good if Rishi Matang guides me somehow.

Rishi Matang senses their presence. He asks everyone to come. He knows everything already before Hanuman can say something. His friends are surprised. Rishi Matang says your worry isn’t unnecessary. Dreams at times hint at future. Your dream was an indication of a bigger problem that will happen in future. Will any harm come on my loved ones because of me? Rishi Matang is quiet. Hanuman says your silence is only increasing my tension. I wont like it if any of my loved one falls in trouble because of me. Tell me what’s in the future. Rishi Matang says you might get out of this problem if you find a solution while there is still time or the punishment of Kaal is very bad.

Kaal Dev says no one can ever find out how dangerous Kaal’s punishment can be. Chitragupta ji nods. He is asked to check which family member is destined to die soon. Chitragupta ji sits down to check.

Hanuman asks Rishi Matang to show him some way. I am ready to do anything. Rishi Matang says there is only one solution – seeking abode in Mrityunjaya Mahadev.

Kaal Dev remarks that Hanuman can seek anyone’s help if he tries to but no one will be able to save him. Rules are meant to be followed. Tell me which of the family member will die soon? Chitragupta ji tells Kaal Dev that right now everyone in Hanuman’s family is safe. There is no Mrityu Yog of anyone. Kaal Dev wants to make it happen even if it isn’t there. Chitragupta ji is shocked to hear him talk about sudden / unplanned death. Kaal Dev says everything is run as per Kaal’s orders. Someone might not be destined to die but Kaal Dev has a right to kill anyone anytime.

Rishi Matang tells Hanuman that Mrityunjaya Mahadev can help anyone anytime. He only can help him. Hanuman asks him if there indeed is some problem which is going to affect his family soon.

Kaal Dev decides to kill Kesari.

Rishi Matang answers in positive. The signs hint at a problem only. Epi ends on the split screen of Hanuman and Kaal Dev.

Precap: Hanuman says which family member will be in trouble. Rishi Matang advises him to find a solution. There are many places on earth, which if we visit, clears away all our problems. You should visit such a place with your family. It might be of help.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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