Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vrikshasur finally holds Maruti’s shadow. Kesari tries to bring Maruti down from the stool but is unable to do so. Maruti is well aware of Vrikshasur holding his hand and smiles. The Commander also ponders why Maruti is not coming down. Vrikshasur laughs thinking that he has got a strong hold of the shadow but where is this giant thing / animal. I cannot see it. The citizens of Sumeru are jumping in joy. Kesari continues his attempts and Vrikshasur is having a hard time holding the shadow. Maruti finally pulls himself free very easily. Kesari holds Maruti as the stool sways. Vrikshasur overhears the commotion. He vows to eat this giant animal at any cost. He also vows to seek revenge from Kesari for her has killed his father.

Anjana laughs seeing Maruti also jumping in joy.

She happily hugs him. Vrikshasur realises that that shadow was of Kesari and Anjana’s son. He laughs evilly.

No evil can harm the good and blessed spirits. Kesari was worried about the evil powers. He was also concerned for the citizens. He was making sure that no one gets harmed. Kesari can still hear voices coming from the jungle. It sounded like someone was giving a challenge. Kesari thinks of what had happened during the Anna-Prashan ceremony. Commander asks Kesari if he called him here. Kesari is tensed over the incident. Maruti was stuck in the air for a while. I put in all my strength but couldn’t bring him down. Was it the effect of that Vrikshasur? Commander nods. He is very cunning and evil. Kesari nods. But Maruti was near me. He was very far from Vrikshasur. Commander still has doubt on Vrikshasur. Kesari says no bird from Sumeru has gone over to Shambsadan forest after the pact and neither has anything flown in from there. How is it possible then? there is no such possibility. What will the evil spirit have to do with me then? Commander understands that he is right but we cannot trust them. We will have to be careful. Kesari tells him to keep a tight vigil on Vrikshasur and his activities. They notice Anjana standing there. She has overheard their entire convo. Our Kuldevi’s temple is situated in the middle of Sumeru’s border and Shambsadan forest’s starting. We have to go there tomorrow as per the tradition. I pray to Lord that this goes smoothly. Kesari says there is nothing to worry. Vrikshasur has never tried to cross and enter Sumeru. I trust our commander. But he thinks of tightening the security for tomorrow. I cannot take any risk.

Next morning, Anjana tells Maruti that Purohit ji has come. We have to do some rituals before leaving for the Kuldevi temple. Maruti gets excited about the puja seeing which Anjana smiles. The family sits for the puja. Purohit ji does the puja. Maruti asks his mother about what he is doing. She shares that Mahadev loves bhasm. Purohit ji is chanting mantras and has mixed it with lot many things. He is tying it all in a yellow potli now. Maruti looks on keenly. Purohit ji mixes only half of the bhasm. Kesari pours that bhasm over the Shivlinga. ANjana tells this bhasm will now become a vibhuti. The vibhuti in Mahadev’s forehead contains 7 tatvas of Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra. Body, mind and thoughts become pious once we put this vibhuti on our heads. The person is always respected in the society. Maruti looks on as Kesari pours the bhasm over the Shivlinga. He eyes the pot next and gets an idea. He pours the rest of the bhasm over himself. He is covered in bhasm from top to toe now. Anjana opens her eyes and is taken aback to see him thus. Kesari too notices him. Maruti is lovingly looking at the Shivlinga. Maruti replies that he is shudh now. What should I do with the remaining bhasm? He holds out his hands before him. Purohit asks him to give it to him. he takes some and tells Anjana and Kesari that the kid is surely great. The bhasm turned into Vibhuti after his touch. Anjana is surely enjoying her son’s new antics. The couple prays to Lord Shiva. Anjana loves / adores Maruti’s cute and naughty acts. I am completely smitten by him. But I am also scared seeing him grow so fast. I wont be able to witness more of it because of the same reason. Please let our son grow like any other normal kid. Don’t stop us from enjoying these moments.

Precap: Vali tells Sugriv that he isn’t doing it for himself. I am doing it for Kishkindha and our family. Devrishi Narad ji had predicted that this Markat will be the reason of our destruction. Sugriv cannot believe it. His brother turns to go but Sugriv stops him. I will never come in your way but I will always protect Maruti if you try to hurt him at all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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