Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram, bharat, shatrugan, laxman and pushkar singing a song dedicating it to hanuman. Hanuman does pranam and smiles as they sing sankat mochan hanuman! After the song, hanuman says thank you. Hanuman then says lord ram it is time, you shall take everyone to ayodhya now, luv kush and mata sita. Hanuman says now after the people see luv kush, they will believe mata sita. Lord ram smiles and says yes hanuman we shall all go to ayodhya. Sita is sad
Sita then says no lord ram I cannot come to ayodhya. Lord ram says why are you saying that sita? Sita says lord ram, even after my agni pariksha the people did not believe me and thought I was not pure. Everyone is shocked. Sita says shree ram, this time I will do something that the world will believe I was pure.

Sita says I was born from this mother earth, from the ground, I will go back to where I was born, to my mother earth bhumi. Everyone is shocked and have tears. Luv kush say no mother you cannot do this, you cannot leave us. Lord ram says what are you saying sita? You are my love, you are my life, how can I live without you? Sita says shree ram, my karma and work in this world is complete, my goal for my life is over, now our sons will live for their karma and aim of life. sita says I will go back to my mother and the world will know that I was always pure. Hanuman says no mata, you have sons to look for, they need you and what is the my use if my mother will not be there?
Sita says hanuman, I have lived with my sons and I will always be there with them and you, I have taught them what was needed for them but now they need their father and uncle and a teacher like you. Luv and kush say no mata, we need you. Sita has tears but smiles and says luv kush, I will always be there for you but your uncles, and your father and hanuman will take care of you. Sita says it is time for me to go now as I have lived my life. lord ram says sita how can you leave me? Sita smiles and says shree ram I have to go as my purpose is over and no one will point a finger one me. As sita is about to go, laxman bharat shatrugan and pushkar fall at their knees and say mata don’t leave us, laxman says don’t remove us from the shadow of your love. Sita says I have to go bhaiya laxman, shatrugan says we have all met after years just now mata, you cannot leave us, pushkar and bharat say yes don’t leave us mata. Sita says I have to go, you all have to live together and take care of my sons. Hanuman comes and says mata how will this son live without his mother? Sita says hanuman you will live as you are the one who bind everyone together. Sita now looks at the ground and says he bhumi mata, if you think I have been loyal to shree ram and pure by soul then please come and take your daughter with you, take your daughter bhumija with you in your arms. There is storm and the ground cracks open and mother earth comes on her royal sofa sitting and smiles looking at sita. Sita says mata I will come with you. Luv kush come running and say no mata and cry, they say mata you cannot go, please don’t go. sita looks at them, hanuman comes too and says mata don’t go. sita says hanuman, shree ram, my brother in laws and my sons, they are not going to live in this world forever but you will, you will look after the people, take care of everyone after I go. lord ram says sita! Don’t go please. We will find a way to convince the people. Sita smiles and says lord ram promise me to take care of our sons and to keep them in an enjoyable environment so that they love ayodhya. Sita now sits on the sofa. The sofa goes down slowly with sita and her mother bhumi. Lord ram comes running. Slowly sita goes and the ground closes. Hanuman and luv kush fall down on their knees, lord ram falls down on his knees and says loudly sita! Lord ram cries.

Precap: shatrugan says mama shree? What happened. Mama tells lord ram and everyone that a powerful demon with her army has attacked my kingdom and now they are coming behind me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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