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Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Preachings by Goddess Saraswati
Hiranya asks prahlad to forget his name forever, but prahlad says that he cant forget vishnu, who is in everyone’s every breath. he gets enraged and is about to hit him, when she comes in the way and begs for him to leave her son, as he is a mere child. but prahlad says that he isnt a child, and knows what he means. hiranya is about to hit again, when his mother intervenes. prahlad speaks up, about lord vishnu, while he is reminded of what he did to his uncle. prahlad says that vishnu isnt his enemy, but his own vices were that led to his doom. he asks if he blames his uncle for his death. prahlad says that he doesnt know that, but he is lucky he got death at the hands of lord vishnu, and he must have

gotten salvation. hiranya is enraged and asks for him to be imprisoned, and once he stays hungry till morning, then he would forget his devotion. all are boggled, but he stoically maintains his stance. he takes his hand, and hands him to the armed forces commander. his mother begs him not to punish her son like this, but he doesnt say anything. she begs but he is lost in his rage and fury, while she begs him to forgive prahlad. but prahlad stands amused, and unfazed as he is taken away, while she is grived. he leaves with a smile on his face. hanuman is boggled, as to how cruel a father can be to his son, without any reason too. saraswati tells him about a man’s vices being his biggest enemies, that ruined hiranya’s mental state too, and he couldnt identify the right from the wrong. hanuman talks about the ruins that ego and anger cause to a human, and becomes demonic, like hiranya towards his own son. he asks what happened next and if prahlad had to spend the night in jail. she narrates. prahlad is taken inside the jail, wherein the authorities, beg him to leave his belief, and accept hiranya’s supremacy. prahlad says that he cant sacrifice it at any cost. he is pointed towards the miseries of jail, but prahlad says that he isnt scared of any darkness, when he is enlightened by devotion towards lord vishnu. the commander leaves.

Later in the night, hiranya is tensed at the way things unfurled with his own son. his wife comes and says that he cant torture his son like this, that too thirsty. he says that he is grived too to understand this, but its needed to get rid of vishnu devotion from his mind and begs her to stay with him, and co-operate so that they can medn prahlad, and then they can free prahlad in the morning. she stands resignedly apalled. he lies down. she wonders how can she eat and sleep royally, when her son is in jail, deprived of hunger. hanuman says that a mother is like this, and his own mother too cant see him like this, and is always tensed for him. he is reminded of her care and affection. he is lost in her memories. she says that a mother’s motherhood, disguises the lord’s love. she then asks if he is curious to know whats next. she says that he enlightened the jail, with his devotional chants for vishnu. prahlad opens his eyes and is amazed to see the effect of his devotion. he thanks the lord for this light, and requests him that his devotion might calm him down, but knowing that he is hungry, his mother shall remain so too, and he cant see her in pain like that, and begs him to do soemthing. he starts chanting again, while lakshmi looks at vishnu, wondering what he shall do next. as prahlad opens his eyes, he finds his mother standing in front of him, with a tray ful of food. he asks how is she here. she says that she cant let her son stay hungry. he is overwhelmed. hanuman asks what if hiranya had gotten to know in the morning. saraswati informs that when he reached in the morning in the jail, his wife also was there, apalled and grived. Prahlad rushes to her, who asks him anxiously if he is okay. he complies. then he touches her feet and she blesses him. he then touches his feet too, while hiranya says that he must have been really scared in the jail, and must have forgotten about devotion to lord vishnu, due to hunger. prahlad says that he wasnt scared at all, and his chants lightened up the jail, and he wasnt tensed about hunger, as his mother fed him. she apologises, and says that she couldnt see him hunry. hiranya is enraged. she says when in the night, prahlad came to him, she couldnt stop herself and fed him, she narrates how prahlad went to her in the night. she talks about how overwhelmed she was to see him, and shushes and feeds him. Hiranya asks him how he got out of the guarded jail. prahlad says that he didnt get out, but his mother himself came. she asks whats he saying, as nothing like this happened. all are boggled at the contradicting situations. she tells how he had come and told that he knew she wouldnt eat in the night, and hence came here. she asks how could he take the risk, of coming out in the night, only for his mother, and what if his father got to know in the morning. she then wards off the concernes, and says that whats important is he is fed and doesnt remain hungry. hiranya asks the senapati as to whats going on, and who is lying and who is speaking the truth. he says that no one came or went in the night. he then asks the trio to reveal everything, and not try and be oversmart as he can cross any limits to find the truth. they are all tensed.

In the courtroom, hiranya brands them as betrayers, and asks the three of them to tell the truth, as he can go to any lengths. she is apalled, and says that she is his wife, prahlad his son and the senapati a loyal fellow, then they cant even think about betraying him. hiranya asks her to explain it to everyone then, how can one person be in two places at the same time, and that too when the commander had the key in the night with him at all time. prahlad says that this is vishnu’s work, who came to the rescue of his devotee, and that he is sure that lord vishnu must have come, and his mother and commander are not to be blamed. on lakshmi’s insistence, he must have been present in the royal palace, and the jail too, in one place, as prahlad while the other, his mother. hiranya is in a rage. hanuman bows hearing the story. having put them both at ease, lord vishnu leaves for heaven. Hanuman wonders how lucky prahlad must have been to witness this. saraswati says that the lrod can take any form. hiranya shuts him completely, saying that he wont stand hearing vishnu’s name in his court. Prahlad says that when he stops prahlad from taking lord vishnu’s name, he himself does so obliviously. then he too takes his name, and he does so with love, while he does with hatred, and knowingly or unknowingly, he too gets good fate handed to him, as he takes th lord’s name with prahlad himself. hiranya asks him to shut up, as he is the lord. the screen freezes on hanuman’s tensed face.

Precap: As prahlad continues to talk about Lord Vishnu’s supremacy, and asks his father also to join in with him in chanting lord vishnu’s name. Hiranya gets enraged and asks him to stop this nonsensical babbling. all are tensed. Later, hiranya tells the commander to take prahlad this time, to the torture room. his mother is apalled. hanuman hears intently. saraswati narrates. she tells hanuman that the torture chamber bears pain, unspeakable and unimaginable. as prahlad watcehs the horror unfold, he is devastated and distraught. the senapati tells prahlad that if he doesnt comply to hiranya’s orders, and forget about lord vishnu, then he too shall get the same fate.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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