Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman wonders how he can be away from his Prabhu. Ram says I am in your heart. You will find me there whenever you would look for me. Hanuman asks him if he is saying truth. Ram nods. I stay in your heart. Hanuman closes his eyes to look deep into his heart. Hanuman could not see him in his heart. He shares his worry with his Prabhu. Ram advises him to concentrate. You will certainly find me there. Hanuman devotedly says Ram and finally sees his Prabhu in his heart. He smiles. Everyone is surprised to see Hanuman dancing in joy while his eyes are still closed. Hanuman kneels down before Ram. I saw my Prabhu in my heart. He stays there. I am grateful to you for this miracle. Now I will take you with me (in my heart) to Sumeru. Allow me to go. Ram hugs Hanuman. Lakshman apologizes

to Hanuman. I started feeling jealous seeing your love for Ram Bhaiya. Please accept this gift. Hanuman takes it. You too love Prabhu very much this is why you felt that way. They share a hug. Other siblings also give him gifts. Ram’s sister gives him a sketch of Ram. Hanuman is touched. They share a warm group hug. Ram’s sister says Prabhu did not give any gift to Hanuman Bhaiya. Hanuman remarks that one cannot see what parents, Guru’s and Prabhu give to us. What they give to us stays with us for life. My Prabhu will stay in my heart till eternity.

Narad ji remarks that a devotee needs nothing once he gets his Prabhu. Hanuman has Ram in every part of his body. Your devotion is amazing.

Hanuman greets Guru Vashishtha and all the elders. Maharaj compliments Hanuman for his love towards Ram and for how he saved Ayodhya. Hanuman comes to his Prabhu again. Vaid Raj asks him to come. Your mother is anxiously waiting for you. Hanuman and Ram look at one another teary eyed. Hanuman mentally tells his mother he is coming.

Anjana hears his voice. She excitedly rushes out to check. Nani and Marjarika try to stop her but in vain. Anjana imagines Hanuman standing at the end of the corridor. An emotional Anjana runs towards him but he disappears. Nani and Marjarika look on sadly. Anjana calls out for Hanuman. Marjarika says Maharani cannot think of anything else but Hanuman. Don’t know what’s going to happen. Kesari is meeting priests to find a solution as to how to bring Hanuman back. Anjana is losing herself in her love for her son.

A mother carries a kid in her womb and then nurtures the baby once it is born. She is like a Guru for her kid. She is connected to her baby and can sense everything that happens with her baby somehow, even if the baby is not near her.

Hanuman says I can feel my mom calling out for me. I wonder how she is. Ram nods at him. Ram thanks Vaid Raj ji for making him meet Hanuman. Please make him meet his mother asap now. Vaid Raj agrees. He asks Hanuman to come. Everyone is emotional. Ram and the other siblings go with Hanuman. Vaid Raj ji makes Hanuman keep the gifts in a potli. Hanuman folds his hands towards the members of the royal family sadly. They all bless him. Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva hold each of Hanuman’s hand. Hanuman is moved to tears. He turns to look at Ram before finally leaving with Vaid Raj / Lord Shiva.

Ravan has gathered a few priests in his place. Find out the perfect mahurat when I can get hold of Amrit. I should not fail! Find me a perfect time! They all get down to work. Guru Shukracharya says the coming Maha Purnima will be best for your motive. This Maha Purnima is coming after 108 years. Like every year, this time there will be a big movement in the Amrit-Kalash. This time the effect will be bigger. Even Chandra Loka will problem in managing it. One astrologer adds that Shani can overpower Chandra Dev. Guru Shukracharya says they can get into a fight. Fight amongst two insiders helps an outsider. We have to see how much you can make use of it. Ravan plans to attack on Chandra Loka on Maha Purnima Day. Even that vanar kid wont be there to save Chandra dev this time.

Anjana imagines Hanuman everywhere. She shouts Hanuman as he disappears. Nani asks her if she is fine. Anjana shares she can see and hear Hanuman everywhere. He is saying he is coming. Nani hugs her. this is your wish. You can see your Hanuman everywhere just like a devotee sees his Prabhu everywhere. Don’t worry, Hanuman will be fine wherever he is!

Hanuman is on his way home. Mata Parvati asks Hanuman if he has a gift for his mother. We always bring gifts for people when we return after a long time or meet someone. You will be meeting it after so long. Hanuman nods. Mahadev asks him what it is. Hanuman replies it is something which was given to him by Prabhu. I have to take something else for Ma as well. He excuses himself for a while. I will be just back. He flies up.

Precap: Guru Shukracharya advises Ravan to make use of this chance. You should get Amrit for youself and other Asuras. Ravan knows what he has to do. Mahadev and Mata Parvati are with Hanuman. They see the changes happening in sky.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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