Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateThe episode starts with ravana meeting all the gods. Gods says you can not be given the powers as you will put it to evil use. Ravana prays and says that the one who prays with his heart has to be given powers and this is also written in the books and rules of gods. Ravana says he wont do any evil to them and will put them to good use. Gods give ravana powers. Lord brahma is angry but has ti give the powers. Ravan suddenly takes the gods captive, all gods are angry and say what is this and you promise you wont do evil but you broke your promise. Ravan laughs and says i am invincible now. Gods say let us go ravana or the consequences will be bad. Ravana says i will show what the consequences will be. Ravana removes lightning currents from his hand and takes all gods who are

held captive in crystals and ravana takes them to his palace and purs the crystal on his stairs, they reflect colors. His advisor is shocked and thinks what did ravana do.
There hanuman fights the monsters and he kills one. Hanuman lifts it and says i am sorry for disturbing meghnads meditation, hanuman throws the monster on the cover of meghnad. The cover breaks and meghnad sees the monster. He says who dared to disturb me from meditation, he then see ram laxman and hanuman standing and says you monkey i will not leave you.
There ravana is climbing the stairs to his throne on which the crystal inside which gods are held captive are kept and their light is reflecting. Ravana laughs and he then presses his leg on the stair on which lord shanis crystal is kept, lord shani is suffering. Ravana laughs and remembers what advisor told him that when lord shani will enter this palace meghnad will be killed. Ravana says to advisor that meghnad wont die now because i have lord shani himself. Advisor is scared and shocked. Ravana says not a single god will be able to move from here and my son wont die. Ravana says now meghnad will go and kill that forest resider and his army.
There meghnad rises in his chariot and removes bow and arrow, he says now you will die and your army too. You shouldnt have come here in the first place. Vibhishan says meghnad you will die today and you are doing a mistake by fighting againts these good gods. Meghnad says you will die first vibhishan, he removes arrow and attacks vibhishan. The arrow comes towards vibhishan, hanuman stops it with his hand. Hanuman breaks the arrow, meghnad is angry. Hanuman says you will be killed meghnad and so will be ravana, your sins wont be spared.

Precap: ram shoots arrow towards meghnad, the arrow hits meghnads chariot which blows up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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