Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman looks at the meteors around him. If I will do the Parikrama like this then it will take too long. I will have to increase my speed. He moves fast but the water is about to spill. He slows down. The water spills from Hanuman’s hands as he tries to avoid a collision. He flies down to catch the water. He thinks of how his mother had taught him to put pearls in a necklace. Gurudev gave me a challenging task.

Ravan is doing puja of shivlinga. Kalnemi waits for him. He has brought news for Ravan. Hanuman has gone to Surya Loka to gain knowledge from Surya Dev. He is not in Sumeru at the moment. Ravan is happy that the obstacle is out of their way. Kalnemi worries that their enemy already has too many boons. Now he will gain education from the best source possible. It

isn’t right for us that the enemy becomes powerful. Ravan says I would have killed him the day he challenged me. I cannot die by his hands but he can! My Mahadev saved him that day! It isn’t a problem to us if he studies. We only have one enemy – that Narayan’s Nar avatar and not that vanar kid!

Kesari asks Vajrasur to stop. Kesari and Vajrasur engage in a fight. Kesari had hurt Vajrasur on his leg but the leg gets perfect the very next second. Vajrasur shares how no one except Narayan’s Nar Avatar can kill him. I can kill everyone though including you!

Indra Dev and Varun Dev duscuss about the growing tortures of Asuras in Sumeru as Hanuman isn’t there. Vayu Dev appears there. Indra Dev can see he looks happy today. Vayu Dev nods. Hanuman has been accepted by Surya Dev as his disciple. Varun Dev points out that it is one of the biggest tasks to become Surya Dev’s disciple. Even the kids of Gods fail in doing so. My own son also failed in the test. Vayu Dev is proud of Hanuman for being successful. Indra Dev agrees that Hanuman is a special kid. Vayu Dev gives credit to Kesari and ANjana for giving the right upbringing to Hanuman. Varun Dev agrees with him. It is an equally tough task to complete the challenges given by Surya Dev. It is a big challenge for Hanuman.

Hanuman thinks of what Surya Dev had asked him to do. There are so many meteors around. they are heading towards me only. Forget about counting them, I wont be able to even save myself from them. What should I do? If I increase my pace then the water will spill. Narad ji appears there. He offers to help Hanuman. Focus on the bowl of water. I will count the meteors for you. Hanuman looks happily at Narad ji.

Nandi worries for Hanuman. Surya Dev might refuse to educate Hanuman if Narad ji helps him. Ma Parvati wonders what new test Narad ji is going to take now. Mahadev smiles. Hanuman has to give tests on every step. They will all be a big lesson for him. We have to see what Hanuman does now.

Narad ji suggests Hanuman that in case water spills, he will fill it again with the water in his Kamandal. Hanuman gets thinking. He is saying right. My task will become easy if I take his help. It will finish easily too. He thinks of Ganpati ji’s story and of his mother’s words. He politely thanks Narad ji for offering his help. Gurudev has given this task to me. Ma had taught me not to take anyone’s help in your work. It is like cheating. Please let me do this. Narad ji gets very happy at his answer. Tridev also smile. Hanuman thinks not to make any more delay. I have to complete my education in 7 days. Narad ji blesses him. You refused to take help from me. You proved it that you deserve to take education from Surya Dev.

Varun Dev’s son is hurt and angry. I deserved to be Surya Dev’s disciple yet he refused me. He tells his mother to stay away from him. I will give up on everyone, food. I am the son of Varun Dev yet I will renounce water too. She tries to calm him down but in vain. He is angry why he isn’t Kesari and ANjana’s son. I would have been under Surya Dev’s guidance atleast. His mother is hurt.

Narad ji disappears. Hanuman is in thoughts. I have one solution. I can avoid meteors, count them and save water from spilling too. He keeps moving forward. He pushes the bowl in space. He jumps over meteors one by one. He notices the 47th one which is about to collide with the bowl. Hanuman gets worried. He saves the bowl in time but another one appears suddenly from the other side. The drops fall. I cannot see where they fell! He gets tensed. I failed in the task. What will happen now? it will be good to tell the truth to Gurudev. Epi ends on his sad face.

Precap: Surya Dev is informed about an emergency meeting that is due tomorrow morning. It is to stop Hanuman’s education. Hanuman wonders if he will gain knowledge or not now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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