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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Indra Dev invokes his Murccha-astra. It will make you unconscious! Maruti jumps to avoid that astra. This further infuriates Rahu. He questions Indra Dev. Where are your powers? A kid targeted you first and then played with AIravat. Now your astras have no effect on him! Maurit avoids another astra. Please let me go to my mother.

Anjana is looking at Maruti’s toys. I will keep them in one place so he doesn’t have to look for them when he returns. Kesari is worried to see her thus. Anjana cannot see Maruti’s favourite Damru. She calls out for daasi’s but they haven’t seen it. She scolds them for not taking care of Maruti’s toys. Find it. Kesari tells her not to worry so much. I will look for it. Anjana is not in a mood to listen to anyone. I have made a very

big mistake by listening to everyone. Its all happening because of me. its all my fault. It wouldn’t have happened if I had let him go away from me. I couldn’t even satiate his first hunger. He would be hungry when he would have woken up in the morning. She is in tears. This is why he flew up in the sky to eat Surya thinking it to be Aakash-phal. I should have cooked for him in the morning. I was busy sleeping. I dint even go to see him. I am at fault. I am not fit to be a mother. There was certainly something lacking in my tapasya, vrat. Where would he be? Kesari wipes a tear from the corner of his eyes.

Rahu keeps on instigating Indra Dev. You cannot control a little kid. Leave your position. How will you face other Gods in Swarg Loka? Indra Dev shouts at him in anger.

Anger, Rahu’s cruel words and the thought of maintaining your position couldn’t let Indra Dev see anything clearly. Anyone loses his senses when Rahu takes over them. All the good things turn ugly under his influence.

Maruti tells Airavat that he liked him a lot but I think you want to stay here. Indra Dev refuses to accept defeat from a kid! Maruti apologises to Airavat. Rahu suggests Indra Dev to invoke his Vajra. That only can tell this kid his place. Vajra appears in Indra Dev’s hand. Maruti wonders why Indra Dev looks so angry. I dint commit any crime. I want to go to my mother. The world shakes because of the Vajra. Surya Dev and other Gods look at them in shock.

Kesari tries to comfort Anjana but in vain. She continues to blame herself. Something would have been lacking in my upbringing or he would have told me before going anywhere. It was my responsibility to take care of him, to look after him. A daasi brings Damru. It was in the temple before the Shivling. Anjana recalls it too. Kesari points out to Anjana that their son too is in Lord Shiva’s care. Nothing wrong will happen to him. He will return safely. He isn’t lost. She reasons that a kid is not a thing that can be lost and then found again.

Rahu casts a doubt on Vajra. What if this fails too? Vayu Dev is heading near Surya Graha while looking for Maruti.

Anjana says God’s blessings can be of help only if you yourself are careful too. No one can save you if you lose your focus. A little kid is to be kept carefully near you. They are very tender like flowers. She looks at the Damru and recalls how lovingly her son used to play with it. It falls from her hands. She immediately picks it and holds it near. She cries for her son. Kesari is concerned for her.

Rahu asks Indra Dev to attack on Maruti or the world will stop praying to you or believing in you. Ma Parvati wants to stop Indra Dev. It will be wrong to hurt a kid.

Kesari comforts Anjana. Please trust Lord Shiva. Nothing will happen to Maruti. He will be back home safe.

Vayu Dev reaches where Indra Dev, Rahu and Maruti are. Indra Dev tells Maruti that he is getting punished for being discourteous. You broke nature’s rule and insulted me. I will send you to your mother. Indra Dev shoots the Vajra towards Maruti. Vayu Dev tries to stop him but it is too late. Maruti looks at it in shock. All the Gods look on in tension. Maruti screams Ma as he falls when the Vajra hits him. Anjana feels / hears it. The world is in chaos one more time. Even Airavat looks sad.

Anjana looks around the room. She hears Maruti’s scream. Kesari asks her what happened. She asks him if he heard something. My son is calling me. He is back on earth. Kesari can see or hear nothing. Please calm down. If he would have returned then he would have run to hug you. Don’t worry. Vayu Dev will surely bring our son back to us.

Maruti continues to fall. Everything / time stops for a while! Rahu smiles evilly. Maruti recalls his moments with his mother as he falls. He murmurs Ma before closing his eyes!

Precap: Anjana calls Maruti closer to her. Maruti replies that he cannot come near her. He has gone very far from her. A berserk Anjana runs out of the palace while calling out for her son.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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