Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vali thinks of Ravan’s words. Think before doing anything. Any small mistake can be dangerous for us. Vali says I am sad that I couldn’t meet Hanuman. Where is he? Kesari tells him about the war between Garud’s and Naag’s. Hanuman went to stop them. Vali wonders how Hanuman got to know about it. He acts nice before Kesari. I pray that he is always safe.

Jitantak tells Hanuman they are about to reach Garud’s area.

Everyone cheers for Chitraketu (their commander). Chitraketu says we made a pact with Naag’s earlier but they tried to enter in our area stealthily. I advise you all to be alert. We will not let Naag come here. They all agree with him. Chitraketu says these Naag are like Kaal for us and our family. 2 Naag’s tried to enter inside our area a while

back. Inform everyone the moment you see a Naag so we can kill him together. The Garud’s disperse.

Bhushan looks tensed. Jitantak tells him not to worry. When Hanuman is with you then there is nothing to worry about. Hanuman too tells them not to fear. Everything will be fine. Jitantak points at the main door of Garud’s area. Hanuman loves the place. It is very beautiful. Hanuman sees every little thing clearly (nest, waterfalls and trees laden with fruits). Bhushan is tensed. Hanuman notices the Garud’s looking at him. What happened to them? Jitantak tells Hanuman to be quick. We have to meet Maharaj Jatayu without any delay. Hanuman increases his speed. Bhushan is worried. These Garud’s might attack me. Hanuman assures him nothing will go wrong. Don’t let go of me.

Everyone greets Vali happily. He is happy to see everyone cheering for him. Vali meets his father next. Riksharaj gladly welcomes him. Become the pride of your father and entire Kishkindha now. Vali thinks people can call him Yuvraaj today but very soon they will address him as Maharaj too.

Hanuman notices Garud soldiers blocking their way.

Vali hugs Sugriv too. Sugriv shares that he missed him. I am sure you would have got your boon by now. Riksharaj asks Vali about his boon. Vali shares that no one ever got what his son got. Riksharaj nods. Explain it to everyone then. A Mahasabha is going to be organized soon. a new leader will be chosen for the Vanvasi Sangha in this Mahasabha. Vali thinks he is already here. Riksharaj talks of sending an invite to everyone. Vali agrees. Everyone should know what Vali is. Riksharaj tells him about a poll that he wanted to organize in Sumeru only. That big hearted Hanuman took your name. Vali is irked. I am the only option to be given any responsibility. I don’t need that Markat’s support.

The Garud soldiers speak against Naag’s. You risked this Naag kid’s life in danger by bringing him here. Hanuman gives his intro to them. I haven’t come here to fight but with a peace proposal. They refuse to hear him. They advance towards him. Bhushan is scared. Hanuman asks him to stand behind him. He obliges. Chitraketu comes there. This is the same Naag kid who tried to enter inside our state. Hanuman ties everyone with Sakha’s help. He makes them drop their weapons. Chitraketu picks up Hanuman in his beak and flies away. The rest of the soldiers think to kill Bhushan. Jitantak guides him. I will take you out of here safely. Bhushan says I wont survive now. Hanuman is also not here now. The soldiers continue to chase them.

Hanuman asks CHitraketu to stop now. How far will you take me with you? I know Maharaj Jatayu. Let me meet him. Chitraketu says you made a very big mistake by coming here. I will never let you meet Maharaj. That Naag kid will be killed by the rest of Garud’s very soon. Hanuman says forgive me but this wont come true. I have to meet Maharaj. You wont be able to take me far with you now. Chitraketu realises that Hanuman is mayavi. He is increasing his size. He let’s go of Hanuman. Hanuman flies up and follows Chitraketu. He holds onto his one paw. I wont leave you so easily. You brought me till here. Now you only will have to come with me. Chitraketu tries to free himself but in vain. Hanuman holds his other paw too. Let go of me. Hanuman assures him now he will take him on a flight. It is enough now. Let’s go.

On the other hand, Garud soldiers surround Jitantak and Bhushan. Bhushan requests them to let him go. the soldiers talk of hitting him but Jitantak hugs him. he is my friend. He dint harm anyone or create any problem for anyone. they think to teach Jitantak a lesson. Hanuman comes there in time with Chitraketu. Jitantak and BHushan request him to save them. Hanuman frees Chitraketu and asks him to leave his friends. Chitraketu declines. Hanuman comes to his original avatar. His friends stand with him.

Precap: Meghasur talks of taking revenge. Chitraketu says we cannot trust Naag’s. He (Bhushan) might have come under a pretext of seeking Hanuman’s help. He is cooking up stories of Panchfann’s kidnap as he has been caught now. Hanuman tells him to stop. He is my friend.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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