Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana gives advice to Hanuman. Keep it in mind in future. Even if any of your friends says anything to you, don’t use any of your powers till the time you really need it. Hanuman wonders how he will get to know if there is a need to use my powers. She takes him to the kitchen. The vegetables have to be cut by a knife and not sword. Their needs are met with a knife. Hanuman understands it. Atibal is watching them. Anjana adds that the stove is kept on a level where the food can be properly cooked. Adding more woods or increasing the heat will have a direct impact on the food. Hanuman nods. We need different thinking / powers for different situations. Anjana nods. You can use your powers when the emergency is big. Do think about the consequences and then only implement it.

Hanuman agrees to do that in future. Atibal decides to do something big to see Hanuman’s powers.

The kavach is activated. Guru Shukracharya says you will become inviolable once you wear it. No Nar or Vanar can hurt you. You will be worthy of getting all the lokas too as soon as you wear it. Ravan wears the kavach. A very bright light emanates from the kavach. Everyone go blind for a second. Ravan laughs evilly. Vishnu, you cannot harm me now. You might have taken birth on earth in human form and the Gods can give as many powers to that vanar kid as they want to but no one can harm me now. I am unconquerable! Neither Vishnu in Nar form nor that Vanar kid can do anything to me! Now I will go out wearing my kavach only!

Nothing is stable. Time changes! Everything keeps changing with time but bhakti stays put. It gives you inner strength. This strength motivates people to surrender oneself to God. The one who do this Tapasya becomes unconquerable. One should try to find the inner strength through bhakti which will only bring us closer to God.

Hanuman looks at all the new jewellery that his mother has chosen for him. They are so good. He wants to wear them now only but his grandmother wants him to wait till his raj tilak. You will become yuvraj first. He points out that everyone already calls him yuvraj. Why wait for this function to be announced as yuvraj? Anjana explains that it will be done officially. Your responsibilities will also increase then. Kesari adds that one should think about their citizens too. Farming, trading, music, culture, arts, dharma, everything! You will have to learn it all and understand it too. Hanuman smiles. There is so much to do! Anjana smiles. You will have to become an example for the citizens by being at your best nature. Your utmost motive should be for the welfare of your people. Hanuman looks at the jewellery once again. Kesari notices Anjana’s sad face. Experience, learning and good values cannot be taught in a split second. Our son will learn it with time. Hanuman wants to show the new jewels to his friends. Anjana reminds him that it is wrong to show off anything to anyone. Hanuman nods. I also remember that I have to use my boons only when they are really required. Everyone smiles in relief.

Urvashi is getting ready for dance. Rambha teases Urvashi as she is looking very beautiful today. Chandra says Urvashi wants to charm Devraj with her dance today. Just then a servant comes to inform them that today’s program has been cancelled. The smile from Urvashi’s face disappears. Chandra calls it wrong but Urvashi knows that Devraj changed his mind as he is tensed about Ravan’s act. I knew it will happen. Devraj is very much disturbed. Maharani Shachi comes there just then. It is a very big day for your friend Punjisthala, who has taken an avatar on earth as Hanuman’s mother Anjana! He will be announced as the Yuvraj of Sumeru today. It is a very lucky day. Her name will be etched forever in the memories of people as one of the best mother. Urvashi remarks that Punjisthala finally gained something in life. Maharani asks her if she is feeling jealous. Urvashi declines. Maharani shares that they have received an invitation too. You all can go and meet her. Urvashi agrees.

All the guests arrive for the function. Urvashi, Chandra and Rambha also come there. Kesari greets them. Anjana, Hanuman and Kesari come on stage. Hanuman folds his hands before everyone so as to greet them. Urvashi isn’t happy to see Anjana. Chandra remarks that Anjana has become Maharani and Rajmata by taking birth on earth. Urvashi nods. We have become only apsaras and dancers while Anjana is getting respect from everyone here.

Purohit ji starts Yuvraj’s abhishek. People cheer for their Yuvraj. Urvashi looks upset. Devguru says it is time for Hanuman take an oath. Anjana tells him to repeat what Rajpurohit ji says. Hanuman follows suit. He repeats after Rajpurohit ji. The palace echoes with the cheers of Hanuman ki Jai!

Precap: Ravan wants to snatch Hanuman’s kavach. Every mother’s power lies in its mother. How will you (Anjana) save your son now! A courtier stops Atibal. Who are you? Where have you come from?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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