Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana is very much worried for her son. Chaya was right. What if Hanuman falls in any problem? The second day is gone as well. She cries. Hanuman came here for me only. It will be my mistake if anything happens to him while he is here. I will have to do something to send him back safely from here.

Jayant asks Hanuman to sit on the throne right away. You will get to know immediately about father’s location. Hanuman walks up to the throne.

Devraj Indra enjoys the dance. He applauds Urvashi. It was beautiful. I am thrilled. She asks for her gift. He asks her to ask for anything that she loves. She wants to spend some more time with him in Nandan Van. He agrees. They start walking together. Hanuman sits on the throne. Devraj senses that someone sat on his throne. This

makes him angry. Whoever tried to do this will have to bear my Vajra’s attack. I will kill that person! He will have to bear the punishment for sitting on Indrasan. Uravshi thinks that it will be fun if that person turns out to be Hanuman!

Jayant compliments Hanuman. Hanuman thinks of seeing Devraj asap. Devraj Indra walks in just then. He angrily shouts Hanuman. Jayant is shocked to see his father holding the Vajra in his hand. Hanuman looks worried. He gets up from the throne. Devraj asks Hanuman how he dare sit on Indrasan. This is the seat of Swarg’s ruler. This isn’t a kid’s toy. You will have to bear the punishment. Jayant smiles. This vanar kid thought of himself to be too smart.

Ravan thinks of Hanuman. He got away from me this time but next time I wont leave him alive. I will also not spare that Narayan. He calms down all his Asuras. If any of you think that that vanar kid defeated me or I lost to him then you are stupid to think so! This is the beginning of a war. It will certainly reach its destination. Right now I only need info of that Narayan’s human avatar. This is why I have called all of you here. I wont leave any of you if I don’t get any info on that Narayan’s avatar in the next 3 days. Find him from any corner of the world! Ravan’s FIL comes there. I know how to find that Narayan. I will bring forward those fighters before you who can find that Narayan’s human avatar on earth. Ravan gets happy. I would want to meet them asap. There should be no delay in this now.

Hanuman hurriedly gets down and folds his hands. Please forgive me. Jayant and Urvashi smirk seeing each other. I made a big mistake. Indra Dev calls it an unpardonable sin. I blessed you to be safe from Vajra. I will not disrespect the boon that I only gave to you by attacking you. You should be given a bigger punishment than that. The Vajra disappears. Devraj Indra sits on his throne. Hanuman looks tensed. Devraj Indra says you sat on Indrasan as you have so many powers and boons from Gods. No one else is capable to do so. Hanuman accepts that he dint know it is a crime to sit on Devraj’s throne. Devraj calls it a grave sin. Everyone is well aware of it including my own son Jayant. Hanuman looks at Jayant. Jayant fears that Hanuman might speak truth before father. I too will get punished then. Devraj asks Hanuman if no one stopped him. Jayant shakes his head at Hanuman. Devraj asks Hanuman to answer him. Hanuman shares that the soldiers dint even realise it. I came in stealthily. Jayant is happy to be saved. Hanuman looks at him. Jayant feels bad. I was trapping Hanuman while he saved me.

Marjarika and Nani come to Matang Rishi’s ashram. Marjarika is worried that Matang Rishi might tell Kesari the truth today. He knows my truth anyways. Hope things don’t worsen. She comes to her original form without her wish as soon as she steps inside the ashram. She takes a step back and returns to Anjana’s form. Nani realises that Marjarika’s power fail in Matang Rishi’s auspicious ashram. Marjarika tries again but in vain. Kesari notices them at the door. Matang Rishi asks Anjana to come in. This time she does not come to her original form. Nani, Anjana and Kesari greet Matang Rishi. Marjarika thanks Matang Rishi from her heart. They all sit down before Matang Rishi. Kesari wants to know about Hanuman. He is still not back. Please tell me about his whereabouts. Matang Rishi closes his eyes to concentrate.

Devi Shachi comes running. She calls out for Hanuman. Airavat too signals for Hanuman. Devi Shachi lovingly caresses Hanuman’s face. Urvashi speaks against Hanuman. He even sat on Airavat without your permission. Airavat signals against it. Devraj asks him if he only made Hanuman sit on himself. Airavat nods. Devraj says you too will get punished now.

Matang Rishi tells Kesari that there is nothing to worry. Hanuman is Sankat Mochan. He takes care of everyone’s problems. He is busy in helping a loved one at the moment. He will take some more time in coming back. Kesari is curious about it but Matang Rishi does not share more. Wait for Hanuman to come back. You will get to know everything then. Marjarika decides to tell her truth to everyone as soon as Hanuman is back.

Devraj wants to decide Hanuman’s punishment first. He is the one who started it all. Hanuman says I had to do it to free Ma. You can punish me as per your wish. I will accept it. Devi Shachi reasons that Hanuman’s love for his Ma left him helpless or Hanuman wouldn’t have done it. Devraj does not want her to make him understand all this. This isn’t an ordinary crime. Hanuman did a grave crime. Now the punishment will be chalked out in the Mahasabha only.

Precap: In the Mahasabha, everyone feels Hanuman’s action is unpardonable. Hanuman explains that there was a motive behind whatever he did. I want to free my Ma. I accept my crime. Urvashi suggests getting Hanuman out of Swarg Loka right away. The Rishi’s decide that Hanuman will have to give up all his powers.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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