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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaal Dev calls it wrong. Kaal Chakra was going in the opposite direction. The planets were affected. Hanuman tells Kaal Dev that he has put all the planets back in their original position. Kaal Dev remarks that doing so will not lessen his mistake. Indra Dev says he did a big favour orn us by saving Amrit. Agni Dev supports Kaal Dev. Whoever breaks the laws deserves to be punished. Why make laws when they are not to be followed! Chandra Dev says the karmas and their motive decide if the person is a culprit or not. Hanuman’s acts were for the benefit of the world. Kaal Dev stays put. Surya Dev asks him what if all the planets would have gone in the Kaal Chakra. Don’t punish Hanuman. Agni Dev gets angry on him for he is not handling his position well this way. Surya Dev tells

him not to try to guide him on laws and duties. Hanuman thinks they all are fighting amongst themselves. Chandra Dev points out that the Asuras would have been ruling over them today if Hanuman had not intervened and saved Amrit. Buddha Dev says I gave Hanuman a boon as he helped us. But he is still guilty. Chandra Dev points out that the deeds done to help others cannot be wrong. Plus they cover up for all the mistakes you make. Surya Dev seconds him. Kaal Dev insists upon punishing Hanuman. I will punish Hanuman. Yam is from the rules only. Hanuman had not imagined that his small mistake will create such a situation. Hope they don’t fight amongst themselves. Surya Dev warns everyone not to dare punish Hanuman. I will fight with him then. Kaal Dev stays put. One rows what he reaps. Surya Dev and other Gods speak in favour of Hanuman. Hanuman does not want Gods to stand against each other. Kaal Dev, Agni Dev are bent upon fighting against them. Hanuman requests everyone to stop. I am a person from earth, a small kid. Please don’t fight amongst yourselves because of me. He turns to Kaal Dev. I was only following my Putra-dharma. Kaal Dev finds it wrong that he will go against Gods for his mother. Is she bigger than us? Hanuman replies in positive. There is no one bigger than a mother for a kid. She gave birth to me. I wouldn’t have been alive if it wasn’t for her. There is no bigger God than my mother for me!

Ma Saraswati thinks Hanuman is right. The world cannot run without a mother. The son, who understands his mother’s importance and respects her, gets Moksha.

Mother is the most beautiful creation of the world. She is the biggest connection. Her lap is incomparable, even to Swarg. The kid cannot be without his mother. Hanuman gave his mother the highest place in his life. The one, who does so, does not need to do any good deed. He gets Moksha.

Hanuman says I was only following what my mother taught me. I accept punishment for the mistakes I made during protecting the world. He thanks Surya Dev and other Gods who spoke in his favour. I know my mother wont like it if she gets to know that Gods are fighting amongst themselves. There wont be any bigger punishment for me than her sadness. Kaal Dev should punish me. This way the discussion will also end. I am ready for my punishment. Kaal Dev says no one gets to know what Kaal can do before the destined time. You will also get to know of your punishment at the right time. Go and wait for it. Hanuman agrees. My mother must be waiting for me. He greets everyone and flies back home. Kaal Dev too excuses himself.

Ma Parvati does not find Kaal Dev’s anger justified. Mahadev explains that everyone has a different perspective about right and wrong. Vayu Dev, Surya Dev and Chandra Dev are looking at Hanuman’s actions by connecting it to the good act. A few other Gods are speaking from their perspectives, of what they find right and wrong. Some other Gods think of their decisions by getting arrogant. They think they are best and do the best.

Ravan is angry. Whatever happened isn’t right! He thinks of the Amrit incident. I was insulted before the entire world and Asuras. Why did it happen? It happened because of the Chandra on your (mahadev’s) head. Chandra Dev has cheated me! He hits at the ashes around. Take him down your head, Chandrashekhar Mahadev or I will cut my head. I will present it to you then. You were all quiet when I was being insulted. I too will go quiet for forever then! I want Amrit or I will offer my head to you. Accept my head. He keeps the knife near his neck.

Hanuman thinks of Kaal Dev’s words on his way. It would have been better if he would have told me how he will punish me. He sees something near the gate of the palace. I think I have seen it before. He correlates it with his dream. He sees a shadow near someone. It turns out to be Kesari. He also notices the black shadow (that he saw in the dream – Yam) nearing the palace. The dream is coming true. The flag fell off from above the palace in my dream. The shadow breaks the flag. It is about to fall down on Kesari. Hanuman looks on concerned. He increases his speed to save his father. He moves Kesari aside just in time. The pointed side of the flag makes a crack in the ground. Hanuman safely brings his father down. They both look at the flag. Hanuman thinks of his dream and of Kaal Dev’s words. Is this Kaal Dev’s punishment? I should be punished. Why did father get in a problem, that too right after the announcement? Who should I ask? I will not worry anyone by talking about my dream. He is teary eyed. Kesari is surprised to see him in tears. Hanuman hugs his father. You have defeated so many Asuras; have helped the world yet you are crying? Hanuman thinks if this was the sign of something bigger.

Precap: Matang Rishi explains that Hanumans dream was an indication of a bigger problem that will happen in future. Chitragupta ji tells Kaal Dev that right now everyone in Hanuman’s family is safe. Hanuman tells Matang Rishi he wont like it if any of his loved one falls in trouble because of him. Kaal Dev decides to kill Kesari.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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