Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari and Anjana request Guru Brihaspati to share what’s in Maruti’s kundli. We cannot wait anymore. Guru Brihaspati gives the kundli to another sage. The sage is surprised as Devguru appears to be lost in emotions for the first time. Devguru agrees. It is impossible not to be smitten by the sweetness of this little kid. The sage (Matangya Muni) reads Maruti’s kundli. It made everyone happy. Vayu Dev says I will always protect / shelter him. I will be always with him whenever he needs me. kesari and Anjana thank him. Maruti too seeks his blessings. Vayu Dev blesses all three of them and then disappears. They all head outside as the citizens of Sumeru are waiting for Maruti.

An evil tree screams out loud. All the animals run helter-skelter.

Vali thinks of what

had happened in the palace. He thinks of Sugriv and Maruti’s bond. Sugriv comes there just then. Why did Bhaiya leave all of a sudden? Vali throws the apple angrily when Sugriv calls out for him. He walks away angrily. Sugriv follows him.

People cheer for the royal family. Shambsadan’s son, Virkshasur, was waiting for his prey. He could hold any animal by its shadow, torture him and would swallow him alive in the end. A fawn is munching grass near Vrikshasur. He senses some movement and tries to run away but Vrikshasur has held his shadow. He holds the fawn with his hand and pulls it to him.

Vali exercises thinking of the growing attachment between Sugriv and Maruti. He moves aside when Sugriv comes there. He recalls how Sugriv had not let him hold the kundli and had instead offered it to Maruti to select the name Kanchanaabha. Sugriv is scared of his brother’s anger. Should I talk to him? Vali keeps on muttering the word Markat to himself. Sugriv asks his brother what mistake have I made. How can you not see the loving side of that little kid? How can you not feel what I am feeling?

A very large crowd has gathered outside the palace. Sun comes out so people are not able to see little Maruti. They request Surya Dev to shine a little less brightly. We want to see our Yuvraj. Maruti stands on a stool but the sun rays are still very bright. People are still unable to see him. Maruti thinks of an idea. He doesn’t increase in size but a big shadow appears above all the people standing downstairs. They are finally able to catch a glimpse of him. They feel very peaceful after seeing him. Kesari announces Yuvraj’s name before them. They cheer happily. Maruti raises his hand. The shadow reaches the end of Sumeru Mountain. It was heading towards Shambsadan forest. This makes Vrikshasur curious. Maruti keeps on cheering with the crowd so his hand keeps moving up and down. Vrikshasur is unable to catch hold of his shadow. He screams out angrily. Kesari can hear some noises. He asks his commander if everything is fine in the animal’s garden. He gets to know that a Rakshas named Vrikshasur lives there. He is a dangerous Rakshas who lives in the form of a tree. He holds the animals by their shadow and then swallows them. He is the son of that Shabsadan whom you had killed. Kesari remembers that incident. I have never heard such commotion till date though. You haven’t discussed over this matter with me. Commander says Vrikshasur dint do something like this before. Seems like he has got hold of some giant animal! Vrikshasur finally holds Maruti’s shadow. Kesari tries to bring Maruti down from the stool but is unable to do so. Maruti is very much aware of Vrikshasur holding his hand and smiles.

Precap: Anjana loves / adores Maruti’s cute and naughty acts. I am completely smitten by him. But I am also scared seeing him grow so fast. I wont be able to witness more of it because of the same reason. Please let our son grow like any other normal kid. Don’t stop us from enjoying these moments.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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