Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram and sita meeting. Lord ram and sita hug each other as lord ram says my love, sita! Song plays ram siya ram. Hanuman smiles. Luv and kush are amazed and say how can our mother be devi sita? All the gods are happy to see lord ram and sita together.
As lord ram and sita get together, everyone who is unconscious get up. Luv kush say how is our mother devi sita? Sita says yes my sons, I am devi sita. Luv and kush say our mother is devi laxmi. Sita smiles. Sita then throws the weapons from luv and kush’s hands and says you both were trying to attack your own father, did I teach you to be disrespectful to elders? Luv and kush look at lord ram as he has tears and smiles at them. Luv and kush say mother if lord ram is our father, why weren’t we told

of this truth before? Why weren’t we told that you are devi sita? Sita says I did not tell you so that you would not have hatred for your father, because what shree ram did was raj dharma and for raj patha I had to live in the ashram so that lord ram would stay maryada purshottam. Luv and kush look at lord ram and go to him, they take lord ram’s blessings and say we are really sorry father, we were not in our sense, forgive us! Lord ram sits on one knee and has tears, he says it is okay my sons, just hug me! Lord ram and luv kush hug. Lord ram has tears of happiness as everyone have tears too! Hanuman is happy.
Lord ram then gets up. Sita says sons, take the blessings of your uncles and your brother pushkar. Luv kush go to bharat and says kaka bharat, you are lord ram’s brother who also sacrificed your royal life and were ready to lay down your life for him, we are sorry to attack you kaka bharat. Bharat smiles and says luv kush, I was happy to see the sacrifice you both were ready to make for each other. Luv kush take blessings of bharat and got to laxman, they say kaka laxman you are father’s brother, the one who went with him on exile for 14 years, you always protected our father and defeated great demons and wiped out evil, we are sorry to have taken you captive, forgive us! Laxman says nephews, I am proud to know that my nephews are so powerful that they can take me captive. laxman gives them his blessings and says you are like sons to me. Luv kush go to shatrugan and say kaka shatrugan, you made the ashvmedh yag of our father successful and always protected the horse, you defeated powerful demons, luv kush say we are sorry to have attacked you. shatrugan says luv kush, I am honored to see your battle tactics. Luv kush now bend to take pushkar’s blessings but pushkar holds them and smiles and says luv kush, we are brothers and today what we fought was just fun between brothers, luv and kush hug pushkar.
Then luv kush come to hanuman and say rishi, we are sorry to have attacked you and not listened to you, please forgive us. Hanuman smiles and it is okay luv and kush. Sita then says luv kush, you have to know one more truth now, your rishi and kapi shresht, is actually sankatmochan mahabali hanuman! luv and kush are surprised and say hanuman ji? Sankatmochan mahabali hanuman? hanuman smiles. Luv says you are that hanuman who took my father and kaka laxman on your shoulders to maharaj sugreeva? Kush says you are that hanuman who found our mother mata sita in lanka? Luv says you are that hanuman who burnt lanka with your tail? Kush says you are that hanuman who defeated adhiravana and mahiravana? Hanuman says yes. Lord ram says yes sons, he is the hanuman who protected everyone at all times? Because of him the Ramayana you sang in ayodhya was even possible, because of him me and your mata sita have been reunited.
Luv and kush take hanuman;s blessings. Hanuman blesses them and then hanuman kneels in front of lord ram and says lord ram, you are the reason why I am what I am that you say! because of your bhakti I have been able to do everything I did. Lord ram then says hanuman has always given credit to his friends or god for his success, he has always been modest and that Is what you have to learn luv and kush, you have to learn a lot, hanuman knows a lot but to gain new knowledge he is always very excited.

Precap: sita says I did the agni pariksha, but now I will do something that the entire world will never question my purity. Sita says I was born from mother earth, from the ground, so I will now go back to my mother, back inside the earth, I will submerge in it! lord ram, hanuman and everyone are shocked. luv and kush cry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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