Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana prays to mahadev. You only blessed me with a son. Please fill my world again. Please listen to a mother. If not for forever, please let me see him once. I will feel at peace then. Mata Parvati is sure a mother’s prayer will melt her Swami’s heart. She disappears. Anjana and her family keeps on praying.

Mahadev and Mata Parvati reach Ayodhya on the day of Ram’s Rajya-Abhishek. Ram sees Mahadev and Mata Parvati in Vaid Raj and his wife. They bless him. Guru Vashishtha asks the Daasi to bring the crown for Ram. Manthra refuses to sit down quietly even after Ram’s Rajya-Abhishek. Guru Vashishtha puts the crown on Ram’s head. Kaikayi is also a bit sad and lost.

Ravan sits on a pyre. He asks his Rajpurohit to set fire to the pyre. Rajpurohit advises him

against it but Ravan sternly tells him to follow his orders. Rajpurohit obliges. Guru Shukracharya appears there. He douses the fire. Since when did you become a coward? You had the power to make the world bend down in your feet. You are thinking to suicide today like a coward! Ravan asks him if he should give that Narayan a chance to kill him. You want the world to praise him for the same? No, I wont let it happen. My death will leave no meaning for his birth. Guru Shukracharya advises him to take it the other way. Narayan will be thought and spoken about because of Narayan. What if we twist the situation around? I have a solution. Saving yourself in a fight is as necessary as attacking your enemy. Make yourself so strong that even your enemy cannot hit you! Gain immortality. Ravan asks him how it can be done. Guru Shukracharya says Devtas got hold of Amrit after Amrit-Manthan. You all had an equal right on it. try to gain it by hook or crook. It isn’t an easy task though. Ravan does not mind it. Just guide me as to what is to be done.

Vaid Raj / Mahadev plays his damru along with the other people. Ram sits on the throne. He calls out for Hanuman. Hanuman kneels down before him. Ram asks him if he wont feed him laddoos from his hands today for the last time. Everyone is taken aback. Hanuman says forgive me if I made a mistake. Why last time? I want to feed you laddoos daily. He is in tears. He signals the Daasi, who brings the plate of laddoos just then. He feeds his Prabhu laddoos. Everyone’s attention is diverted towards Vaid Raj who plays the Damru. Hanuman also notices them. Maharaj and Devi Kaushalya think they will take Hanuman with them now.

Guru Shukracharya tells Ravan that all the Gods and Tridev gave Chandra Dev the responsibility to keep Amrit. Ravan laughs. Chandra Dev is safeguarding Amrit? How will he save it from me? I had made him my prisoner in past. Guru Shukracharya adds that Amrit has been kept in an unknown place in Chandra Loka. It is guarded by laser like security. There are guards outside. Ravan is confident of himself. Guru Shukracharya points out that even Tridev can step forward to save Amrit. Rahu’s condition is also because of the same reason. You have to get Amrit by any means! Ravan assures him he will get it. I know what I have to do!

Manthra is glad to see Vaid Raj. Vanar will leave now! Shatrughana is concerned. Will he take Hanuman Bhaiya with him? Vaid Raj greets everyone. He congratulates Maharaj and Ram. Vaid Raj asks Hanuman to come to him. Hanuman looks at Ram, who nods back at him. Maharaj speaks up. He requests Vaid Raj to be their guest. Vaid Raj thanks him. But we don’t stop anywhere. We have come here only to take Hanuman. He tells the same to Hanuman. You will have to come with us now. Hanuman and Ram look at each other. Lakshman politely asks them if Hanuman cannot stay here for a few more days. Sumitra and Devi kaushalya also speak highly of Hanuman. He has made a special place for himself in our hearts. It will be good if he stays with us for long. Vaid Raj shares that Hanuman’s mother is anxiously waiting for him. Think of her as well. It must be so hard for her to spend her time. Lakshman asks Hanuman to say no to Vaid Raj. All the brothers request the same thing to Ram.

Ram walks forward. I can understand your problem Hanuman but I had told you, world keeps on changing. You cannot turn your face away from your duties for one person. I told you that I belong to everyone. Why do you want to be tied to only one person? You should fulfil your duty towards everyone. Hanuman wonders how he can be away from him. Ram says I am in your heart. You will find me there whenever you would look for me. Hanuman asks him if he is saying truth. Ram nods. I stay in your heart. Hanuman closes his eyes to look deep into his heart.

Precap: Hanuman sees Ram in his heart. Ravan plans to attack on Chandra Loka on Maha Purnima Day. That vanar kid wont be there to save Chandra dev this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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