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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman greets his Guru while still flying. Surya Dev explains that the moment he sits on the chariot, it is morning. You were late. Hanuman begins to state the reason when Surya Dev interrupts him. Time never stops for anyone. The one who does not value time cannot get anything in life. Your first duty was to be present on time. You can be successful only when you do things at the right time. Wasted time never comes back. You are given life for a limited period. Losing time is like losing life. Understand the important of time.

Surya Dev is Karma-yogi. He follows time diligently. This keeps the world in motion. The dawn is called Brahma mahurat. This is considered to be the best time gain education. This time is best and most fruitful for any student.

Hanuman apologises

to Surya Dev for the mistake. It wont happen again. Surya Dev says this was your first lesson. Hanuman agrees to always remember it. Surya Dev explains that I keep moving along with time. It can never stop. You will have to be infront me all the time to gain knowledge from me. Hanuman thinks how it can be. The chariot moves all the time. Still he says yes to his Gurudev. Hanuman stands before the chariot. It crosses him. Hanuman thinks it is really difficult to be before the moving chariot all the time. What shall I do? He yet again stands before the chariot but it keeps moving. Surya Dev asks him to hurry up. I wont be able to teach you if you don’t stand before the chariot. Hanuman realises that he will have to walk backwards before the chariot or he wont be able to learn. He does the same thing. I will do this only now. Arun Dev notices a meteor coming Hanuman’s way. How will Hanuman save himself from the meteors that will come from behind? Hanuman is unaware of it. Surya Dev and Arun Dev look worriedly. Hanuman gets hurt by a meteor. He very soon takes his place before the chariot again. He keeps shifting so as to avoid any further collisions. I did not notice it! Surya Dev mentally wants Hanuman to try one more time. Every second that you spend here will be a lesson for you. If you concentrate then you will succeed. Hanuman too does not want to lose his time or concentration. What should I do!

Kesari and his soldiers reach Dhumra Parvat. Kesari advises everyone to be extra careful. This area is of Asuras. Their powers increase here.

Hanuman understands Arun Dev’s strategy. He keeps shifting his direction as per the coming meteors. If I too sync with his shifts then I will find a solution. Surya Dev is impressed with him. Hanuman gives him the credit for the same. You can start teaching me now. Surya Dev points out that it has begun already. Whatever has happened with you so far is a lesson for you. Always remember it. Hanuman agrees.

Surya Dev’s entire teachings were received by Hanuman when he put Surya Dev in his mouth thinking him to be Aakash-phal. That knowledge was in his subconscious though. Surya Dev is stirring it only. He is preparing Hanuman to face any sort of situation in future.

Kesari and the soldiers keep looking for the kids in the jungle. Kesari suggests everyone to be extra careful. The Asuras here are powerful. Kesari notices the Asuras. Stop right there! Vajrasur warns him t stay out of his way. Kesari refuses to let him torture anyone anywhere. Hand over the kids to me. Vajrasur says we had no enmity with these Vanar kids. We were only looking for Nar kids (human kids). These Vanar kids helped the Nar kids so they will have to bear the punishment now. You too are standing in our way as an obstacle. Go or we will end the entire Vanar lineage! This makes Kesari angry.

Surya Dev wants Hanuman to make a balance of his heart, mind and soul before giving him any more lessons. He gives a bowl filled with water to Hanuman. You have to do Parikrama of the entire world while holding this in your hand. You have to count the number of meteors that you come across. Hanuman finds it easy but Surya Dev adds another clause. Make sure not even a drop of water falls while doing so. This task’s success will pave way for your further teachings. Go now. Hanuman greets his Gurudev and turns to go.

Arun Dev asks Surya Dev about the task. One keeps the disciples near them. You sent Hanuman away. Surya Dev shares that Hanuman’s today’s task will help him in future. He has to concentrate in future and focus at too many things at once. Patience, dedication and concentration will be the lessons that he will learn from it. Arun Dev asks him what if Hanuman fails. This is pretty tough for a kid. Surya Dev remarks that in that case, Hanuman wont be able to meet the one, to meet whom he has taken birth.

Hanuman counts the meteors as he walks. He is having a hard time balancing the water bowl. I thought this way easy but the real task actually begins now! He looks at the meteors around him. I wont back out though. This is a challenge for me. I will fulfil it surely.

Precap: The water spills from Hanuman’s hands as he tries to avoid a collision. Narad ji offers to help Hanuman. Surya Dev thinks that Hanuman will fail in the task if he takes anyone’s help. Hanuman looks happily at Narad ji.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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