Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Airavat is trying to catch up with Maruti. Maruti averts a big stone which lands directly in Airavat’s trunk. He frees himself and then holds Maruti by his trunk. Maruti is confused as he is not able to pull himself free from him. Rahu and Indra Dev are happy. Indra Dev still wants to decide first whether this kid is childish or discourteous. Maruti keeps trying to pull himself free from Airavat. So many problems are coming now too! Why don’t they understand that I have to go meet Ma! Maruti increases his pace, swirls around and talks gently to the white elephant. Airavat doesn’t allow him to touch him. Maruti wonders why he wants to fight with him. I liked you. I am only trying to show my love to you. You are very fast but I will make you my friend and take you to Sumeru.

Ma will be very happy to see you. You will be my gift for her from the sky. Airavat holds him by his trunk. Maruti is stuck.

Maruti’s friends are tensed thinking what is about to happen. Will Maruti return or not! it is so sad and empty without him. It is good that there has been no lunch today. I am not at all hungry. All the kids say the same thing. Their Gurudev comes there. They tell him about what’s troubling him. Gurudev shares that everyone in Sumeru is tensed. Maharani got such a son after so much tapasya. One of the kids is sad as Maruti’s flying skills might land him in trouble. What if something happens to him? Gurudev says nothing can go wrong with him so easily. He has Mahadev’s special blessings. We will all pray for him. Atibal overhears this and gets the info that he was waiting to find out.

Indra Dev thinks that now he will see how this kid gets free from Airavat. Maruti talks to Sakha. I don’t want to hurt any animal. Ma too has said so. If I use my strength to free myself and Airavat can get hurt! What should I do? I cannot do anything like that. Sakha extends and tickles Airavat. Maruti can see that Airavat’s grip is loosening. Let us play with this mesmerising Gajraj (elephant). Sakha continues to tickle Airavat which makes Maruti happy but Indra Dev and Rahu are miffed. Maruti gets free but Airavat trips as Sakha continues tickling him. Maruti thanks Sakha. Rahu instigates Indra Dev. This kid will not spare your Airavat it seems. You should free him or you will probably lose him. The world will mock you. Airavat falls. Maruti comes there looking for him. Where are you? Come with me. I have to gift you to Ma. He yet again seeks Sakha’s help. It isn’t right to leave him here. Ma says that animals are not so strong. We should help them. But where would he be?

Indra Dev decides to teach a lesson to Maruti!

A sage gets the news about Maruti’s act. Everyone is worried for Maruti. Sage doesn’t look so worried though. Unordinary instances happen for unordinary reasons only. Either he will he return safely or he wont return at all. We will have to start a yagya for his wellbeing.

Maruti and Sakha have spotted Airavat but they pretend to have not seen him. Let us go home. Maruti clears the clouds from around Airavat and tells his friend that it is time to go. Airavat continues to shake his head. Maruti holds his trunk and starts moving forward. Indra Dev is fuming. He appears there with Rahu. Rahu tells Indra Dev that he has lost Airavat. A little kid has snatched your Airavat from you and is playing with him. See what’s happening to your famous medium. The world will mock you. Who will respect you and accept you as Devraj. You have anyways lost the right for it. You will still talk to this kid? You should directly punish the kid instead of talking to him.

Indra Dev addresses Maruti as vanar kid. Maruti stops in his tracks to look at him. Leave Airavat and apologize to me for your mistakes. Maruti asks him who he is. Indra Dev gives him his intro. Apologize to me or I will punish you. Maruti reasons that he hasn’t done any harm to him. rahu whispers to Indra Dev that he has insulted him though. Maruti lets go of Airavat. You can take Gajraj with you. I only want to go meet my Ma. Indra Dev does not let him leave without apologizing to him. He aims Sutra-ast at Maruti. It will tie and bring you to me. Maruti still cannot understand why he wants to tie Maruti. Indra Dev thinks that he has won but the very next minute Maruti is free of Sutra-ast. Indra Dev isn’t happy. He invokes his Murccha-astra.

Precap: Rahu keeps adding fuel to fire. Your Vajra will take revenge but I am not sure if this Vajra will stay put before this kid or lose again. Anjana feels something wrong and runs as she calls out for Maruti.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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