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Hanuman looks at the sky. He notices a Garud taking Naag in his beak somewhere. It seems like Garud and Naag’s are enemies again. Panchfann ji said that they have vowed to stay friends. What are Garud’s doing then? I will have to stop them. Why are they troubling Naag? I will have to stop them. He flies after them. The Garud, Naag and Hanuman stop at a place. Hanuman is surprised to see the same Garud Kid (Jitantak). It is wrong to disrespect friendship. How dare you hurt a Naag? I have been calling you. Jitantak says I thought our commander Chitraketu was following us along with his team. The Naag boy gets up and hugs Jitantak surprising Hanuman. He greets him. I am Panchfann’s son BHushan. Jitantak is my friend. He was only protecting me. A problem is about to come on both

Naag’s and Garud’s. I went out for a stroll with father today. Panchfann is glad to see Jatayu coming towards their area. Jatayu picks him up in air. Naag’s call it cheating. They are furious to be friends with Garud’s. Meghasur is right that these Garud can never be our friends. Only Meghasur can help us now. They go to find Meghasur. Flashback ends.

Bhushan says they tried their best but could not find father anywhere. I told everything to my grandmother afterwards. She too felt the same. Naag’s are sure that only Meghasur can bring father back. They have freed Meghasur from jail. BHushan’s grandmother does not believe Meghasur at all. He will become the reason of our doom. At times, what we see is not true. Don’t trust it. It seems as if there is some secret behind this incident. It is a very big mistake to free Meghasur. All Naag’s stand before Meghasur. He vows to kill Garud’s who have kidnapped Panchfann. I will establish our respect back. I will find out the secret of flying by killing Garud’s. All the Naag’s cheer after him. Meghasur instigates them against Garud’s. We helped in Amrit Manthan but did not get Amrit. We were cheated there also but I wont let it happen now. Whoever tries to become our enemy now will have to face us. We will fight with Garud’s first of all. Naag’s agree with him. Meghasur hypnotises them all. Bhushan’s grandmother tells Bhushan to close his eyes. He is hypnotising everyone. Meghasur thinks everyone is under his control now. He gives them instructions to see if it is indeed working on them or not. they will do what I want. They will kill anyone now. It will be fun to hold a war with Garud’s. Bhushan’s grandmother asks BHushan to leave right away to inform Garud’s. Request Jatayu to free your father if you meet him. We have to stop this war anyhow. BHushan agrees.

Bhushan shares that Garud’s commander Chitraketu tried to kill him when he went to meet Jatayu. They tried to kill me. If Jitantak wasn’t there then I would have been killed by now. Hanuman is boggled. We saw Panchfann and Jatayu happy together yesterday evening only. How did it happen then? This war will be dangerous for everyone. I wont let it happen. He expands his size asking them to come with him. I will have to seek my parent’s permission to go with you. We have to stop this war. They agree with him.

The Naag’s follow Meghasur. They see a Garud in the sky. It turns out to be Kalnemi. Kalnemi tells Meghasur that everything is going as per the plan. Everyone is sure that Jatayu has kidnapped Panchfann. Be careful of him. It is very difficult to fight with him. Meghasur says you did your work. I will do my work now. How do you change forms so easily? Kalnemi laughs. I am a servant of Dashanan. I can do anything. I kidnapped Panchfann by turning into Jatayu. I made way for you to be free. You too will get many mayavi powers if you do his work. Meghasur promises to help Ravan find out the secret of flying. Where have you kept Panchfann? Kalnemi agrees to tell him at the right time. I will be with you for now in the disguise of a snake. Meghasur agrees. You have to be careful though. No one should doubt you. follow my orders like other Naag’s. Kalnemi complies.

Kesari too wants to help Garud’s. We must intervene so this war does not happen. His commander suggests being secretive about it Garud’s might not like it.

Vali notices people talking and occupying his way. He hits on a tree to make way for himself. People talk about him behind his back. He has become all the more arrogant since he has returned from tapasya. Hanuman was waiting for him for the Mahanayak position. It was good he wasn’t here. Everyone will choose Hanuman only now. They run away to save themselves from Vali. Vali thinks Ravan was right. Hanuman is a big cheater. Why was someone chosen for this position in my absence otherwise? Surely it was a plan of Hanuman and Kesari. I will confront Kesari right away. I will teach him such lesson that he will not do it again.

Hanuman seeks his father’s permission to go there to resolve the matter. Anjana is against it. I don’t want you to fall in another problem.

Vali thinks to catch Hanuman. This is my only mission now.

Kesari seconds Hanuman. Only he can stop this now.

Vali is eager to destroy Hanuman.

Hanuman seeks his parent’s blessings and flies away with Jitantak and Bhushan. Vali comes to palace. Markat! I am waiting for your doom, Mahanayak Hanuman. I deserve that position, not you! Kesari welcomes him. I am very happy to see you after so many years. Vali greets him. Kesari shares that Hanuman was excited to meet you. You would have met him if you had come a while ago. He just left. Vali is irked to hear everyone take Hanuman’s name. Kesari can take his son’s name as much as he wants but now only Vali will win.

Precap: Chitraketu refuses to let Naag’s come in Garud Loka. He tells Hanuman how he risked the life of this Naag kid by bringing him here. A Garud pulls Hanuman up in the sky and then let’s go of him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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