Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: On the road
While hanuman takes rama ahead, he suggests war strategies and hanuman listens eagerly. rama decides to retire for the night. hanuman sends their secret message to everyone, and they all get that they have to retire for the night here only. they start making up temporary tents to sleep in. laxman and hanuman continue to clash as each tries to outdo the other, in trying to serve Rama. they clash while making tents, and then while making beds. laxman tries to seat his bed, but finds that hanuman has already done it. hanuman says that this is even better and spreads it out too, as rama shall be more happy. he does it in excitement. finally, laxman says that he decorates the bed, and he shall only do it. hanuman agrees readily

and walks off. laxman sprays petals and then decides to get water. but Hanuman gets water for rama. laxman interrupts and asks him not to work unnecessarily and do as much as told, when and where, and not use up his own mind, as he was never told to get water. hanuman says that he merely wanted to help. laxman takes the pitcher from him rudely, and asks him to come only when he is asked to or told while hanuman is tensed. once rama is seated, laxman leaves to get fruits for him, but finds hanuman already ready with his basket. laxman finds that its hanuman again. he again reminds him to back off in serving rama. laxman asks him to have fruits while he sits for security. Rama watches tensed. hanuman says that he is here for security. but laxman says that its his duty and right too, and asks him to go and rest. hanuman eyes rama sadly and then leaves. before leaving, hanuman tries to make a last effort, but laxman warns him yet again. hanuman says that he cant live away from Rama now, and asks him to rest. they start arguing. rama opens his eyes finally, watching the drama ensure. he comes to them, and asks whats the matter. laxman and hanuman talk about their tusle regarding who shall serve him. he hears them both out, and then deliberates, as they ask him to take a decision. rama addresses hanuman and says that laxman has been doing so for the last 14 years and hence its right to watch over him. he gets disappointed. rama says that his duty is even bigger. hanuman gets excited. rama asks him to secure the entire army, as raavan could be upto anything. hanuman is ecstatic as a small child, and decides to get to guarding the army immediately. he profusely thanks them both and then flies off and perches atop the highest tree. he finds all the monkeys sleeping away, while others keep guard. he flies higher to get a better view. they all wonder whats hanumn doing. laxman tells them. hanuman continues to search for better spots, but isnt satisfied completely. he eyes the moon and takes aim for it, as his watch position, while rama understands that he did find his sutable spot. as hanuman perches atop the moon, laxman thinks that he was an idiot to think that he could have competed against laxman. Meanwhile shaaran and shook wonder whats going on, as they perch atop the tree, and find everyone sleeping. they think that noone is even guarding them, oblivious of hanuman’s presence on the moon. they decide to get to work, as noone shall know. they leave their bird form, and come into demonic avatar and stealthily progress towards the sleeping army. hanuman senses some movement. they think that they have to take out the main leaders first. Hanuman comes in his grand avatar and steps on the ground, while the demons hide behind the bushes. they wonder how he came here. hanuman is definite that there was someone. they start arguing amongst themselves, scared by his grandeur. they get into bird form and fly off. in the sky, they again take back their form, and wonder how to defeat him. they wonder what if they hynotise, then he shall do what they want. they decide to attack when his duty is over.

Raavan is busy praying to Lord Shiva, while remembering what havoc hanuman caused him. vibhishan comes and interrupts his prayers, asking him if he too saw what he himself saw. raavan wonders how does he know, that he himself is scared of hanuman. vibhishan says that he has already started seeing evil signs, and starts counting them. he asks raavan to understand the implications of it, and asks if he cant see them, and if he is trying to not see deliberately. but raavan doesnt comply with his statement and says that he can thwart any danger. The screen freezes on hanuman, rama and raavan’s tensed faces.


Precap: Neel and angad find dark demons coming in from the skies and get alert. they send an intimation to the secondary army. rama and others are alarmed when they get to know from a monkey, who has been sent from neel’s contingent, warning them that the demons have attacked taking the sky route.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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