Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi and Hanuman go out to meet Devraj Indra. Hanuman wants to reach the main door asap. What if Devraj goes somewhere else?

Urvashi greets Indra. Devraj Indra thinks that Narad ji told him about her. I had no idea that it will be you. Plus you look so beautiful. She says I have been looking at the door always. I find this Swarg Loka empty without you.

Hanuman reaches the main gates of Swarg but cannot see Devraj Indra there. The main soldier asks him what he is doing here. Hanuman greets him. I heard Airavat’s voice. Has Devraj come back? The soldier nods. Devraj comes from the other gate. This gate is normally for outsiders. Hanuman decides to check all the doors.

Urvashi says you seem so restless since the Nav Grah changed their position. You dint even

take rest. Everything is fine now finally. I have arranged a special dance in Nandan Van for you. It will make you happy. Devraj smiles. You take care of me so much. Your dance rejuvenates me always.

Hanuman checks one door but does not find Devraj Indra there.

Devraj leaves for Nandan Van with Urvashi.

Hanuman reaches the third door but Devraj is not there as well. Did Devraj go somewhere else before I could meet him? I cannot understand what to do. He hears Airavat’s voice once again. He turns and finds Airavat standing nearby. He calls him his friend. Airavat also recognizes him. He pats at Hanuman’s head using his trunk. Hanuman shares that he has come to Swarg to take his Ma. I cannot do so without seeking Devraj’s permission. I thought he was with you. The rules here are too strict. I am not allowed to stay with Ma. A tear falls down Airavat’s eyes. Hanuman tells him not to worry. I will wait as long as I have to but I will return only with Ma. Can you take me to Devraj? Airavat nods. Hanuman wonders how to sit atop Airavat so Airavat himself picks him up using his trunk. Hanuman thanks his friend.

Devraj and Urvashi reach Nandan Van. The apsaras present there greet him. Devraj says it looks indeed special. Urvashi asks him to have a seat. The dance is special but you will have to do something to make sure nothing hampers it in between. Devraj Indra surrounds Nandan Van and their dance area with his magical powers. I did what you asked me for. This Nandan Van will float now. No obstacle will come in the way. She says what if someone gets to know about our whereabouts and comes to disturb us then. He replies that no one will get to know of it until he sits on my throne. No one else can sit on my place except me. Start the dance. Urvashi smirks. Now Hanuman wont be able to come here. I will engage Devraj for 5 days. Hanuman will be left with no option but to go back.

Hanuman looks at the positions of sun and moon. If I lose second day as well then I will have only 3 days left. I need Devraj’s permission to take Ma with me. I have faith in you. I am sure I will be able to meet Devraj soon. He asks Airavat if he is sure Devraj comes to this side only. I cannot see anything here though. They keep travelling in the galaxy. Today will also go waste if we continue to look for Devraj like this only. Two days have finished already. Hanuman meets a soldier. He asks him about Devraj’s location. The soldier shares that Devraj is in a place which floats as per his wish. You should go to palace. He comes to palace certainly whenever he is back in Swarg Loka. Hanuman finds this suggestion good.

Urvashi and the apsaras dance for Devraj Indra.

Jayant notices Hanuman sitting on Airavat. This vanar kid was trying to teach me about upbringing and moral values. I am Devraj’s son and a sure shot successor of my father’s throne. I will teach him a lesson now. Hanuman stops Airavat. He asks Jayant about Devraj. Jayant says you were with Airavat. Still he couldn’t take you with him? Hanuman says he tried but a soldier told me that the place where Devraj is stays afloat. Jayant suggests Hanuman to sit on his father’s throne to find out if his father is back or not. You can see entire world after sitting on it. Whoever you think of will be in front of your eyes. Hanuman agrees.

In Sumeru, Kesari thinks of going to someone asap. He stops seeing Marjarika. I am going to Matang Rishi. He can see everything. He will tell me why Hanuman is so late. I could not understand what he said just before leaving (about Laxmi coming with Hanuman). She says what if something goes wrong in your absence. The commander comes to update Kesari about the peace in Sumeru. Seems like all the Asuras have gone back. Kesari fears this to be the silence before the storm. Matang Rishi will answer all my questions. I should not delay in meeting him.

Jayant tells Hanuman that he can go in Dev Sabha but these soldiers wont let him go there. Hanuman says I will manage that. Leave that on me. Jayant nods and goes inside. Hanuman reduces his size. Jayant cannot see Hanuman inside. Hanuman calls out for him. He grows his size back to normal. Jayant praises him. You are too smart. He insists Hanuman to sit on the throne. You will get to know everything immediately. Hanuman is about to sit when he thinks if he is doing something wrong by sitting on Devraj’s throne without seeking his permission. Jayant tells him not to think too much. Your second day will go waste otherwise. Hanuman agrees. I will do anything for freeing Ma. I will even bear any kind of punishment. Jayant smiles. Sit on the throne asap to know about father’s whereabouts then. Hanuman stands before the throne.

Precap: Devraj senses that someone sat on his throne. This makes him angry. Whoever tried to do this will have to bear my Vajra. I will kill that person!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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