Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandi assures Hanuman he will come with him. But I will only come after you complete the incomplete task. Finish your puja first. He gives flowers and bel-patra’s to Hanuman. They are the same ones that I took before you. They are for you only. You can now do puja of Mahadev and Mata Parvati here only. Hanuman says now I have understood that you stopped me from taking these so as to make me and the world aware that no one can reach Mahadev without your permission. Hey Shivansh, I request you to do puja along with me. Nandi nods. Nandi and Hanuman do puja of together. They seek the blessings of Mahadev and Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati says you have sent Hanuman wiht Nandi ji but will he be able to help him? Mahadev has full faith in Nandi ji. But I am worried about the problem that will

arise afterwards. Mata Parvati wonders if Hanuman will be able to overcome it. Mahadev replies time will tell.

Almost everyone in Sumeru passes out because of lack of oxygen. Hanuman and Nandi are on their way to Sumeru. Vali is shocked to see them there. Nandi looks at the Indra-Koop which has engulfed entire Sumeru under it. Vali looks irked. This Markat brought Nandi with him! Nandi comes to his human form. Vali knows no one can break this Indra-Koop not even Nandi. If anyone tries to act foolish and break it then he will be defeated, even if it Mahadev’s favourite devotee Nandi!

Anjana takes Hanuman’s name in her semi-conscious state.

Hanuman tells Nandi ji that Bhole Baba said you can break it. Nandi ji says it isn’t easy to break Indra-Koop but I have Mahadev’s powers in me. I will gather more energy and break Indra-Koop using them. Mata Parvati is concerned for Nandi but Mahadev says nothing will happen to him. I am worried for Hanuman. Will he be alright? It is very difficult to bear Nandi’s Mahaveg. No one can bear it easily. It will have an effect on the world as well.

Vali thinks Hanuman will come to fight with him afterwards, seeing his family and SUmeru’s condition. I will get half of his powers then! How will you

Vali’s karma are finalising his doom. He is creating problems for everyone time and again. He is trying to hurt the same Hanuman who is Sankat Mochan and helps everyone. Vali is having a fight with himself only. It is destroying him only. Hanuman’s powers are increasing as he is always busy fulfilling his duties and responsibilities towards the world.

Nandi ji runs around Indra-Koop to gain Mahaveg. Hanuman prays for him.

The condition continues to worsen in Sumeru.

Nandi ji breaks Indra-Koop. Hanuman and Vali are shaken because of it but its energies merge in the world. Vali wonders how Nandi did this.

Sumeru and its people are back to normal once again. Anjana says Hanuman saved us all. But where is he? Why hasn’t he come yet? People are thankful to Hanuman and Lord for saving them. Kesari helps Anjana in walking till the balcony.

Hanuman is shocked to see Nandi ji’s speed increasing. If anyone comes in his way then he will be in finished. If he wont stop then the world will be in problem. Nothing will be safe. He calls out after Nandi but in vain.

Vayu Dev tells Indra Dev that Indra-Koop got broken but who will stop him now. Indra Dev agrees with him. We cannot even imagine the dire consequences of the same!

Hanuman flies up to stop Nandi ji to save the world.

Indra Dev says Hanuman has done a lot of great tasks but stopping Mahadev’s Ansh will be almost impossible as Nandi ji has similar powers like Mahadev. Even Hanuman is not capable enough for this.

Anjana and everyone pray for Hanuman’s well being.

Mata Parvati shares her worries with Mahadev. Will something happen to Hanuman?

Hanuman chases Nandi ji. He is tensed to see Nandi ji’s Mahaveg turning into storm. I have to move the planets out of his way before something goes wrong.

Back on earth, everyone is worried for Hanuman.

Hanuman is tensed to see Nandi ji heading towards planet Mars. Mangal Dev is afraid he will be destroyed if Nandi ji collides with him. Hanuman increases his speed. He pushes planet Mars aside just in time. Tridev’s and Gods are relieved for both planet Mars and Hanuman. Any delay would have cost them badly. Nandi ji is headed towards planet earth. Hanuman gets thinking. The world will be destroyed this way. Hanuman notices Nandi ji doing a parikrama of earth and then heading towards it once again.

Precap: Devraj Indra sees Hanuamn standing before Nandi ji so as to stop him. But it wont be possible for him to handle the energies / powers that Nandi ji has.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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