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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells Anjana about the sores in his father’s feet. He must be in pain. Anjana knows about it already. Just like you are always ready to do anything for me, your father went to Chandragiri Parvat bare foot to bring Chandra Jal for me. Hanuman asks his father if he is feeling pain. Kesari denies. The pain, that we get while helping our loved ones, is good. Don’t worry, your mother applied herbs on it. Hanuman too wants to do it. Anjana brings it for him. I wasn’t here so you got hurt. Kesari replies that parents’ pain is nothing before their kids. Hanuman feels pained to see him in pain. Anjana gives lep to Hanuman. Kesari remarks he is feeling extremely happy. Parents’ feel happy when their parents take care of them. Hanuman too feels happiness while taking care

of his father. Hanuman applies lep in Kesari’s feet.

Vayu Dev says Hanuman does not know that the Gods, who he has always protected, are organizing a Dev Sabha against him. That little kid would have slept in his mother’s lap after days today. Instead of rewarding him we will talk about punishing him? He asks Devraj Indra if this is justice. Indra Dev calls it the helplessness before the law of Kaal. Anyone who breaks them deserves to be punished.

Hanuman thinks to decipher his dream on his own. He comes to the place where he had seen the shadow. Narad ji appears there. Hanuman greets him. Narad ji tells Hanuman that some situations have gone against him. You will have to face it. Anjana asks him about it. Did Hanuman make a mistake? Narad ji shares that you make a few mistakes while trying to clean out darkness. Hanuman did something similar. Some Gods mistook it to be a sin and have decided to punish Hanuman. Hanuman asks him what went wrong. Narad ji talks about changing the direction of Kaal Chakra to save the world. The world became imbalanced and time changed thereby changing the direction of the planets. Hanuman recalls Kaal Dev trying to talk to him about something similar. I will make everything fine. Narad ji shares that Kaal Dev has only called for this meeting. Anjana advises Hanuman to try to rectify his mistake even if it is done unintentionally. You should apologize to Kaal Dev. Hanuman agrees. I will try to bring the planets back in time. Narad ji suggests him not to waste any time. When Gods are upset then things go out of hands at time. It is better if the culprit is present when there is a meeting regarding his mistake. Anjana is hesitant but Hanuman assures her he will be back soon. She blesses him. He greets Narad ji and his mother and then flies up.

Hanuman notices the planets on his way. I don’t know how they were placed earlier. How will I rectify it now? He recalls the task given to him by his Guru Dev Surya Dev. I took the round of entire galaxy during that task. I will have to think of it, then only will I be able to set things right. He closes his eyes to meditate upon what he had seen. The planets are placed differently today. he compares both the situations now. He increases his size so as to place the planets back in their original place. Buddha Dev thanks Hanuman for keeping the planet back in its right position. Hanuman apologizes to him for what had happened because of him. All the Gods greet Hanuman as he keeps all the planets right one by one.

Everyone makes mistakes. The one who accepts it is good. The one who tries to apologize for his mistake is brave. Not everyone can dare to apologize. At times the consequences that arise after making a mistake can go against us big time. It is better to accept our mistake and rectify it asap.

Hanuman greets Kaal Dut’s guarding Kaal Loka. He requests them to allow him to meet Kaal Dev. Chitragupta ji asks him why is he here now. You dint have time earlier. Hanuman says sorry to him. I had to complete my mother’s fast back then. I had told Kaal Dev I will come back to meet him soon to apologise to him. Chitragupta ji shares that Kaal Dev isn’t here right now. He has gone to Indra Loka where a Dev Sabha is being organized. Kaal Dev is very upset with you.

Indra Dev does not want Kaal Dev to be too strict with Hanuman. He was helping us only. Kaal Dev reminds him of his strict punishment to Hanuman when he had come to Swarg to take his mother back. Hanuman has broken rules. He will be punished. Hanuman reaches there just then. He greets everyone respectfully. Indra Dev welcomes him in the meeting. Kaal Dev corrects him. Hanuman isn’t a guest but culprit right now. How can you welcome him? Hanuman says it is natural for you to be angry with me. I came to apologise to you only. Please forgive me.

Narad ji comes there. Hanuman Hanuman accepts he is his culprit. I did it all for the world only. Kaal Dev knows he did it unintentionally. Chandra Dev calls Hanuman’s act good. One is rewarded for such good deeds. Narad ji also asks Kaal Dev to pardon Hanuman. He has apologized to you. Hanuman asks Kaal Dev if he will forgive him. Kaal Dev says a rule was broken while doing so. If the one who does so is punished then no one will follow rules. Surya Dev points out that he too failed in saving the world. Hanuman’s act is justified. Kaal Dev calls it wrong. Kaal Chakra was going in the opposite direction. The planets were affected. tells Kaal Dev that he has put all the planets back in their original position. Kaal Dev remarks that doing so will not lessen his mistake.

Precap: Kaal Dev insists upon punishing Hanuman while other Gods speak in favour of Hanuman. Shani Dev says Hanuman did a lot of wrong things in the process. I feel he does deserve punishment.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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