Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ashram
HAnuman looks happily as Rishi Durvasa comes with his saints, and is very pleased that he managed to keep the tree safe and sound, and perfectly did what he was told to do. hanuman is about to talk about upaaksh, when he is interrupted by durvasa who says that he now can freely go on his meditation, as the tree in in safe hands. people wonder if he gets to know, he might just curse hanuman. he says that he needs to start his meditation, or else he shall lose this pious time. they all look tensedly. he says that this meditation can take millions of years, and hence he shall have to protect it with much sincerity and alertness. hanuman promises him the same, and asks him to be assured, of the tree’s safety. he smiles at him. he takes everyone’s

leave, and then gets to praying to the tree, starting his meditation. hanuman looks on. times pass, and when Rishi Durvasa finally completes his meditation, he opens his eyesd and finds Hanuman performing his duty with eager sincerity. Kesri and anjani come,. and durvasa comments that they are lucky to have to a son like him, and its because of him, he could complete his meditation. hanuman begs for an apology, as he doesnt need his blessing, and doesnt deserve it too, and talks about his mistake. kesri thinks that the truthful son shall not hide anything fron this saint too. hanuman narrates everything about upaaksh, while kesri and anjani look on tensedly. he says that he did manage to get the tree back, but doesnt cover his mistakes, and that he is ready for punishment. anjani hopes that Durvasa doesnt curse him severely for this. Durvasa raises his hand on him tensedly, and all get scared. but to their surprise, he blesses hanuman, while his parents are relieved. durvasa says that he cant do injustice to him, as he should reward him for this, instead of punishing. HE however is enraged as to how upaaksh dared top go against him, and maybe someone instigated him to do this. he says that hanuman might have killed the demon, but his aides too should be punished. hanuman thinks that he cant lie, but if he says the truth, then along with Raavan, Balli too shall have to face the Rishi’s fury. he wonders what to answer him now. durvasa says that this cant be the work of one person, and asks for other’s names. hanuman thinks that this is a major dilemma, as he cant go against Baali. anjani wonders why is he so boggled. kesri thinks that if hanuman knows anything, he should tell it, as he might get angry because of this. durvasa tensedly says that his silence speaks otherwise. hanuman gets tensed. Durvasa says that he can know everything, by his internal powers, who all are involved in this wrong deed. hanuman thinks that this shall be wrong, as he wont be able to save Baali now. Durvasa meanwhile finds out the agreement between Raavan, Bali and Upaaksh. he lashes and screams at hanuman, as to why he didnt tell that this was done by Raavan and Bali, and asks why he wanted to prevent them, and asks if he doesnt know, the deed to hide a crime is a crime too. hanuman gets scared, and speaks that what to do, if the criminal is a relative. durvasa asks how can he think like that, and now he is even willing to face his ire. they are all tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Lanka
Mandodari while praying to the Shiv ling, finds her vermillion falling on the floor. she is aghast. she considers this as an omen, and wonders if her husband’s life is in danger. she begs the lord, to listen to her prayers, as she cant bear any trouble befalling her husband, who is a dveout follower of Shiva. she prays for his protection. Rishi Vishwarwa appears, and she is surprised to see him. he says that his doubts arent baseless, and that trouble is befalling her husband, as durvasa’s fury shall ruin Raavan. she is shocked. he says that time isnt sufficient to explain everything, and that only she can stop him, and asks her to do so, or else everything shall be destroyed, and Raavan shall die. she is apalled to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Ashram
Durvasa curses Baali and Raavan. all get scared and petrified. Hanuman thinks that along with Lankesh, Baali shall also have to face ire. he begs Durvasa to spare Baali, and not punish him. But durvasa says that his crime isnt to be forgiven, and that he might be considered as weak, if he doesnt punish them, and they shall be instigated to commit further crimes. he says that they shall have to bear the curse. he takes water from his pious vessel and ignites a ball of fire, cursing Raavan and Baali, that from this instant, destruction and ruin shall incur. But before he can finish, mandodari arrives, and begs him to stop. she gets down the pushpak vimaan, and begs for an apology, on behalf of Raavan, and begs for him sympathy, and not curse and spoil the vermillion on her forehead. he says that he doesnt deserve forgiveness, and its futile to try and stop him, as he has to pay the price of what he did, and that ego have taken him to the roads of destruction and ruin. he says that he shall have to bear the punishment, but mandodari continues to plead, saying that she tried to make him understand, but he didnt comply. Durvasa says that such people are a burden on the earth and such people should be eliminated. she continues to make her plea, while hanuman looks on tensedly. she tries to make him realise the importance of her marital status. he asks her not to try and stop him, or else she also might have to face his ire. he again gets ready to curse. Hanuman again apologises grievously to him, as along with Raavan, Baali too shall get punished, and begs him to forgive Baali. Durvasa lashes at him, while Anjani and Kesri look on tensedly. the people wonder if durvasa doesnt get angry and punish hanuman instead. The screen freezes on hanuman’s tensed face, while anjani is concerned for his safety.

Precap: Durvasa eyes hanuman, as he thanks him galore, for listening to his request, and sparing Baali. he finds Durvasa in deep introspection. He asks what happened. while Durvasa narrates everything, Hanuman hears on intently.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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