Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman tells his Ma that he has chosen Maruti. Anjana, Kesari and Vayu Dev are overwhelmed. Everyone else smiles too. Hanuman greets Vayu Dev with respect. Everyone gets up from their respective seats. The Gods shower flowers from heaven. All the Lords bless Hanuman from above. The palace is filled with the cheers of Kesarinandan Maruti. Vali angrily continues to call Hanuman Markat. Vayu Dev blesses Maruti.

Shri Krishna says Shankar-Suvan Maruti, Kesarinandan Maruti, Ajanai-sut Maruti, Sankatmochan Maruti.

Hanuman can hear all the Gods and Goddesses blessing him. Kesari thanks Vayu Dev for honouring them. How to repay this debt? Vayu Dev replies that he dint do any favour. I am merely a messenger. It was not an easy thing to select a name for your extra ordinary son.

Ma Parvati, Ma Laxmi and Ma Saraswati have zeroed in on that name for your son. Anjana and Kesari feel blessed. Everyone else smiles. Vali gets thinking. Kesari is amazed at the thought though. Our son is really lucky that 3 Shakti’s have thought over his name and have finalised one for him. There must be something special in this name. Vayu Dev agrees. I was also amazed when they told me about this name. This is such a lovely name.

Lord Brahma asks the Devi’s what’s so special about the name Maruti. Ma Parvati replies that Maharishi Kashyap’s 49th extra powerful son was named Marut. Ma Saraswati adds that he is the ansh of Vayu. It is his duty to transfer air. He only does the task of taking land and water in the sky. Ma Parvati says Vayu Dev is the epitome of all those powers. Ma Laxmi reasons that Vayu’s speed and powers become one if we name Vayu Dev’s son Maruti. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva nod. Ma – Madhav (for Vishnu), Ru – Rudra (Shankar), T – (the last letters for a name for Lord Brahma) and I in the end stands for all the Devi Shakti’s together. All the Lords bow to Ma Durga.

Kesari and Anjana tell Mahadev that his Kuldevta is Mahadev. They tell him more about his birth, nakshatras. You will be known as Maruti in the world. People cheer for Kesarinandan Maruti. Vali angrily mutters Markat under his breath. Anjana hugs her son.

Kesari writes Maruti in rice. The proud parents and everyone cheers for Maruti. The Madhu-Prashan ceremony is next. Vayu Dev gets the right to do it. Vayu Dev is touched. He thanks the Rishi’s for giving them this honour. Anjana tells Maruti to open his mouth wide. Maruti smiles. Vayu Dev mixes honey with ghee. Maruti opens his mouth. The chants of Rama Naam are audible to everyone when Maruti opens his mouth. Almost everyone is taken aback / amazed. Rama Naam was not just in Maruti’s heart but was there in Maruti’s mouth too. Maruti sticks his tongue out. Shri Rama is written over it. Anjana asks Guru Brihaspati about it. Guru Brihaspati tells them to write Om before Shri Rama. Vayu Dev writes Om before it. Hanuman closes his mouth. Vali cannot stay there for another second. It is such a waste!

Precap: Kesari hears some commotion. He asks his commander if everything is fine in the animal’s garden. He gets to know that a Rakshas named Vrikshasur lives there. He is a dangerous Rakshas who lives in the form of a tree. He holds the animals by their shadow and then swallows them.

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