Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman also captive. lord ram is shocked and rishi vashisht says even hanuman has been captive, now who will complete the ashvamdh yag? Lord ram looks at hanuman from the fire.
There luv and kush say see rishi, we told you, now we have you captive too, no one will stop us now, we will take the horse with us. Hanuman is smiling as he is captive.
As luv and kush are about to take the horse, lord ram’s chariot comes. Luv kush hear the sound of horses and say who is that? there sita says I feel like my swami lord ram is here somewhere, I hope he meets his sons.
There lord ram comes and luv kush say shree ram has come! Hanuman smiles and thinks final lord ram has come, he will meet his sons today. There luv and kush see lord ram. Lord ram looks

at luv and kush and says boys I was impressed when you both came and sang the Ramayana. Lord ram says then why have you taken our horse captive? luv and kush attack arrows, hanuman is puzzled. The arrow hit in the air and create golden shine, luv kush say this is our pranam to the maryada purshottam shree ram who wiped out adharma with his power. Lord ram smiles and blesses. Luv and kush then attack 2 more arrows on the ground and make a cross, and say this is our oppose to the shree ram who abandoned his wife mata sita. Lord ram says kids you wont understand raj dharma, but for now you have to give the horse back. Luv and kush say we cannot do that. luv and kush say we have defeated all your men shree ram as they now have no victory written in their lives under your rule. Lord ram says children, I will say one more time, you maybe do not know the power of my arrows and ram ban, ram ban has killed many powerful demons and my arrows wont heed you kids, so I request you to give me the horse back. Luv and kush say don’t request, fight us and take the horse back, we are Kshatriya warriors, we don’t step back. Lord ram says kids, you have too much ego on your victories, I will just say don’t let the power you have control you, I respect that you are both strong and intelligent but the ego of your power shall not control you. luv and kush remove their arrows to fight lord ram and say now even if lord Vishnu comes to stop us, we wont stop.
Hanuman thinks that parvati told him that he had to bring sita there before lord ram and luv and kush have a fight, so that they are all reunited. Hanuman thinks he has to go to sita now. there sita says what is happening? I feel something wrong is about to happen, please lord save my kids. Hanuman comes there and sita says hanuman! hanuman says mata sita you have to come with me quickly to the battlefield before a fight happens between lord ram and luv and kush, sita is shocked and says what? A fight between my swami and my sons? This cannot happen.
There lord ram removes his ram ban and luv and kush remove their arrows. The surrounding becomes stormy and there is a powerful storm as trees are uprooted. There hanuman says mata sita, we have to go quickly before lord ram attacks his ramban. Sita takes a ram ban and says hanuman, I have this arrow of lord ram to protect luv and kush. Sita says this arrow of lord ram will protect his sons from his own arrow. Sita sends the arrow.
There the arrow comes and makes a shield around luv and kush. Lord ram says this arrow? It is a ram ban? I gave this arrow to luv and kush in ayodhya. Luv kush say this is the arrow lord ram gave us. Lord ram says but who can wield the power of my arrow other than me? Luv and kush are confused. Suddenly hanuman is coming. Lord ram keeps his arrow back inside and says sita! Luv kush say mata sita? Why is lord ram taking the name of mata sita? As hanuman comes ahead, lord ram gets down the chariot and says my sita! My sita! From behind hanuman, sita comes ahead. Lord ram has tears of happiness. Luv and kush say why is lord ram calling our mother sita? Lord ram looks at sita and is walking towards her as sita walks towards lord ram.

Precap: sita tells luv kush that lord ram is their father. Lord ram smiles and has tears and looks at luv and kush. Luv and kush say lord ram is our father, why weren’t we told about this years ago mother?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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