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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maharaj Rikshraj comes to meet Kesari along with Sugriv. Commander sends a soldier to inform Kesari. Maruti comes there while playing with his ball. He is very happy to see Sugriv Bhaiya. Sugriv too rushes to give him a hug. They both are very happy to meet each other. Maruti greets Maharaj Rikshraj too. He too is pleased to see Maruti. He gifts Maruti a Damru. I have got it from Mridangpur. It makes beautiful sound. Lord Shiva gets happy after hearing it. It is his favourite instrument after all. Maruti gladly takes it. I will keep it safely. I love it. He asks for Vali. Sugriv and his father go quiet. Maharaj Rikshraj says someone had to take care of Kishkindha in our absence. Maruti understands the logic behind his words. He focuses on the Damru once again.

Anjana wishes Kesari

good luck for the work he is going for. Soldier informs them about Maharaj Rikshraj’s arrival.

Maruti’s friends are not happy without their friend. They are missing him. He doesn’t come out of the palace. It’s been 3 days already. Sushen tries to move a tree but is unable to do so. I was checking how much energy it takes to move a tree. Maruti got a tree out of its roots. He is very strong. They discuss about Maruti killing Vrikshasur. Nal comes running there. He shares that Maruti is not allowed to go out of the palace. The kids feel sad. We wont enjoy playing without him. Nal has an idea. He tells them about writing down your wishes on a stone and let it float in the river. God will listen to our prayers. The kids write their wish on a stone – we want Martui to play with us once again. They put the stone in the water together as it is a collective wish. They next pray to the river God to grant them their wish.

Maruti is unable to play Damru nicely. Sugriv teaches him how to do it. Maharaj Rikshraj looks on happily. Kesari greets him. He compliments Maruti. He will become the proud epitome of all the Vanars one day. I want to apologize to you for what Vali has done. Kesari holds his hands. Maruti rushes to where they both are standing. Ma too had said that elders’ only give blessings while younger apologize. You are elder than my father. Bless him. Maharaj Rikshraj appreciates Anjana’s upbringing. Always listen to her. I bless you and your family. Kesari tells him not to pay too much heed to the kids. It was just a competition. Vrikshasur died because of it. Vali indirectly helped us in it. Maharaj Rikshraj is relieved. Kesari says Vanars are less in comparison of the Asuras. We have to do great works. Maruti gets thinking. I too have to do great things. They smile. Maharaj Rikshraj replies that he is already doing it. Kesari gives him the responsibility of looking after the palace in his absence. You will be the king, the servant, the guard then. Maruti smiles. He goes to show his Damru to his mother and friends after seeking Kesari’s permission. Kesari and Maharaj Rikshraj discuss about the impending emergency meeting.

Anjana comes to her room but cannot find Maruti. Maruti just returns with his new toy. She tells him to play with it on the bed. Maruti shares how his father was praising him before the guests. I killed that Vrikshasur. Anjana is tensed once again. I try to keep Maruti from all this but he instead keeps talking about the same things before our son. She yet again tells Maruti not to step out of the palace. No one knows who is what. Not everyone thinks right. There are many people who are jealous of you and want to harm you. Maruti asks her what jealousy is. She simply says that he is too small to understand it. I am going to prepare food. You stay here. He nods. Maruti plays the Damru and talks to Sakha. What should I play with? Maruti is bored after a while.

Maharaj Rikshraj shares that the Asuras are spreading terror. This meeting has been called upon to come to a particular conclusion. Kesari too thinks that it should be stopped. Will Sugriv also accompany us? Maharaj Rikshraj denies. He loves Maruti a lot so he will head back. Kesari acknowledges that Sugriv indeed loves Maruti with all his heart. It is clearly visible. They next discuss about a dangerous Asura, Chakrasur. He has come from Pataal. He is very Mayavi. He can appear anywhere in the form of a thunderstorm. No one can get out from it ever. We will have to be very careful.

Chakrasur hears someone praying to Vishnu. He gets angry and goes there. A sage is doing tapasya. He tells the sage to stop his prayers. The sage gets angry at him for disrupting his tapasya. Chakrasur tells him to stop praying if he doesn’t want to be a target of his wrath. The sage instead suggests him to pray along with him so he can be free from being an Asura. Chakrasur threatens him of death but the sage is unaffected. I wont chant Hari. Chakrasur turns to go but hears the chant again. It is coming from inside the sage’s heart. This irks Chakrasur all the more. he appears there with a storm. The sage gets enveloped in it.

Anjana brings milk for Maruti. He doesn’t want it. I want to play with my friends. Anjana insists so he takes the glass. I listen to everything that you say. Don’t you think you too should listen to me? Don’t you realise how sad I am without my friends? Maruti too wants to play with his friends. Anjana softens. I will bring all your friends here only. Maruti is thrilled. He gulps down the milk quickly.

Sugriv comes to where his brother is. He asks his brother to open the door. how long will you sit here? Father too is not here. You are the one who will look after the state in his absence. Vali points out that he is there. You are everyone’s well wisher including that Markat’s too. Sugriv continues to request him. You are my inspiration. Vali is disturbed as that Markat saved him twice. I am so low in front of him. Everyone witnessed it. It would have been better if Vrikshasur would have eaten me. That Markat has hurt me badly. I have started to hate myself. Sugriv asks him if it was him in Maruti’s place then he too would have done the same. He has helped you. He hasn’t insulted you. Vali is irked that his brother is taking Markat’s side yet again. Sugriv requests him to consider Maruti his friend for once. Vali holds his neck. He can never be my friend! I hate my friend. I see my enemy in him. You too have started to look like him at times. I don’t need him or his well wishers here. Get out of my way. Get out of here. He locks himself once again.

Vali is shocked to see something Narad ji. How did you come inside? Narad ji replies that there is no place in the world where he cannot reach. I can read everything that is going on in people’s minds. I get to know everything that is happening or is about to happen by Lord Narayan’s blessings. There is a fire inside your heart. You are angry that Maruti is becoming famous with every passing day. Your father Devraj Indra can help you in becoming Mahantam. Vali requests him to guide him. it is my life’s aim to be Mahantam. I am ready to do anything. Please help me. Narad ji gives him an idea. You had insulted your father a few days back because of your anger and pride. You will have to make him happy. Vali recalls how badly he had behaved with his father. He is upset with me. Narad ji reasons that no father can be upset with his kid. Make him happy with a tapasya. Tapasya can help one in achieving just about anything in life. He disappears.

Maruti plays Damru. His friends are sitting around him. Chakrasur overhears the sound of the Damru and is disturbed. All the friends take turns to play it but no one is able to play it right. Even Neel fails in his attempts. Maruti plays it once again for his friends. The voice of the Damru reaches Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati in Kailash. Ma Parvati loves it. he is playing just like you. Lord Shiva replies that Maruti is his ansh after all. I enjoy playing Damru which is why Maruti too is inclined towards it. Ma Parvati asks him what Maruti will do next. Lord Shiva is sure whatever it will be, will be done for the welfare of the world. It will bring about a new chapter. Maruti is going to challenge Chakrasur with my favourite instrument Damru. They both will come face to face real soon.

Chakrasur is boggled by the sound of Damru. Who is playing it?

Precap: Maruti notices Chakrasur forming a storm in the sky. He plays his Damru to attract Chakrasur’s attention. Chakrasur gets angry upon hearing the Damru’s voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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