Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman saying lord ram we will all come with you. lord ram says okay hanuman but how will we go? Devi sita comes and says please wait. Everyone see sita. Lord ram says what happened sita? Sita says I don’t feel good about everyone going on shatanand’s planet and lord, I have stayed without you for too long, even I will come with you. lord ram says sita, I know we both haven’t stayed together for too long but even you know you are unsafe there and I cannot take this risk. You shall stay on earth with laxman, he will protect everyone. Lord ram says as I said before, you were with me in my previous battle too and you will always stay with me. Hanuman says yes mata sita, don’t worry I will always protect lord ram before myself. Sita says as you wish

my lord.
Laxman says how will you take everyone? Hanuman smiles and brother laxman I have an idea. Hanuman goes and stands. Everyone look at hanuman and lord ram smiles. Hanuman says jai shree ram and starts growing in size and then he grows his tail and keeping them round and round on the ground, hanuman creates a platform with his tail. Sugreeva says hanuman how will you take us into space then? Hanuman says by growing my size, I will take you to shatanand’s planet and everyone on my tail. Everyone and lord ram is impressed and they say hanuman ki jai. Hanuman now tells the army and everyone to come on his tail, hanuman puts everyone on his tail and then says lord ram its your turn now. Sita thinks I don’t feel good about shatanand. Lord ram walks and hanuman puts lord ram on his tail. Sita looks at lord ram. Hanuman then starts growing in size and keeps growing continuously. Jambhuivan says this scene looks so unique. Angad says yes this is unbelievable. Hanuman keeps growing. In heaven, all gods are impressed and indra dev hanuman is sankatmochan. Vayu dev thinks my son hanuman has become sankatmochan and he will always be bajrangbali for everyone in the coming ages.
Suddenly on earth, earthquakes come on lanka. Laxman says it seems hanuman’s weight is not bearable on the earth of lanka and the plates are slipping, if hanuman keeps growing, lanka will drown in the sea. Hanuman is moving a bit from the earthquakes and he says the ground is slipping and if I keep growing lanka will drown, I have to stop. Hanuman stops growing but the earth is still suffering tensions and quakes and lanka is trembling. Hanuman says what should I do? If I lift myself from here, my force of my legs will drown lanka and if I don’t, lanka will drown anyway. Vibhishan says this is because of brother ravana and before lanka was held by the four demons but ravana sent them to protect meghnad during his prayer but then they were killed so now lanka is not stable and it may drown. Sugreeva says hanuman you have to do something as laxman and devi sita and everyone is on lanka. Hanuman then thinks about what his teachings when he was young about lord Vishnu. Hanuman thinks lord ram is himself with us and he is the form of lord Vishnu,who lives in everything in this universe. Hanuman starts praying to lord Vishnu. Lord ram smiles. Suddenly a turtle comes from space which is of lord Vishnu and it goes to earth under water under the earth of lanka and stabilizes lanka. On earth everyone say the prayer with hanuman for lord Vishnu, even mandodari and devi sita and laxman. Hanuman then becomes stable, he then starts growing again. Everyone smile and jambhuvan says this is unbelievable and we are in space.
As hanuman grows and grows and grows, the space for hanuman’s 2nd leg on earth is not sufficient. Shatanand on his planet sees and says this monkey does have granted powers and looks very strong but I will kill him as he is bring everyone to their death. There lord Shankar says shatanand knows the true power of hanuman who is the swami of power, parvati say yes but shatanand will still be in ego like ravana, he wont understand the path of righteousness.
There hanuman grows. Hanuman is unstable and moving, and says where do I keep my 2nd leg now? There father tells shatanand thata hanuman is the idol of powers. Shatanand says I will show him my power now, shatanand blows storms from his mouth and hanuman is shaking. On the tail, some monkey soldiers fall of from the storm. Sugreeva says hanuman do something and our monkey brothers are falling please do something quick. Hanuman says I don’t understand where to keep my 2nd leg and I am unstable only on 1 leg. Chandra dev appears and he says hanuman, you shall keep your 2nd leg on the moon and I allow you to do that. Chandra smiles and blesses hanuman and goes. Hanuman now keeps his 2nd leg on the moon and keeps on growing. He then says shatanand I will show you now, hanuman from his hands remove strong storms and he returns the attack to shatanand. Everyone smile. The storm goes and hits shatanand’s planet and there is a protective shield. It appears and nothing happens but shatanand’s planet is revealed. Hanuman says lord ram we have reached shatanand’s planet. Everyone see.

Precap: shatanand himself Is walking from his palace and he comes to the ground on his planet. Hanuman sees shatanand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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