Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ravan is irked. That small kid defeated Pishach Raj! Maha Pishach says he is a small fire which can either light the world or set the world on fire. Realise the truth before it is too late. You will create problems for yourself if you go against that kid and his Prabhu. It will be good if you apologize to him. Ravan holds his neck angrily. Forgiveness is not in my dictionary. How dare you speak their tongue? You want me to apologize to that vanar kid and Narayan’s Nar Avatar? It is impossible! I wont spare you for suggesting me such a thing. Maha Pishach warns Ravan not to mistake him to be his servant! I am Pishach Raj! Mandodari asks him what is he doing. Ravan releases his grip from around maha Pishach’s hand. he flies away, while still warning Ravan. There is still time.

Remove this arrogance from your eyes and you will be saved. Ravan is angry with Mandodari for freeing Maha Pishach indirectly. She politely says she never goes against him. I always do things that are in your favour. You are the greatest Shiva devotee but you are going on the wrong path. Stop messing with Devta’s. Ravan signals her to be quiet. You are a dumb woman!

People who reject someone’s right proposals and insult them can never be happy. Wife is the other half of your life. That person is the saddest one in life who disrespects a woman, especially his wife!

Ram remarks to Hanuman that he only has to save all his lifelines from all kinds of storm. All the siblings and Hanuman share a big group hug. Everyone is happy to see them. Guru Vashishtha says the love and devotion of each of the kid towards another is remarkable. Seems like you are the father of 5 sons instead of 4! Maharaj also feels the same way. Hanuman is very similar to Hanuman.

In Sumeru, people cheer for Hanuman. Kesari, Anjana and Nani sit on their respective seats. The citizens are thankful to Hanuman as just like Gods, his name only did magic. All the Pishachs left Sumeru right away! They all miss Hanuman. Sumeru is empty without him. His friends are also sad. We wish Hanuman comes for a day. We want to meet him. Please bring him back. Everyone says the same. Kesari too feels the same way. I am helpless before fate though. I wonder when or if he will ever come back. The citizens understand the pain of Hanuman’s parents. We will pray that he returns soon. Anjana is teary eyed. She goes from there.

Anjana is looking at the moon. She remembers telling Hanuman she will think of by looking at the moon. He too had said the same. She prays for his well being. Do remember me, but don’t cry! Chandra Dev is the only one through whom my son and I can see each other. I don’t know where he is. Hope he is fine wherever he is. Give him my message. Does he think of me? Chandra Dev thinks Hanuman also thinks of his mother. Hanuman too misses his mother as he looks at the moon. Don’t be worried Ma. I am fine here. Tomorrow is Prabhu’s Rajya-Abhishek. It would have been great if you were here. All the three mothers love me equally, but its been too long since I ate the laddoos made by your hand! He cries.

Kesari notices Anjana crying. Chandra Dev is affected by the sadness of the mother and son duo. Hanuman sees his mother’s reflection in the moon. Don’t be sad, Ma. I am fine here. He smiles. Anjana hears him. She too can see Hanuman in the moon and smiles. Kesari joins her. He too is touched to see Hanuman. Don’t be sad, Anjana. Your tears will make Hanuman sad. Pray to Chandra Dev for our son’s well being. They both pray to Chandra Dev. Hanuman and Anjana cannot see each other anymore. They are pained.

Ma Parvati says Hanuman is a kid even though he has so many boons. How many sacrifices will he have to make in this young age? Till when will he stay away from his mother? Will he be separated from her for forever?

Ram comes to meet Hanuman. Hanuman wipes his tears before going up to him. You could have called me? Ram knows he is hiding his pain. He shows him the moon. Season is changing. Hanuman nods. Ram explains that the weather is not unhappy about what is going to end; it is actually looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Similarly, you might be here today but you might not be here tomorrow. Hanuman is about to say something when Ram asks him to come with him. We will eat the laddoos made by Ma. Hanuman happily agrees.

Anjana tells her mother she cannot stay with Hanuman. We donated him to Vaid Raj ji but I have realised I cannot live without him. I want to see him once. I cannot be at peace until I meet him. Nani advises her to be patient. God will show us some way. Mata Parvati comes there with Nandi in disguise of Gauri. Anjana is sure she will have answers to her questions. She offers fruits to the cow. Mata Parvati notices her sad face. Why do you look so sad? Anjana replies that this flower blossoms once a particular sun looks at her. my son is hidden somewhere. Please someone make me meet him. I can do anything to meet him. Mata Parvati suggests praying to Mahadev. He can do wonders. Kesari excitedly asks her if that is possible. Mata Parvati nods. You will obviously get good results for your good deeds. Pray to Mahadev. He will listen to your prayers. He only advised to you do so which is why you donated your son to Vaid Raj ji. She recalls the incident. My promise to Vaid Raj ji will break if I pray to Mahadev for my son. he took him as a due return. Mata Parvati reasons that no one can take away her son from her. Pray to Lord Someshwar. Devi Parvati got her dead son Ganesh back after praying to Lord Someshwar. Anjana thanks her for giving her hope. She heads inside with Kesari and Nani.

All three of them pray diligently before Shivlinga. Mata Parvati also requests Mahadev to listen to the prayers of a mother. Mahadev nods. it is time!

Precap: Mahadev and mata Parvati reach Ayodhya on the day of Ram’s Rajya-Abhishek. Vaid Raj ji asks Hanuman to come with him. It is time for you to come with us. Ram politely requests them to allow Hanuman to stay with them for a little long. Devi kaushalya and maharaj look tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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