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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surya Dev gives charnamrit to Hanuman and then accepts Hanuman as his disciple. Arun Dev gives him a thread. Surya Dev ties it on Hanuman’s hand. Hanuman kneels down before him to touch his feet. Surya Dev and Arun Dev bless him. Narad ji is ecstastic. Surya Dev says the real test starts now. Gaining knowledge is a tapasya. I have to see how much knowledge you can gain. You have to complete it in 7 days or it will be incomplete. Every second is important. Even a second’s delay can ruin it all. It is time for me to rest. He asks Arun Dev to take the kids to the restroom. Everyone greets Surya Dev as he turns to go. Hanuman thinks his mother’s blessings helped him. I will be back soon. Please don’t be worried for me. He greets her loudly.

Anjana senses / hears his

voice. Anjana and Kesari see the sunset. Hanuman isn’t back which means Surya Dev has accepted him as his disciple. Anjana too feels the same. Nani prays Hanuman’s wish is fulfilled. A lady comes running there with Hanuman’s friends. The soldier stops her but Kesari can see they are in some danger. She shares that a few Asuras have kidnapped her son.

Hanuman thanks all his friends and Jayant Bhaiya for their timely help. Jayant says we aren’t time bound. We can do it tomorrow too. You have done a lot for the world. You are so good that everyone will help you. Hanuman thanks them again. Jayant wants to know who Hanuman is supposed to meet; for meeting whom you have taken birth. Hanuman has no idea about it. I only know I have to help him. They say that person will be special too. Who would it be? Hanuman smiles. He looks out of the window dreamily. Who am I supposed to meet? How will I help him? What do I have to do?

Ravan thinks all arrogantly. That Vishnu cannot harm me in any way. Asuras tell him that they have kidnapped a lot many kids. They are all in Dandak Van. Ravan asks him to get more kids. The Asura nods. Vajrasur is headed towards Sumeru. He will bring the kids from there and nearby places to Dandak Van also. Ravan gets happy. No kid will be left alive to help Narayan’s Nar Avatar.

Hanuman’s friends tell Kesari about Nal and Neel getting stuck in the situation. Everyone requests him to help them. Kesari gets to know the Asuras are headed to Dhumra Mountain. Commander points out that no one goes there. That place is filled with Asuras and wild animals. Kesari takes responsibility of bringing everyone back safely. You all should stay in the palace till we are back. Kesari leaves with his group of soldiers.

Next morning, Anjana is worried about both Kesari and Hanuman. There has been no news of either of them till now. The sun is about to rise.

Jayant hugs Hanuman. He and everyone wish good luck to Hanuman. He very sweetly thanks them all. Hanuman says it isn’t morning yet. He looks at the timer. Gurudev must be reaching. I will have to be on time. Gurumata comes there. Jayant introduces Hanuman to her. He touches her feet. She feels peace and happiness seeing him. Everyone in the world is speaking about your bravery. Hanuman takes leave from her. Narad ji appears there. Not everyone gets a Guru like Surya Dev. It is your first day today. I came to bless you. Hanuman thanks him. I am leaving before time so I don’t get delayed for any reason. Gurumata notices the timer. Swami is about to come in any second. She tells it to Hanuman. You have to be there before he sits in the chariot. Narad ji seconds her. Surya Dev strictly follows his time plan. Go fast. Narad ji disappears. Hanuman looks worried. I dint realise the time. He rushes out.

Surya Dev sits on his chariot. This means the sun has risen. Anjana says Om Surya Devaye Namah. Please bless my son and protect my Swami.

Hanuman runs to be on time. Today is the first day. Any delay is wrong for me. The Kaal-stambh is all illumed. This means it is morning now. I got late. Don’t know what will happen. The chariot has left already. Guru Dev must be upset with me. He flies so he can reach Surya Dev. He greets his Guru that ways only. Surya Dev explains that the moment he sits on the chariot, it is morning. You were late. Hanuman begins to state the reason when Surya Dev interrupts him. Time never stops for anyone. The one who does not value time cannot get anything in life.

Precap: I keep moving along with time. It can never stop. You will have to be with me all the time to gain knowledge from me. Hanuman moves to avoid something. Surya Dev asks him to hurry up. I wont be able to teach you if you don’t stand before the chariot.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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