Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hanuman’s Adulthood
as hanuman gathers the entire monkey army, sugriva along with rama, laxman and jaamvant arrive at the top of the cliff, and are mesmerised by what they see. they are all overwhelmed, and rama praises hanuman for this impossible feat. hanuman credits this to sugriva. sugriva says that they shall leave no stone unturned to find sita. laxman is unable to believe such a spectacle. sugriva addresses them and lets them know of what raavan did to sita, and how they wish to extend their help to hmim. he orders them to distribute amongst themselves all places, to find her, and if not, then they shall all be killed. Sugriva designates them all, and they all chant lord rama’s name, and proceed as per their assigned directions. finally,

sugriva asks angad to keep track of the south side, as he presumes raavan would go that side. he asks him to search every corner, and not come unsuccessful, or with no news of Maata Sita. he reminds him the capital punishment too. all are tensed. angad deliberates and then agrees, saying that he shall be victorious. sugriva says that he shall provide him his best five warriors. he places nal neel and jaamvant with angad, and then also gives him hanuman, whil praising him galore. hanuman happily complies. angad says that he is sure of their success now, and seeks everyone’s blessings. all chant Lord Rama in unison, as he eyes them all appreciatively. angad proceeds in his direction with hanuman, after he bow to lord rama, and asks for his blessings, touching his feet. rama happily complies. then he takes leave from laxman. they are tensed as they see someone approaching. hanuman leaves for finding out. but before that, he again turns to lord rama with gratitude in his eyes. rama asks whats it. Hanuman asks lord rama that if he meets sita, then how shall she believe, that he has been sent by him. rama takes off his ring, and gives it to him, as a sign of his recognition. he compliments him on his observational skills. he asks him to tell sita that he shall soon come to free her. hanuman complies. they both hug each other, as laxman observes emotionally. everyone starts searching. hanuman finally starts getting restless, as days pass, but no sign of sita is observed. they start getting tired. angad tries to revive them back, reminding them of what they did. hanuman too motivates them. the screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Angad starts getting instigated and impatient, and tells jaamvant, that sugriva may have made him the heir to the throne but he is always scared that he might try and upthrone him, nd hence he sent him here to die, and its better that he dies on his own, rather than try and wait for death. he picks up a huge boulder to make it fall on himself. jaamvant gets tensed and calls out to hanuman, who hears the call from a distance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Hey…smmbh…wow this pg too…amazing.. I never throuht that ppl like this too…I mean ,wow…my sis is a big fan of hanuman nd ishant bhanushali…for her sake m cmmting here….love u chutki…well m kittu

  2. Why is not update Rimjhim for 18- 19 August 2016 ,,, is very important for me !!!

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