Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maruti is very glad as finally his hunger has calmed down. All the Gods request him to free Surya Dev. The world is in dark while Maruti looks at his stomach in confusion. It has got really cold down on earth in the absence of Sun. Lord Shiva appears. He moves his hand from Maruti’s back till his head and Surya Dev comes out yet again. Maruti is puzzled as to how it happened. The world turns bright again. Gods chant Har Har Mahadev. Rahu and Indra Dev too notice the change. Surya Dev comes to his human form. He greets Mahadev along with all the other Gods. Narad ji too bows to him from a distance. Maruti returns to his original form. Everyone at earth is surprised to see the sun shining again. Nature blossoms! Anjana decides to call Vayu Dev. He only has taught Maruti to fly. He

wouldn’t have goneup if Vayu Dev had not done so! Lankesh is irked thinking whether the solar eclipse has happened for real or not. We couldn’t gain the powers today.

Maruti turns to see Mahadev standing behind him. He greets Him and touches His feet. Maruti also greets the other Gods too. They address him as Rudraansh. Narad ji joins them too. He then looks at all the Gods. Surya Dev has his eyes lowered down. Narad ji says I know what you (Maruti) are thinking. Maruti nods. Everyone was right. I considered Surya Dev Aakash-phal because of you. I made a very big mistake. He makes a sad face. Narad ji points out that this leela gave them all a lesson. We shouldn’t underestimate anyone in life. If God has given someone power and dominance then he should be modest. No one is big or small because of their position but by their aims and dedication in life. Surya Dev apologizes to Narad ji for his ill behaviour back in Devraj Indra’s meeting. All the Gods apologize to him too. Narad ji replies that everything happens as per God’s wish. The Gods leave. Narad ji advises Maruti to head home too. Your Ma must be waiting for you. Maruti affirms. She must be waiting for me. I am coming! He flies away.

Maruti is sure his Ma must be worried. She would be looking for me. My hunger has calmed down too. She will only see peace on my face now.

Devraj Indra tells Rahu that Surya Dev is back so he can do his work now. There is no point punishing that kid now. rahu stays put. The time is past. It is a most awaited moment for us Asuras. That kid has averted it. It might invoke a war between Dev and Asuras. Devraj Indra tries to reason but Rahu threatens to get over his head. You know what happens when I don’t leave anyone’s side. You will lose your position, power and everything if that happens. Devraj Indra thinks about it. We cannot have a fight between Dev and Asuras at the moment. Plus it is next to impossible to get out of Rahu’s fury. What if it is a kid! He has created problems here. He needs to be taught a lesson.

Devraj Indra points out to Rahu that they should think once before taking any action or it may yield wrong consequences in future. He is a little kid. We will talk to him first. If he realises his mistake and apologizes to us then we will let him go. Maruti is lost thinking about his mother as he is heading back towards earth. He doesn’t listen to Devraj Indra’s words. He fliest past under Aeravat. Devraj Indra falls from his seat. This leaves him fuming. Rahu adds fuel to the fire. I told you that he is a very stubborn kid. He dint even hear you out. He has ignored and insulted you. You fell from Airavat. Won’t you punish him now? He has broken the pact that was made between Asuras and Devas. If you let him go now then you will have to bear the consequences. Devraj Indra orders Airavat to get hold of this kid from any corner of the world. He will have to apologise to me for swallowing Surya and for making me fall. Airavat leaves after Maruti.

Anjana calls out for Vayu Dev. He appears there. She complains to him for teaching Maruti flying. He is a little kid but you said that you will protect him. He repeats his words but she tells him that he has flown to Surya Lok. I don’t know where he is and if he is alright or not! Vayu Dev tells her that he did go to Surya Lok for sure but no Dev or Dev-Tatva can harm him. He will return safely. She doesn’t find it normal. Asuras also live in the galaxy. They are anyways after my son’s life. He tells her that Dev are his own while Asuras too cannot harm him. She cannot sit peacefully till she sees her son with her own eyes. You cannot understand what a mother must be feeling right now. Please unite me with my son. She is in tears. I want to see my son asap. Please bring him to me anyhow. He tells her to stop worrying about Maruti. Trust me. She does have trust on him but she cannot help getting worried about her son. This is how a mother is. Please return my son to me. He promises her that he will bring Maruti back safely. I will sacrifice myself if I have to but I will bring him back in perfect condition. It is my resolve.

Airavat is following Maruti which makes Rahu happy. you pushed me but I will punish you when this Airavat will drag you back here.

Precap: Maruti comes to Indra Lok. Indra Dev asks Maruti to apologize to him for his mistakes but Maruti isn’t aware of any mistake that he has committed. Indra Dev gets angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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