Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Sita is overwhelmed to have seen the ring, and Rama inside it, and rama too sees sita through hanuman’s eyes. hanuman himself is overwhelmingly gratified. both are teary eyed hearing this. she tells hanuman as to how his sweet words have eased her tension and that only he with his grandeur and majestic powers, could have accomplished this unachievable feat, and she is relieved to have seen this ring, and thanks him galore for the same. rama calls out to her, and she hears it instinctively. she asks hanuman rama’s current whereabouts, and asks why hasnt he come yet, to relieve her pain, when he relieves pain of the rest of the world. she asks him many anxious questions, to which hanuman humbly complies. she says that she cant

bear this separation anymore, and asks if he has given up on her. he asks her not to even start to think that, and talks about the apalled and distraught condition he has left Rama in, as his eyes only look out for her, and he always remembers her. she smiles through her tears emotionally, as hanuman narrates it all. Rama is overwhelmed to witness it all. hanuman tgalks about rama’s warfare plans to defeat and kill Raavan, which shall make him unstoppable. he talks about the pain of incompleteness that rama goes through being away, and she is overwhelmed. Rama opens his eyes, to find laxman and sugriva eyeing him. laxman smiles, as rama tells that hanuman fulfilled his task, and is happy that their days of separataion are over. Meanwhile, sita is unable to contain the pangs of happiness, and then remembers about raavan’s threats, and asks him to tell rama that she has only two months, but she cant wait that long, as if she doesnt see her husband for that long, then she wouldnt be able to live anymore, and shall kill herself. she says that she is rejuvenated having seen rama after a long time. Sita tells hanuman that now she is extremely anxious to meet rama. hanuman asks her to get atop his back, so that she can take him to Rama, as he shall heartily do so. he says that noone in lanka can stop or obstruct him. she is boggled though. She asks him, how he shall manage this feat in his miniature form. he says that its possible that she doesnt know his grand form, by the blessings of Lord Rama, and seeks her permission. she grants him. he then appears in his grand form, as he continues chanting LOrd Rama’s name, seeing whom she is shocked. meanwhile the whole of lanka starts vibrating, and all the demons are shocked to see the blinding lights, that fazes everyone. Hanuman asks sita that now she mustnt be having anymore, and asks her to come along now, so that she can relieve rama and laxman of their grief. sita is overwhelmed to hear this, and says that now she feels how he managed to reach here, and how he shall easily take her there, but then asks if it shall be okay, and whether lord rama’s motive shall be unfulfilled, and hence her going with him, shall be unethical, and whats right is that her husband should come, kill raavan and rescue her. she says that being a dutiful wife, she cant touch any other male than Rama, and asks him to go and get rama, instead of taking her to him, so that she can meet him soon. he complies, and says that very soon now, the evil shall be over, and she shall be happy now.

Meanwhile, Raavan and mandodari watch from the balcony tensedly, while she still continues to voice her concern, as he is frustrated. he wonders what causes this blinding light suddenly to appear. he wonders if evil is looming over lanka, and he should be alert.

In heaven, parvati comments how happy this scene is, while shiva explains the importance of the sunderkand. he talks about how good things are in store now, and bad things coming to an end. he talks about hanuman’s pivotal role in making this happen.

Hanuman assures her that this shall happen definitely and he shall sned her message to lord rama and then comes in normal form. the demons watch this from hiding, and are boggle d. sita finally blesses hanuman. the demons think that this must be the person, Trijata was talking about, and decide its better to stick down, and save themselves. then they decide to tell about him to raavan. hanuman tells sita that he should reach as fast as possible, since he wants him to know of this meeting. she talks about how happy that makes her feel. she says that he has eased all her pains, and now only one wish remains, thats to meet lord rama. he asks her some memory, that can convince and assure rama. she thinks and then says that she does have memories, and narrates one incident, that makes hanuman assured that rama shall be at peace. the screen freezes on their faces.


Precap: Hanuman tells the approaching demons that as per the promise given to him, by sita, he shall eat fruits till his hunger is quenched and till the time, he isnt satisfied he shall continue eating like that. the demons attack him, and he fights them off one after the other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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