Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari reaches with Raj Vaid. Raj Vaid assures everyone that Hanuman’s pain will lessen after applying herbs.

Lava’s heat is so high that even the iron can melt. Hanuman’s body dint finish even after drinking all that lava. It was because of Agni Dev’s boon. The body works right because the elements are in the right proportion. After drinking the lava, the Agni Tatva is Hanuman’s body increased. Water dried in his body. People become like the things that they eat. Their body resistance becomes thus. Mahadev’s throat too had turned blue once he drank poison. Same was happening with Hanuman.

Hanuman gulps down the kadha that Raj Vaid makes. His thirst is still not quenched. Raj vaid asks his disciples to bring cold water, milk and chandan. Pour it over Hanuman.

Hanuman’s body continues to burn wherever all the things are put. The steam is not dying. Are you feeling better? Hanuman denies. It is still burning inside. Anjana cries. Raj Vaid next pours milk over Hanuman’s body part but in vain. His friends keep crying to see him in pain. Anjana looks at Hanuman teary eyed. She walks out of the room.

Ravan and Guru Shukracharya are busy doing the yagya. Ravan is impatient as his Kavach is still not active. Guru Shukracharya says it will take time but my powers will help make this kavach meet its destiny.

Indra Dev is not happy because of what Ravan is doing. His powers will increase multifold if the kavach gets active. Asuras will rule over the world. Devguru Brihaspati says Guru Shukrachraya is doing his dharma. Everyone should focus only on their karmas and dharma.

The kavach starts sparking. Ravan gets happy. Once it happens then neither that vanar kid nor Narayan in any human form on earth can harm me! I will become immortal!

Indra Dev is getting impatient. Guru Shukracharya doesn’t know what he is doing. Devguru reasons that the starting of the same was done by Gods only. This wouldn’t have happened if Gods had not given so many powers to Hanuman. Narad ji diverts their attention towards Hanuman’s plight. Indra Dev says we are well aware of Hanuman’s plight but my main responsibility at the moment is to stop Ravan.

Anjana is in the temple. I had agreed to show Hanuman the right path so he can utilise his powers. I know that this path is very tough. You have given the boon. You only will take tests. Mahadev please help Hanuman. Free him from this problem.

Ma Parvati cannot see Hanuman is so much pain. I agree that he dint use his boons rightly to stop the lava initially but his act of drinking the lava is meant for world’s welfare only. You only can free him from this problem. There is no bigger Vaid in the world than you. Lord Shiva understands what she is trying to say.

Anjana’s mother too sits down beside Anjana. She is pained to see her daughter so troubled. Anjana asks about Hanuman. Is he feeling better? Her mother denies. Raj Vaid tried every herb but nothing helped. No neighbouring Vaids have a solution for this. I don’t know what will happen to him now. He did all this to save everyone from the Sankat. Who will come to help Sankatmochan now?

Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati come to Sumeru. They change their appearance (a Rishi and his wife).

Anjana remarks that she will die if anything wrong happens with Hanuman. Hanuman is sad to see his mother upset. I always become a reason for your sadness. Please forgive me. Anjana begins to move forward towards him when Kesari stops her. She cries. Kesari too feels helpless to see him thus. I have faced many worst situations and have never given up but today I feel like I have lost! I am not able to do anything even after seeing my son in such a condition. Lord Shiva says one cannot lose till the time they trust God. One must not worry but be hopeful. Leave the rest on God. Kesari wonders which God-like couple have come. Bright light is emanating all around them. Anjana is thinking the very same thing. Hanuman looks at the couple curiously. A soldier says he is a very big Vaid. He can treat Hanuman. Kesari welcomes him. Where have you come from? Lord Shiva replies that no one asks for a location from Jogi. They keep moving from one place to another. Shall I try curing the kid? Kesari agrees. Soldier adds that Vaid ji is asking for something in return. Kesari and Anjana agree to give him anything that he will ask for. Just cure our son. Vayu Dev is relieved as no other Vaid can be bigger than Mahadev. My Hanuman will be fine now. Narad ji is also happy for Hanuman. You are lucky that Mahadev himself has come to cure you.

Lord Shiva starts walking around the bed where Hanuman is sitting. Hanuman keeps looking at him intently. It seems like I have seen him somewhere but I cannot recall where!

Precap: Lord Shiva asks Hanuman if he wasn’t scared when he drank the lava. Now you will have to drink kadha. Hanuman says I will drink whatever you will give me. Guru Shukracharya has activated the kavach using his powers. You (Ravan) can wear it now. No one will be able to harm you afterwards. Lord Shiva starts the procedure of curing Hanuman.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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