Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana does Kesari’s aarti. Hanuman asks his mother why she dint do father’s tilak. Anjana does Kesari’s tilak and also touches his feet. Kesari notices that she looks tensed. Are you ok? She nods. Kesari has brought a gift for Hanuman. Hanuman is glad to see his gift. What happened to those Asuras who were troubling Rishi’s? Kesari replies that they killed all of them. We wont spare the rest of the ones who are hiding. Anjana gets uncomfortable.

Hanuman joins his friends. They all play together in the jungle. They suggest Hanuman to only find the ball once they throw it. If you throw it then probably it will go up in the galaxy. They all jointly agree. Neel throws the ball so high that it falls in a nest. They think that the ball got stuck on the tree. Sushen tells

Hanuman to uproot the tree. Hanuman says we should not hurt trees. Ma too says the same. Anjana comes there with a daasi. She asks them what they are doing here. I should also not use my special powers for any small thing. Anjana tells the kids to address Hanuman as Yuvraj. You all should understand your limits. Hanuman begins to say something when his mother asks him why he dint use his powers. You could have flown up and brought that ball. Hanuman recalls his promise to her earlier. You only had taken a promise from me that I should not use my special powers till it is very important. Anjana nods. But you can use them now as you are Yuvraj. Request Hanuman so he should help you. Hanuman can do things as per his wish. Hanuman can blow this tree with his one whiff. Try. Hanuman puffs. The nest falls down eventually. Anjana laughs. The ball is here and the birds flew away. Hanuman thinks about the changes he can see in her. She changed so much. I did not do right. They got scared. Anjana calls it right. You are Yuvraj. Everything is right for you. She dismisses Hanuman’s friends. Hanuman has to rest. His friends leave sadly. Hanuman thinks of the past when his mother had taught him completely opposite. He asks him mother about the same. We should never be proud of ourselves in a negative manner and live like normal people. She again advises him to do so. Hanuman is boggled.

Daasi’s bring a trunk for Anjana which carries new clothes for her. Anjana questions the daasi. How do you know that there are new clothes in it? The daasi is speechless. Anjana warns her not to touch anything in the palace without her permission, especially her stuff. Close the doors as you leave. The daasi’s leave quietly from there.

The daasi’s too notice the changes in Maharani’s behaviour. How did she change so suddenly? Nani overhears their convo. What has happened to them?

Atibal comes in Anjana’s room. It is actually an Asura named Marjarika. Nani is on the way to Anjana’s room. Atibal tells Marjarika that he has to keep Lankesh updated. Marjarika tells him to tell Lankesh that she has begun her work already. I have started making Hanuman realise that being arrogant is good. I have to inculcate all the other negative things in him too. Hanuman thinks that he upset his mother. I will go to her. Atibal tells Marjarika that Kesari should be killed as well. Anjana is already gone. Marjarika adds that a kid can fall under negative influence without his parents’ guidance. His life will be a complete waste then. Nani calls out for Anjana to open the door. Atibal disappears and Marjarika returns to Anjana’s form as Nani steps in. Nani asks her why she closed the door. Hanuman comes there before Anjana can say anything. He hugs her. Are you upset with me? Anjana denies. He asks her if she is upset with his friends. Anjana declines. I am not upset with anyone. She asks the daasi to bring Hanuman’s toys here. She talks nicely to Nani. She takes her outside to show her something. Hanuman is confused. At times, Ma asks me not to play with toys as I have grown up while sometimes she tells me otherwise. I wonder what my friends will be thinking of me. I will play in the room only. Hanuman finds Atibal’s gift in his room. He gave it to me but he is on the side of Asuras. I will throw it away. Anjana calls out for him just when he is about to do so. This is so beautiful. Why do you want to throw it away? He says it is from Atibal. He cheated me so I was throwing it away. She says gift is gift. Maybe Panchfann had hypnotized him just like he had done to your father. He only took you to where your father was and you could save him. Hanuman nods. She takes it from him. we don’t disrespect the gifts which someone gifts to us. Where are those Rudraksh. He has kept them in the house temple. He goes to bring them.

Marjarika checks out Atibal’s gift. Atibal asks her what the plan is. She smiles looking at the gift. Wait and watch. She evilly laughs.

Precap for Sunday: Story of Hanuman ji’s Baramukhi avatar is going to be shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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