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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap from Sunday:
Hanuman meets his mother Anjana in Swarg Loka. He wants to take her with him to Sumeru but Urvashi stops him. She asks him to wait for Devraj Indra’s return. Hanuman agrees to wait for Devraj.

Hanuman tells Urvashi that he will take his mother from here after seeing Devraj’s permission only. Urvashi says I have sympathy for you. But Devraj will never allow Anjana to go from here. She thinks that she will never let him reach Devraj. One servant is enough to keep you occupied. Hanuman calls out for her but she leaves.

Hanuman likes the guestroom but it is of no good without mother. He thinks of his Ma. First of all I have to find out when Devraj will return. Where will I be able to meet him? I should of something else in between. He goes

to check out the palace. He bumps into a servant. He has to come to take him on a round of Swarg. Hanuman says I have come here to take my mother with me. can you please tell me when Devraj will come back and I can meet him? The servant has no clue. I am a servant after all. But you may find Devraj somewhere if you come with me. Hanuman likes the idea. But first take me to the place where there is max possibility of meeting Devraj. The guy agrees.

Anjana thinks of her dilemma. My son cannot stay with me even though he is here. One apsara asks Anjana why she wants to risk her son’s life. You are a mother. You know about the tough rules of Swarg. You also know how stubborn Urvashi is. Devraj too gives in to her demands. What will happen to Hanuman if he doesn’t leave from here in 5 days? Anjana cannot think what to do. The apsara says, being your old friend, I cautioned you. you have to think of the rest of the things. She leaves. Anjana knows Hanuman wont give up at all. What if he gets into another fight with Indra Dev? She looks at Mahadev’s idol. Please have mercy on this mother. Hope no problem befalls my son. Please show me some way.

The servant shows a river of milk to Hanuman. He also looks at the mountain of laddoos. Why did you bring me here though? Devraj comes here to eat and drink? Servant denies. no one in Swarg gets hungry ever. You can eat them if you like. Hanuman loves the laddoos made by his mother. I wont eat or drink anything until I get my Ma. They go further. Urvashi observes them. Hanuman should be kept engaged for 5 days just like this. I will have to do something in case Devraj returns earlier!

Hanuman meets Jayant on his way. Jayant introduces himself to Hanuman. Jayant compliments his tail. Hanuman shares that it is Sakha. I want to meet your father. can you tell me where he is? Jayant says my mother is looking for you. You can meet father later when he is back. Hanuman goes with him.

Ravan sees the same dream. This time he also notices Shree Ram killing him with an arrow. He wakes up with a start!

Hanuman greets Devi Shachi. She asks him to have the food she has specially made for him. She also invites Jayant. Jayant doesn’t like the food. I don’t like food cooked with milk. Devi Shachi asks him to try once. I have cooked it with my own hands. Jayant says you could have asked me once atleast. I will eat what I like. He orders a daasi to bring the food of his liking. Devi Shachi turns to Hanuman. YOU will eat the food cooked by me, right? Hanuman replies that the food cooked by mothers is the best food in entire world. I cannot disrespect the food that you have cooked for me, but please forgive me. I have one request. Please forgive me. I cannot eat it. This food is tempting enough. You too have cooked it with love like my mother. But how can I eat anything till she is free? I cannot even take a bite. I cannot concentrate on anything till Ma is free. He is in tears. Devi Shachi looks at Hanuman proudly while Jayant is not happy.

Ravan asks Yogini about the meaning of his dream. Yogini shares that the Nar is connected to that vanar. They share a very deep relation. Their union is very near. Nar and Vanar are a problem for you. That Vanar has gone to Swarg to get his mother whereas that Nar is still on earth. Ravan thinks of finding out that Narayan in human form before Hanuman returns. I will kill him.

Jayant thinks of the love that Hanuman shares for his mother. He hasn’t seen anything like that here on Swarg. He apologizes to his mother for his rude behaviour a while ago. He thanks Hanuman for opening his eyes. Devi Shachi thinks how every mother hopes to have a son like Hanuman. Hanuman is waiting anxiously for Devraj. When will he return? Devi Shachi offers to speak to Devraj as soon as he is back. How can someone separate a mother who has a son like you? I have full faith in you. Hanuman still asks the same question.

Urvashi plans to take Devraj outside Swarg with her for a ride. Her friend is also present in the room.

Urvashi, Hanuman and Devi Shachi hear Airavat’s voice. Urvashi rushes out to check on Hanuman. Hope he dint hear Airavat’s voice. Her friend knows that she does not want to spend any quality time with Devraj. She only wants to stop Hanuman from taking his mother.

Hanuman gets glad thinking about Airavat. Devi Shachi is also very happy for him. You will meet Devraj today only. Hanuman excitedly goes out.

Devraj Indra returns to Swarg Loka.

Urvashi and Hanuman go out to meet Devraj Indra. Epi ends on the split screen of Urvashi, Devraj Indra and Hanuman.

Precap: Jayant thinks of teaching a lesson to Hanuman. He suggests Hanuman to sit on his father’s throne to find out if his father is back or not. Hanuman walks up to the throne.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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