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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kesari says we are all under Koop. Oxygen will vanish slowly. He suggests everyone to light less Agni. We have to save oxygen as much as we can. People panic but Kesari assures them Hanuman must be trying for their freedom.

Hanuman says looks like I will have to increase my powers to fight with you. Nandi tells him to try. Hanuman nods. He flies up to a big boulder and increases his size. Pardon me, but I have to lift you for Nandi ji. He lifts the big boulder. Now you (Nandi) wont be able t escape. He throws it at Nandi who holds it with his one hand. Hanuman thinks how will he save Sumeru with Bhole Baba’s blessing if Nandi ji stays put in his way.

People are having difficulty in breathing. Anjana is shocked. Earth has begun to break. We have to do something for the

citizens asap. Kesari asks all the citizens to come inside the palace. He orders his commander to open the doors of palace for them. Commander obliges. Anjana says Hanuman has always taken care of everyone’s Sankat. He only will save us today.

Hanuman reduces his size. Nandi is still holding the boulder happily. Hanuman is surprised. Nandi ji is so small and the boulder is so big yet he stopped it with his hand. Nandi pushes the boulder away. It flies away. Hanuman looks at him puzzled. Nandi smiles. Hanuman thinks to use his special mace. You wont be able to save yourself now. He throws it towards Nandi who stops the mace with his two fingers and sends it flying in another direction. Hanuman says you can avoid my attacks but have to save everyone by doing puja. I will keep fighting with you then. He thinks the problem will only worsen if it continues like this.

People are not in a good condition. There is poisonous smoke all around. it is difficult to breathe. They wonder if they are about to die. They pray to God to help them. Earth begins to rip apart again. They begin to lose hope. Anjana feels dizzy. Kesari holds her. What’s happening Lord? My Rajya, my citizens and my loved ones are going to endure pain and problems right before my eyes. I am such an unfortunate person. I cannot do anything but look. Hanuman is getting late. If he does not come soon then everything will be finished. Anjana prays that Hanuman comes soon.

Nandi attacks Hanuman in his bull avatar but he keeps jumping so as to avoid him. Hanuman says you are using your divya powers. Nandi asks him to do the same. Hanuman denies. I will use the power given by Gurudev Surya Dev. Hanuman closes his eyes and summons his power. Weather changes. Narad ji looks tensed. Nandi’s life will be in danger this way.

Nandi thinks he cannot disrespect it. I will have to face it to respect it. Hanuman apologizes to Nandi in his heart. I am helpless to use this so I can save my loved ones and citizens. He says the same to Nandi. I came here not to fight with you but to pray to Mahadev to save Sumeru. There is still time. I request you to give up on fighting with me. Please make me meet him. Please allow me once. Make his devotee meet him once. His words reach Tridev through Nandi. Mahadev and Mata Parvati appear there. Nandi comes in his human form. Hanuman greets them. you came on the right time or I had to fight with Nandi ji for no reason. Surya-astra disappears. Hanuman touches Mahadev’s feet. You know everything. Nothing can be hidden from you. Entire Sumeru, its citizens and my family is in danger. I have come here to seek their protection from you. Please save them from Indra-Koop. Mahadev makes him stand. Hanuman asks him to come with him asap to Sumeru or it will be too late. I came here long ago but Nandi ji created many hurdles in my way so I cannot meet him. The delay will only increase the problems. Mahadev says your request reached me as soon as you requested Nandi. If you had done so as soon as you came here then there would have been no delay. If Nandi ji hears any request of my devotee then it definitely reaches me. Else he makes sure no hindrance comes in my mediation. Nandi does not let anyone reach me.

Mata Parvati says now I understand why you did all this. You did this so everyone in the world including Hanuman should know that the prayers that reach Nandi ji reach you for sure. Nandi ji does not let anyone reach you without any reason. Hanuman accepts his mistake. I will keep this in mind next time that I have to request Nandi ji first to see or meet you. Mahadev says Nandi ji was creating problems for you till now, but he will help you in saving Sumeru now. Hanuman has already seen nandi ji’s strength. Devraj said no one but you can handle Indra-Koop. Mahadev replies that he isn’t aware of Nandi ji. Nandi has max part of me after me. Mata Parvati adds that Rishi Shilad got Nandi ji as a son through our blessings only.

Flashback shows Rishi Shilad praying to Mahadev. Mahadev comes before him. I am happy by your tapasya. What would you want as a boon? Rishi Shilad is happy to see him. I have taken vow of not marrying ever but I also want a kid too. I want a baby without breaking my vow. Mahadev blesses him. You will surely get a baby. You will get me only as your kid. Rishi Shilad is touched. You gave me more than what I asked for. I promise you that my son, your Ansh will always stay with you. Hanuman is curious to know more. Mata Parvati adds that Rishi Shilad was one day ploughing his field when a baby comes out of earth.

Mahadev says as Nandi ji grew up, he came here to fulfil his father’s wish. He is my Sewak and my Ansh too. Trust Nandi completely and go with him to Sumeru. He will help you in overcoming the problem that has come on Sumeru. Hanuman politely requests Nandi. Nandi agrees to accompany him.

Precap: Hanuman notices Nandi ji’s speed. If anyone comes in his way then that will be in finished. If he wont stop then the world will be in problem.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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